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Thanks again for the great support!! I do have a few more questions though. Here is a link to the site I am working on:


1. The Header area (logo and menu), is there a way to lessen the padding on top and bottom? Basically, can I make it not so thick?

2. The Header area (logo and menu), is there a way to bring in an image file into the background there?

3. How can I change the font size of the top tagline? Or can I center justify it?


Hi dasrqcom,

We just replied to the questions via e-mail.


This theme is Amazing, and the support is just perfect! Thank you IshYoBoy for creating a such nice theme!

Thank you Eduardo for your positive feedback which always pushes us to be better and better in each area

Hello. I have a problem with the navigation when viewed on a mobile, it disappears. I have not altered the code in anyway. Any ideas why?

Many thanks.

Hi mtwallet,

Thnaks for purchasing one of our items!

Please send your request using Themeforest’s contact form in the sidebar of our profile page. Please add information about the:

- Device you are using
- Browser you are using
- The URL so we could have a look


Hi, you’re welcome! Its a great theme! Thanks for the reply I have sent you an email.

Howdy :) !

Great theme. I am going around in circles looking for the support documentation. Can you please post the URL link?

Many thanks and… keep designing!!

Hi sarah02,

Thank you very much! We definitely will ;)

The documentation is provided within the zip file obtained from Themeforest in _Documentation folder. The support is done using the contact form in the right column of our Profile page here in themeforest. Just write us from there (you need to be logged in) and we will get back to you.



I’ve never seen a better looking theme. Wow.

I was wondering before a purchase, if a theme like this would integrate well with Layerslider 3.0+? I like to use that plugin alot and was wondering if it could be integrated.


Hi northerndna,

Unfortunately we have not tested the theme with the mentioned slider as we do not own it. The theme however comes with a simple built in elegant slider.

There are too many plugins out there to test with each of them.


The slider delay fix on page 3 of comments isn’t working for me…are there clear directions on what code to fix and/or a fix planned?


Thanks for quick response…just sent you and email as above doesn’t appear to work.

Hi adrianbarnescom,

We are working actively on the fix this random problem. It seems we need to restructure the source codes so it won’t be an easy fix to provide a few lines of code :( Please wait for the next update. In which we are trying to solve the issue.


Sounds good…thanks.

I’m also having a problem adding images in the pages?

Hi Gary,

Please leave us a message using Themeforest’s contact form in the sidebar of our profile page. We can provide a fix for this problem.

Cheers ;)

Thanks great support

Great theme! I would like to decrease the size of the heading area (logo and menu). How can I reduce the padding on top and bottom? Also, is there a way to add a pattern to the heading area or the top tagline area?


Hi jabe15,

You just got an answer to your e-mail. Answers to your both questions can be found here in the Creolio WP – FAQs section.


Hello there,

This theme is great, but I’m having trouble with the Visual Editor in WordPress, which is now not working.

I have tried all the usual things – disabling plugins, reinstalling WordPress, reinstalling the theme. I am running WordPress 3.5.1

This is only effecting the Creolio theme – if I deactivate and use another theme, the visual editor works fine.

I initially set the theme up on a sub-site and the visual editor also worked there. I was only when transferring the settings to my live site that this occurred.

Do you have any ideas as to what could be causing this issue?

This is the site: http://folio.me.uk

I appreciate your assistance.

Tim Bowes

Hi Tim,

We have replied to your e-mail.


Hi, I would like to sort my menu items, such as home, portfolio, contact and so on. how can I do that?

We see you have already found the answer to this question.

nm, I found it, does anyone know how can I make my blog page like a forum? so people can leave comments? or if its not possible on blog page, any alternative?

Hi akashani62,

You are able to comment every single post. For a “Forum” you will have to search for some forum software like http://bbpress.org/ for example.

Please note Creolio has not been tested to work with BBPress so you might need to customize its code in order to connect them together.


Just purchased this theme and am loving it so far as I am redesigning my portfolio site. I did run into an issue that I had a question about… When creating portfolio items, it seems like the main portfolio page is only willing to hold 9 items and making the older items disappear. Is there a way I could have the portfolio page show all of the times or at least divide the thumbnails into pages?

Another thing I notices on some of the pages such as ‘About me’ and ‘Contact’, there is a random bar below the header and above the body. Screenshot here: http://i46.tinypic.com/syau7n.png Any way to make that go away?

