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Looks nice, good luck!

Soooo hot! GLWS!

Hi there,

This is truly great! Is the home page layout fixed or can I define my own layout?


Francois Wessels

Hi franwess,

Thanks for the kind words. The homepage layout is very customizable. Apart from the normal content, you can use shortcodes to define anything you want. E.g.: slider, columns, latest blog posts and the amount, latest portfolio items and the amount, buttons, etc…


Hi there,

Thank you very much for your quick reply! All that I wanted to know :) Will use this for a project I have in mind.



elegant design :)

Thank you all guys :) It’s always great to here positive feedback!

Okay, I’m officially impressed and you can count on a sale from me!

Hey, can I have a full width slider on homepage?

Hey webjump,

We are officially honored :) We’re sure you’ll love it! Unfortunately the default functionality allows the slider to be as shown here:

But this can be achieved with just a few CSS updates. The theme comes with a custom CSS styles editor in the backend so you can update anything you wish :)


Awesome Style ,Really i like the style :D

Thanks dude ;)

Really nice work,one of the best Wordpress themes I’ve seen for a while. One question,is it possible to have the Blog full screen,with no sidebar and still taking up the full 1280px width?

Hey maverpix,

Thank you very much. We appreciate it!

Unfortunately the Blog is made to use the sidebar but we can consider adding this option in the future update. But currently the posts are not full width. Only the pages are.

However, this can be changed with a very few modifications in the template and we can assist you once you need it ;)


Finally it´s here :D Before I buy:

1. The slideshow portfolio page can have different images sizes? Portrait and landscape? Wont be cropped?

2. Image Portfolio page, same question, can we insert diferente images ices with diferente witdhs and heigts?

3. Blog. what type of blog post type use it? Video? Quote? Audio? Gallery?

4. About me page. Any feature like bar skills or Sliding Bars ?

5. Features. Pricing tables?

Hey virplay,

1. The image is always scaled to the with as in the preview. The images are not cropped.

2. The same. The image is scaled to the width as in the preview but not cropped.

3. Image, Video, Audio, Standard

4. Nope. Maybe later if there are requests.

5. Nope. Maybe later if there are requests.

Please use our support e-mail for further questions ;)


Gracias, Thx.

Hope guys ask for pricing table and bar skills or slidng bars :D

And the Gallery post format too :D

I can wait


Worth the wait – looks awesome

Thanks Charlie, We’re glad you like it :) Have a nice day

Really beautiful work. Congrats ;)

Thank you navigator. We’re glad you like it!

Love this and I’d like to purchase it, but I’m wondering if you could add a “Subscribe” form widget…? That would seal the deal…

If I want to encourage blog or email newsletter subscriptions, it would be ideal to have a subscription form widget that I can be added to the sidebar and configured for whichever list/subscriber management service someone is using (Mailchimp in my case). In addition, having an RSS icon in the same area would be nice.

Here’s an example: (sidebar)

Make sense?

Hey brodydorland,

We can explore the possibilities out there and we might consider adding it to the next version. Maybe there already are some high quality plugins available for this task.

I guess I can just do a workaround for the time being…Use your text widget and incorporate the form code with some styling to get it to look consistent.

Thanks again for the great theme!

very clean and professional work.. great job!

Thanks codeex. We do our best :)

Really awsomazing theme mate! Good luck with sales :whistle:

Thank you Abhisek_D ;)

Thank You! Will buy!

Thank You! Will be happy :)

Do you have a pricetable shortcode?

Hi atjuch,

Unfortunately not but we will sure add it with the next update.

Love the theme. It really is cool. I have the same question as brodydorland regarding the SUBSCRIBE option as a side bar on the blog and on the home page as well. Any thoughts?

Hi dvargas1013,

Already replied to brodydorland. Currently there is no such feature.. We will explore all options and decide if and in what form to add it.

Without purchasing this theme, I can already say that I’m in love with it. It fits my company brand PERFECTLY! It’s almost like I paid you to custom design it for all my needs. I do have one question. Has this been tested with any eCommerce plugins(specifically WooCommerce)? The site I’ll be building will be primarily an eCommcerce store, so it would help a ton if it was easily integrated into the theme. Let me know if you’ve had any experience with it! Thanks.

Hey thatginger,

Wow :) This does not happen very often! Never happend to me :( Unfortunately, it has not been tested with eCommerce plugins. We can try and see how it co-exists..

Really ur theme is so original.

But how do you build the home page? with shortcodes? and we can arrenage and make own our home page?

Hey virplay :)

The Homepage has two types – one is a static Template – dispalying the portfolio grid:

Style 2 and Style 3 are build completely with shortcodes so they are extremely customisable. You can use any of the pages as your homepage.

Thx for the answers. I will think on it :D