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Hello! I have a problem, updated wing latest version of the theme and I disappeared on the last twitters widget.

Hey there,

Due to the retirement of Twitter’s API 1, for technical reasons we’ve decided to retire the Twitter Widget from our theme as well.


I see Themeforest has changed their WP theme submission guidelines. They’ll be enforcing it on pre-existing themes gradually. Will this theme still be available after all this? I love this theme and want to make sure it’s not going anywhere! Thanks. CreativeLife rocks.

Hey there,

Definitely, our themes follow all coding standards described in the new requirements. Some others are quite questionable, so we might have to waste some time.

Thanks for the support!


not good in english but can i ask u something bout quote code i like red box inside the quote but can u make it without quote sign? just one big red box with word inside it…is that possible..thank u again for nice template

Okay …is there a way to put banner like flickr feed? At the bottom of homepage?..tq

I’m afraid that’s not possible by default, you’ll have to customize the theme’s files.

Okay no problem..thanks for ur help…great theme by the way

Hi I love this theme, however I’m trying to work out why I cannot optimise my project pages for search engines? Is there somewhere I can activate this?

Also another problem found with projects/portfolio – why does it also exclude social media sharing? Very frustrating!


I’m sorry, but I don’t understand your questions. What do you mean, in specific, by “optimise my project pages”? Also, in what way is the portfolio “excluding social media sharing”? Thank you.


Hello, it’s me again, let me know, as do I center my playlist widget and my flickr photos, this web as they fall on the side.


I’m sorry, but I’m not sure about your question. The Homepage’s Widget are aligned according to a grid, by default they can’t be centered (automatically).


hi opendept, just wondering can i add google+ badge?

okay i just delete current theme and install new theme but error came out style.css stylesheet.

The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

okay never mind i download at “Installable wordpress files only” now everything is fine…but need to start from the beginning…lol..

Hi – Thinking of buying. How customisable is the home page.

I can see lost of latest news and portfolios but this space be used for static content? From a page maybe? Is this part of the page layout/builder in the options or is it preset?



Yes, you can add static content as well (as “Widgets” too).



Is there a way to make the homepage slider randomize the slides each time a visitor view the page?

Hi there,

Yes, but you’ll have to customize the theme. All you have to do is edit the file js – creativelife.js on line 218, adding the following parameter:

random: true,



On my menu I have links to various pages, the blog, and a category. When I select the category link in the menu and the site navigates to that page, both the categories icon is highlighted AND the blog icon. Any reason for this?

Here’s the page.

Ok. Is there any other way of having a page display blog posts of a certain category instead of linking to ”/blog/categoryname” in the menu? I’d really like to get away from 2 menu items being highlighted.

I think I found a way. If I have a category named “blog” which ALL posts get tagged with, then I can link to that category in the menu, and my other link can be for a different category (to filter only certain posts). Voila!

Question about images. Wordpress, by default, creates a million unnecessary images for each image that’s uploaded. If I set the “thumbnail size” and “medium size” to 0, does that mess with any functionality of CreativeLife?

Basically, I want the responsibility of making images the appropriate size and I don’t want any “automation” happening.


It shouldn’t.

I’m afraid that’s not possible without altering WordPress. CreativeLife itself uses those functions to create different image sizes to use within its sections.


Hey. I just purchased and installed the theme, but I receive the message

“Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_enqueue_media() in /home/rdvcomunicacao/www/site/wp-content/themes/Creativelife/haku/panel/setup.php on line 27”

Can you take a look, please?

Thank you.


This theme requires WordPress 3.5+. Please, make sure to update your WordPress installation.



Check my page out. In the menu, the pad-lock icon is a page named “My Account.” Problem is it only says “My.” This happened with another menu item, the crossed-out dollar sign. I couldn’t get it to say “Free Downloads.” I tried a bunch of word combinations, spaces, etc., but nothing. I had to settle for “Freebies.”

Any reason why some menu items won’t display the name you give them? Thanks.


It shouldn’t happen, and it does not happen by default. The issue might be related to the customizations applied to the theme, you might want to edit the theme’s file js – creativelife.js on line 24 to adapt the menu items’ opening to your changes.

Hope it helps!


Quick question. How can I change the color of the text of the dates in the blog post list? I chose yellow as my color for the theme and the white text is too light. I’d like to change it to black. Thanks!

Found it:
article > .one-fourth .left .day { color: #000000; }
article > .one-fourth .left .month, article > .one-fourth .left .year { color: #000000; }

That did the trick!

Hi guys,

after updating to wordpress 3.6, when navigating to the creative settings >> Homepage >>> Slides im unable to change the slide order by dragging them up or down.

any suggestions?

Problem solved by upgrading to the latest CreativeLife v2.5. Thanks.

Hi, a few months ago to buy the theme, now try to update the wp and sent me the following error that I could not correct it.

Can you help. the site is in

Thanks hope an urgent response to what to do.


Please, make sure to disable any currently activated plugin. The theme does not make use of the function cited by the error you’ve posted, and as you can see the path to the file that generates the error is not the theme’s folder. If the problem persists, you might want try make sure that your WordPress installation is working properly.


Hello I can not go to the control panel, because I have no access / wp-admin

Now rename the plugins folder but I can not do more. Can you help?

I suppose that the best way to go in your case is to backup your content an reinstall WordPress.

theme Responsive ?


No, but looks and works properly on mobile devices.


Any way to have the Flickr images open up a new tab when clicked? I don’t want to take users away from the site.

What file do I put that line of code in?

Also, how do I change the font color of the block quote? I’d like it black.


Please remember that we do not provide support for customizations.

You can paste the jQuery snippet in the theme’s file Creativelife – js – creativelife.js.


Salve… Trovo problemi a far integrare i download manager con il modello portfolio. Potete consigliarmi un plugin per inserire bottoni di download negli oggetti creati per il modello portfolio? Grazie

Hi. I’m having trouble updating my theme. Can somebody help me please?


What seems to be the problem in specific?

You can obtain the latest version of the theme re-downloading it from here, ThemeForest. In the theme’s folder (“Creativelife”) you can find a file named “changelog.txt” which contains a list of all files affected by every update – in case you’ve edited any files.