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Hi There,

Did send you an email via your profile page but haven’t had a reply so thought I’d post here. Is there any way to right-align the sub menu items at all? When you add more than 2 items to the sub menu, they align to the far left and are nearly overlapping the logo. Can they be aligned to the right hand side?


Hi Exit3,

We will get back to you replying to your e-mail in a short while.


Wow, nice job dude, good luck on sales ;) Really amazing…

Thank you meroviggiO!


Great theme!

I just wanted to know how I go about changing the footer widgets into 2/3 by 1/3 instead of 1/3 by 1/3 by 1/3?


Hi gcweb,

For support questions please contact us at or via the e-mail formular in our profile. Thanks.

Hi, I have another question… I’m trying to add a gallery using the default WP gallery but for some reason once I have uploaded the images and when I go to press Insert Gallery nothing happens?

Any ideas how I would go about adding the normal gallery using this theme?


Hi gcweb,

Please send the question to our support e-mail. Thanks.

I gave this theme 5 stars. It’s excellent. And support is even better (and fast!)

Thanks sharedearth,

We really appreciate it!


Really nice theme – we are considering purchasing it. Is it possible for the coloured portion at the top to take up a bit less room vertically and is this something that can be controlled?

Thanks, Frank

Hi fpulumbarit,

This can be controlled using the custom CSS Styles editor in the admin area. Hope this answers your question :)


Found a bug. Anything formatted with a <pre> tag in a blog post doesn’t adhere to the boundaries of the post width. It’ll continue over into the sidebar.

I also emailed you about this, but figured I’d ask here too since I haven’t gotten a reply. Where are the mentioned Icon options in the documentation? The documentation says “For a list of all available icon for the “icon” attribute go to Icons” with a link which just drops you to the bottom of the page without any information about the Icons. Any help would be appreciated, thanks! :)

Hi bchynds,

Sorry for the late reply but it was the middle of the night when the message arrived.

We have already replied to your e-mail. The Icons link in the documentation is an anchor link to the “Icons” section. There is a link which opens a window with all available icons. It can also be manually opened from “_Documentation/assets/fonts/demo.html”.

We will fix the

 tag asap. It will be part of the next update.


Ah, thank you very much! :) For some reason, Google Chrome will not move to the Icon section and will instead drop to the bottom of the page. I found it by scrolling up a little. Works in Safari though. Weird, lol.

Hi IshYoBoy

I have sent an email recently asking about the update, I don´t know exactly where it is. I see it indicates version 1.2 in the image of thema but I only download the 1.0.

I would be happy if you help me to set the theme because I think it’s great.


Replied in an e-mail.

Thanks a lot.

Your attention is just as good as your theme, Congratulations


Is anyone else having an issue with the slider delaying several seconds before it displays on the page?

You can see it in action here:

Tested in several browsers, same results. The images are being loaded by the browser fairly quickly as noted by a Pingdom speed test (!/zJHNyVkyH/, but the slider itself isn’t loading the first slide until the slide timer triggers.

Awesome, thanks. The only changes I’ve made to the slider are some custom CSS to move the buttons to the top:

.flex-direction-nav {
     position: absolute;
     right: 0;
     top: 0;
     height: 40px;

.flex-direction-nav .flex-prev{
     border-top-left-radius: 0;
     border-bottom-left-radius: 6px;

.flex-direction-nav .flex-next {
     -webkit-border-bottom-right-radius: 0;
     border-bottom-right-radius: 0;
     -moz-border-top-right-radius: 5px;
     -webkit-border-top-right-radius: 5px;
     border-top-right-radius: 5px;

Let me know if there’s any progress on this. :)

This might help:

From what I’m reading, startAt: should be set to the last slide? I tried changing it in the main.js from 0 to 1 (since I only have 2 slides) and it doesn’t seem to make a difference. It seems rather hit or miss with the delay too, as sometimes the page loads the slider immediately and other times it takes a few seconds.

Hi bchynds,

Thanks for the links and your help in solving the issue. We are working on a workarround so we could eliminate it.

Absolutely beautiful theme with good focus on the details! I’ve featured it here:

Thanks Matt!

