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Suggestion: Can you maybe implement the like “heart” button like your portfolio page from “Landolio” template. Would love to have the feature.


We will consider adding in some of the future versions :) Good idea!

This is gorgeous. Really stands out. It’s a pity that you did not spend much time on the responsive part. Maybe with an update. Nevertheless, a breath of fresh air. Good one.

Hey duotive,

We have spent quite a lot of time testing it for all mobile devices but we will doublecheck everything to find what you mean :)

In case you are interested in providing some feedback we will be more than happy to hear it! Please drop us an e-mail.


Actually, on my phone it looks pretty good. I firstly looked at in resizing the browser, and that is why i was not convinced :) What i would do is to have more spacing on the sides on mobile devices, but that is maybe just me. Nevertheless, it’s a very nice design.

Hi duotive,

Thank you for the feedback.

We are trying to use as much space as possible on the phone devices so the browsing remains comfortable but still keep it nice and stylish. I guess this will always be a question of a personal taste ;)


Hi IshYoBoy, do you have time to design a theme based on client’s needs? We have 1500 budget.

Hi bcgamer,

Please contact us using our standard e-mail: or the support e-mail:


I have problems with your template. I can´t change the social part! Help!

Hi Gallitofeliz, first of all thank you for your purchase.

Could you please send as an email to our support ( and try to describe a little bit more your problem with the social part? We’ll investigate it.

Thank you IshYoBoy

Hi Gallitofeliz,

Mainly information about what you are not able to change, is it in the admin area or in the front-end, what browser you are under, etc..

I’m sure we’ll solve it very quickly together! ;) And don’t worry, we cover your back.


Hello, I’ve been trying for the last 2 hours to figure out how to add an image to the background of the main content area and to the header. I’ve been unsuccessful. Is this possible? If not, this is really going to cause challenges for me :-(

Hi AUcp3, thank you for your purchase, we really appreciate it.

For changing background to an image of any section of the page (header, main content, footer) it’s needed to disable background color (which is defined in the “Theme section” of CSS) which is defined for each section and than change it to image.

If you need more detailed help please drop as an email to

Thank you IshYoBoy

Hello, I’ve been trying for the last 2 hours to figure out how to add an image to the background of the main content area and to the header. I’ve been unsuccessful. Is this possible? If not, this is really going to cause challenges for me :-(

Already answered in the duplicate question.

Hi. Great theme. Having issues with the twitter widget. I have put in my username but the demo feed remains. The link to ‘follow me on twitter’ works correctly but just displaying the wrong feed. Thanks

Hey joseph,

Please write us an e-mail on so we could get back to you and have a look together at your problem.


I Just bought your theme :D

Will start using it and let you know

thx :D

Hey virplay,

Thanks to you too ;) We’re sure you’ll love it.


Great work!

Is there any way to make the portfolio on the homepage display in REVERSE chronological order? I need the newer poster stuff to display AFTER the older stuff.

Please help! :)

Thanks, Billy.

Hey esophoric,

Please drop us an e-mail at so we could send you the instructions for both your requests ;)



Is there any way to make the homepage only display CERTAIN categories?

This would be HUGE! :D

IshYoBoy, for some reason, on mobile devices, the header menu doesn’t show up—so I can’t navigate pages. Any clue as to what might be causing this? Thanks.

Hey thatginger,

You are the first user experiencing this problem. Could you please provide more information like:

- What device you are using, - Link to the page which is not working, - Have you updated any of the Javascript?

Please write all these to so we could have a closer look what might be causing your problem.


When trying to change images sizes at dahsbord: media settings it wont let me save changes

So my images with 900px withd are al pixeled at my porftolio detail :(

ok email sent

Hi, No message received from you Could you please doublecheck?

I did send an emial to with same question the 24th at 12am, you didnt receive it?

Will send it back


No message received from you :( Could you please doublecheck?

VERY nice, unusual theme. Good work.

Thank you sharedearth,

We really appreciate it!


Thank you sharedearth,

We really appreciate it!


Hello, nice theme. I like it very much. But my picture in the Portfolio are all Pixel. I try to save them in many ways and different sizes but the look really terrible. How i can change it? thanks!

Hi cylanca,

Please write us an e-mail on our to get a quick answer.


hello i wanna ask this templet is in word press or html

Hi dsgroupdrc,

Yes, it is WordPress.


“Highlight Word” button inserts spans around word, but the display does not change when viewing the page. Missing CSS?

Hi sharedearth,

It’s mainly used for titles and taglines.


this is really intriguing, unique & cool… great work..

just curious if there’s a possibility to add sliders to the portfolio item details, for multiple images… right now as it stands, the portfolio doesn’t impress, but the rest of the template does…

does this use cufon?

i’m so excited about all these super modern / unique / visionary / mega creative WP themes… love it.

Hi wahkeenasitka,

Thank you very much for the interest!

1. Not sure if I understand the first question but the portfolio item detail does have a slideshow if you set more images. E.g:

2. Nope! Definitely not! We are not fans of cufon and we hope it will move to the archives of the Internet history ;) We use Web fonts instead. They are much more flexible and usable. You can play around with the fonts on our preview server using the theme selector to see how powerfull they are.

3. Thank you :) We’re sure you’ll be more than happy with it and the ease of its use!

Hope to have you on board soon!


i buy this templet but i can put it on the wordpress


Already replied on your e-mail :)

Can you add a sidebar to all pages or only certain ones?

Hi davem89,

The sidebar is static and only on Blog’s page.