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very nice design

Thank you!

Very nice indeed…any plans to make it responsive?

Hello, we have chosen to not make this theme responsive because we don’t have the intention to blindly follow a trend and risking to make it less functional. Anyway the theme works well on all mobile devices. You can test it by yourself.

Best regards, The Open Dept. Team

Good luck with sales on this one.

Thank you, man!

oh wow…I like yer style!

Thank you!

ousom work! Does all fonts support Cyrillic?

Wow. Really an impressive theme.

My only “problem”, is that the (very very) important “about me” is hidden away all the way at the top. I almost missed it… don’t know what to do about that.

Also, would it be possible to add a box like the “flickr feed”, but with images from Pinterest instead? A “Pinterest feed”, if you like.

Hello and thanks for appreciating our work. Unfortunately we were obliged by reviewer team to make the first header smaller to get approved.

About the Pinterest Feed: maybe in a future version we’ll add it.

Regards, The Open Dept. Team

The design is awsome! Bon travail!

Many thanks!

Excellent design, congrats!

Thank you, man!

great looking theme… i need to think of a concept so i can use this theme now. :)

Hi there – I like the looks of this theme! As I’m almost only dressing up responsive templates for clients, this un-responsive design would not suit my solutions, but if it was, would purchase it for sure. I can see where you’re coming from though. Also love the idea of a pinterest feed. I’m looking forward to your updates for this theme! Kind regards,

Good theme. Well done.


“Unfortunately we were obliged by reviewer team to make the first header smaller to get approved.”

wow, I wasnt aware that they tell you guys what to do, interesting. I mean making suggestions is one thing, but to say do or die?..hmmmm must really put a damper on total creativity.

+1 for a pinterest feed also… but Im still buying it! :)

Sure they are suggestions, but if you don’t mind to change what they suggest to, it’s quite impossible getting approved.

excellent design..any plan for buddypress version?

I’m sorry, not at the moment. Thank you anyway!

Thanks for giving us something different and very refreshing. Looking for an excuse to buy now :)

Thank you. We really need comments like that. Cheers!

Awesome theme. I’m going to buy it, but i have some questions:

Is possible change easily the language to spanish (for example)? Or i need to edit the css archives?

Is difficult to set it? I want to make exactly like your demo version, and i not have any idea about edit code.

So many thanks.

Hola, el tema es “translation ready”; eso quiere decir que està listo para ser traducido. El css no tiene nada que hacer con la traducciòn. En el archivo con el tema hay la documentaciòn tambièn. Para qualquiera duda, tenemos un forum de ayuda (echa un vistazo a nuesto perfil!).


Its fantastic! had 0 issues installing :) Thanks very much!!

Great!!! Stefano did a great coding and developing job!

Great, thanks for answer on my language, it’s so appreciated.

Well, all question resolved, let’s go buy. Thanks for all!

You’re welcome! I’ve lived some months in Valencia and I love Spain!

Any plans on making a white version? Also, can portfolio be put under slider? Thanks.

Hello, this is not a “dark version”. We build a very flexible admin panel where you can set color and opacity values for every main block. So you can make blocks white and fonts dark if you need it.

Best regards, The Open Dept. Team

Very nice theme. I am wanting to change my website and I am considering this theme. I was wondering; however, is it possible to have links to pages on the main menu bar containing the words CreativeLife? Also, is it possible to have submenus? Lastly, instead of the Flickr Feed, is it possible to simple have the other widgets simple extend further down? Thank you

Hello, the main menu bar is a normal wordpress menu. You can add or remove links easily, and you can add links to pages and choose an icon for the link (there’s a set of 30 custom icons).

You can’t add submenus to the main menu bar.

You can easily add or remove widgets for the main page.

Best regards, The Open Dept. Team

Love the theme!

One question: Are there other options for the main slider? i.e. A slider that gets away from ‘portfolio’ work?

Thanks! -Brad

Hello Brad, the slider works as any other custom wordpress slider. You should add a new slide and link it to your portfolio post.

Best regards, The Open Dept. Team