Hey bchynds,

You can turn off the smiley at the bottom that is there now. When you log out and then view your site, you’ll see it too. It’s the Jetpack stats smiley. Go to ‘configuration’ for the stats and turn off the smiley to have it disappear :)

Cheers, Tom

Hi IshYoBoy,

I am going to purchase this theme soon for myself, but there’s one thing I would like different. For iPads, horizontal view, I would like the desktop view, not the listing that it is now. How difficult is it to change that and are you willing to help out with that?

Thanks, Tom

Hi Tom.

This should be a quick CSS definitions update. And we are definitely willing to help you out ;)


Excellent, thanks!

Hi Guys great theme, we are a social media agency and thinking of purchasing the website. we have a few questions if you may

1- The second layer in the theme where it says “Because things should be beautiful and simple” can we have a Nivo image there instead of just words.

2- Can we modify the font color in top module (home about us portfolio..)

3- Are the color elements in the pre modified 10 skins fixed or we can play around with the color selection and chose our own.?

Thank you very much for the time to reply to our questions. Great job once again

Hi Nizar,

1. The default Theme does not have this possibility but after Nivo plugin installation and some custom CSS styles application this should be possible. However you should use the custom section shortcode and put your content inside it, instead of the bottom tagline.

2. Yes, this can also be achieved by adding a little custom CSS styles into the CSS styles field in the administration.

3. There are 10 predefined skins and a possibility to specify your own custom colors for each of the three main colors.

Thank you very much and we’re sure you will be more than satisfied with Creolio WP!

Can I put a graphic behind the header section? (the section that holds the logo/navigation)?

Hi gomidesign,

Thank you for choosing our theme!

This can be reached using the CSS styles field in the “Creolio Options” section in administration and adding a background-image for the header element.


i tried to change it however no change? i added styles to (.header) and then i tried the (.theme1 header ) and still no change.

currently if i change the background color for that area it changes in the footer and in one of the 3 SECTION areas. I want to put a background image that will go into all those areas when added.. is that possible?

Hi there,

Your answers are already waiting for you in your inbox ;)


1. where do i change the “circle” image with the icons? in the code? I would like to change this circle to a different shape. is that possible?

2. the triangle point that is below each box where do i change that also? is that a graphic image or css code formed that shape?

Hi gomidesign,

For further help please contact us at


Hello, Is there possibility of multilingual theme with WPML?

Hi disenyolowcost,

We have not tested it explicitly but there should not be major problems as the theme was developed strictly according to WP Guidelines. We can have a closer look on that and provide help and support during your localization process.


Thanks for the reply, it is essential to assure me that because the website requires four languages

Awesome theme, but is anyone having issues with adding images? I am using the WP ‘Add Media’ button. Everything goes fine until I click ‘Insert into page’ and then nothing shows up in the Visual tab or the Text tab.

Hi dasrqcom,

Could you please write us an e-mail either by the form in our profile or using the support adress. We have a fix for the issue.


Thanks. Worked perfectly!!

I’ve been using Themeforest for years and have bought MANY themes. That was the quickest support I have ever received from a developer!!

Thumbs up ;)

First of all, thanks for the great theme.

I would like to know if I can make the order of the slides random ?


Hi ngaiwinghong,

Thank you very much. Currently there is no option to make the order random. But you can set the order of the slides.


Please Write us an e-mail using Themeforest’s contact form in the sidebar of our profile page. We can then guide you how to achieve it with a very simple modification in the javascript.

Can someone tell me why all the images I upload end up being blurry/pixelated even when I know I’ve uploaded a high (for web) resolution and a large size image?

Hi AUcp3,

It seems you have version 1.0 of the theme. Please re-download it again and replace the old theme with the new version in order to have the most recent one. The current version is v1.2

For more details please contact us via the Themeforest’s contact form on our profile page.


Is there any way to have lightbox feature on Homepage 3 option to play video straight from the front page (when clicking on post images, for instance)?

Also, is there any way to have video playing in slider?

Great theme! Thanks so much!

Hi radiance,

1. Video straight from Homepage 3. Currently not but we can provide a customization to enable this.

2. Not at the moment.


How much would it cost to enable video to play from the slider and from posts on homepage? LOVE this theme!

Hi radiance,

Wellcome on board ;)

Please Write us an e-mail using Themeforest’s contact form in the sidebar of our profile page. We will get back to you.