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Great work ! Will you code it in future?

I really like the home page design !

Really like this. Coded version any time soon?

Thanks guys!

Yes, I always tend to first release a psd of the theme. If the theme is a succes I will coded it.

I also like to give fellow webdesigners the option to buy the psd only so they can adjust it to their own projects, without having to buy the whole html/css themplate.

I definitely not going to make it a wordpress theme any time soon. Because I simply don’t know where to start :-)

Need it converted in wordpress?

Yea I could help code to wordpress, or HTML .

lovely template, I’ll probably buy it later and code it in my free time.

Thanks wppowered, kr3wsk8a. If i’m gonna make it a wordpress theme i know where to look for help ;-) HTML isn’t a problem.

nice psd, Look forward to buying it when its coded

I also look forward to buying it when it’s done for WP

i’ll buy it too if its ready for WP..

Great work..

Thanks, chrismccoy, takeruk2001 and Noctiluca

I currently working on a HTML version of this template. I’ll upload it sometime next week. The WP version will take me more then a month before I got time for it. Even then i’m not sure if I will make a WP template off it.

Hi everybody,

This item is now also in HTML /CSS


hello love this file so far… just one question. What font did you use for this mockup?

Hi Findley,

The font used in the mockup is Futura STD

It can be bought at: http://www.fonts.com/findfonts/detail.htm?pid=421586