Thanks for the support!

Hi sadielesko,

We just replied to your e-mail. Please check it.



First of all, loved the theme. I see great support too. Congratulations!

So this is showing up in my portfolio page (the category filter one).

Also, the checkbox for show/not showing taglines doesn’t do anything. The tagline shows up anyway so I killed the code line in portfolio-template.php but I imagine that’s not normal :)

Can you help me figure it out plz? Thanks!

Oh wow I’m an idiot. I didn’t think of the portfolio page. My bad. Thanks

And yeah I have 1.2!

;) Just let us know if you need assistance.

Hi! Loving this theme – thank you! I have changed the background color of the header of my site via the custom CSS to white – and I’d like to change the color of the navigational elements to a darker grey so that they are visible. Can you tell me how to do this? All the code that I try in the custom CSS – changes the color throughout the pages and I only want to change the navigation. Thank you!

Thank you! That worked perfectly! Last Question – How can I modify the social media colors? I want them to be a different color that one of the three highlighted. Thanks so much – GREAT theme and support

Hi there,

The social icons are placed within an <ul> element with class “social”. You can change the colors and all styles of the <a> elements inside this class.


P.S. Have you tried the newest update v1.3? If not, its highest time to do it!


Question, I see you released 1.3 update. What files should I update ONLY so I don’t break all the modifications I’ve made? (Mostly CSS)




Please try to clear your browser’s cache as it migh be still holding the previous version of the script. This should solve the problem as it is 100% fixed in Update v1.3.

If you are still experiencing problems, make sure you have not merged files from v1.2 and v1.3 but its a clean v1.3 version.


Cleaning cache solved the problem. Thank you!

If anyone reads this, buy and support this author. Theme and support are beyond great!

Thank you,

Much appreciated. Glad everything works as expected :)


Is there a special way to change the favicon for this theme? Can’t seem to figure it out. Thanks.

Hi yadish11,

Both icons are located in “wp-content\themes\creolio” apple-touch-icon.png favicon.ico you can simply replace them.


I can’t figure out why my portfolio entries won’t show up in the main portfolio under the filters. They exist in their own page but nothing comes up on the home page.

Hi jeff,

Please Write us an e-mail using Themeforest’s contact form in the sidebar of our profile page.

- Please provide a link to the portfolio and maybe a username and password so we could check.

There are 3 templates for the Homepage:

1. Homepage Portfolio – Portfolio items (Live Preview)
2. Homepage – Slider using “homepage” slider (Live Preview)
3. Default Template – Free content (Live Preview)

The one you want is Option number 1.

Have you set this page as “static page” and “Front page” in Reading options like pointed in the Documentation?

Have you used the demo content?


Sent an email.

Problem solved! Next pleeease :) Ahh.. Nobody else waiting it the line.. Seems everyone is busy updating to version 1.3… Well, we’ll be here, waiting.. in case you wanted to know.. here… alone.. now… ....

I kinda like this item… however i miss more blog post types, like quote, link, text only, basically what you can see in this theme:http://themeforest.net/item/slideside-responsive-multipurpose-theme/3720500 I am now deciding which of these two to buy. Slideside is much more feature rich, but this one is down straight better looking. If I can ask, do you intend tho further implement features in theme, or just fixing stuff? Thanks for reply and have a nice day.

Ahoj lebaux ;)

All three mentioned post types can be handled as a “standard” post type without adding a featured image to the post. The only downside is that the icon will be always the same.

We are considering adding more types into the next update but we cannot confirm if we will add it neither when.

We try keeping everything simple and usable without a gazillion of options, but providing a set of just enough features.

I’m sure you won’t regret if you decide to choose Creolio. Hope to have you soon on board.


hi, im about to purchase, just one question. on your live preview, you use a few different color schemes, i like the white/gray/black one, will it be easy for me to change these colors?

Hey Vlad,

The switching between the themes is just one click in the administration. So it is super easy ;) Moreover, there are color pickers to change each of the three color to custom ones.


my other question is, what exactly is the difference between the blog and the microblog?

In short, it’s the same. Microblog is for small posts and it uses the isotope style. The Blog is meant for larger articles and it’s just about your taste which one you’d like to choose.