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Nice job you’ve done there ! I’ve been using and tweeking wordpress for several monthes now… and I was wondering if the process to build in the cms was very complicated. Is there any chances that you’ve already made a tutorial on this ? xD


Thanks guys,

I haven’t made a tutorial on this one. But there problably are some goods ones at the net tuts site or look a the blog on this site.

Just purchased this, looks very useful and I love the homepage layout, great stuff, looking forward to using this!

Hi JStephens,

Thanks for buying! I’m looking forward to your version.

Hi grubforce,

Are you planning on implementing a Wordpress version for this template?


When I got the time :-)

can i get some help with the navigation please?

Just dropped you a mail

Does anyone know how to code the contact page, newsletter, and search sections? If not do you know where I can get this information?


Great template! I purchased it but the psd files won’t open photoshop 7 or cs3? With the annoucement not the correct version? gtrz


there are a few examples on nettuts or you can buy a contact form on themeforest.


That’s wierd, I made it in CS3 . I can also upload a CS4 version if you like?


I would like to purchase CREATIVO BLOG /PORTFOLIO theme. Can I get the wordpress theme.

Or can you tell me how to use this theme in wordpress.


Hi Raju888,

I don’t have a Wordpress version for you of this theme. If you want to convert it into WP you have to know a little bit about php en WP.

The Blog on themeforest has a special section here for this called wordpress for designers. You can also post a thread on the forum.

Quick couple of Q’s before I buy this template -

You said there’s 5 different colours included for those not pro enough to change the psd files – what are the colours and is there a preview available?

Also I am looking for a template I can use solely as a portfolio type series of pages – are the files set up in a way that the home page can be repeated on multiple other pages but with different pictures and content? Hope that makes sense!

Thanks! P6