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Is it compatible with wordpress 3.9?


Is there a way to set up the footer menu so it’s only viewable by me when I’m logged into the site?


I am afraid that this customisation requires a considerable number of modifications and – I am sorry – we are unable to provide this kind of support. You need to edit some JS functions in order to achieve what you need.

If you have any other question regarding the theme’s functions, please don’t hesitate to ask :)


Just droping by to congratulate you guys on such a great work with this theme! Looking forward to your new products an updates!



Does this work well in WP 3.9? What are the future plans for maintaing this theme?

Too bad that this theme isn´t responsive :(

Hi, I need some help because I cant sign up on your Support side. It’ says that my email is invalid and the same with the Purchase Code – but it’s not!

My question is: Is there a XML file or something to this theme so it could be like the demo ?

Best, Jesper

No, I am sorry. We have not included it because the theme is really easy to setup.

Regards, -P

I never receive update alerts for this theme. why is that?

That’s because you probably have the latest version installed ;)

whats new in the new version?

(The live demo is not avaiable at this moment)

We were working to comply with the EU Cookie Law, but the live demo should be available now (please let me know about that).

In v2.6 we improved Vimeo compatibility.

The live version is working.

I was expecting some more changes though with the new google rules a mobile version would be interesting. (I know you always said you would not make it… but still :P )

Thanks for your feedbacks. We are working on so many projects that we don’t have enough time to work on a responsive version too, but never say never… ;)

Hi, I’m trying to set up this template similar to the demo. But I can’t find any way to move things around or change even the background. And why won’t it process some simple css code in making posts, such as [dropcap]. I’m not a newbie either and finding this theme a little difficult.

I would like to buy the theme is not responsive but in the future they would do and that date would have ?

hi there, Added youtube URL (full one) and not getting the video to show… it works with Vimeo for me but not youtube. Thank you!

I am going to answer your ticket on our support forum.

I am also wondering if you will be making the theme responsive

It’s not on our plans right now, I am sorry.

May I ask why not? Responsive websites are a must now a days.

I totally agree but it is a matter of priorities and, as I told you, it’s not on our plans.

definitely would buy if it were responsive :D

Can anyone tell me what file I need to edit to remove the menu icons and replace with simple text labels?

Hi, Unfortunately that’s not so easy as you may think. I mean, there are many files you need to edit in order to make it work like you want.

I am afraid that this customisation requires a considerable number of modifications and – I am sorry – we are unable to provide this kind of support.

For any other question regarding the theme’s functions don’t hesitate to ask ;)

Hello, it seems that the contact form (sending mail from the site) is no longer working. Any idea why or what that could be?


WordPress may be having some problem sending the email from your server. Try to install the plugin WP Mail SMTP (https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-mail-smtp/) and see if it helps. In some cases it solves the problem, depending on the server’s configuration.