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Interested in purchasing this theme. Is there an option to add a scrolling button that will take the user to the top of the page by clicking on it? If they scroll all the way down to the bottom, one click and back to the top of the page. Hope this makes sense. Thank you.


Thanks for your interest ;) Creolio WP is super easy to use and we’ve seen som awesome pages made from it. You won’t regret.

Currently there is no such functionality but we can add it for you. Please write us a message once you have purchased the theme and we will get back to you.



I really admire the design and I am thinking of purchasing this theme. Is it possible too add a ‘profile builder’ or similar plug in to this theme that would allow me to allow subscribers to the website to upload there own videos to this theme. My goal is to allow people to create their own video then upload/embed the video through logging into a simple profile that is all controlled at the front end(i.e. I do not wish for people to use the WP dashboard, I wish for them to upload as they would from vimeo, youtube etc.) These videos would then be approved or denied after I watched them to ensure the content was appropriate. If this possible, do you know of anyone who has done achieved this and could you provide this example.

I would really appreciate any feedback you could give, I really am excited about your design.

Hi dougfromaus,

Unfortunately the theme was not tested or designed for this purpose. To achieve the mentioned behaviour you would need to do one of the following:

1. Find a plugin which allows the mentioned functionality, integrate it to the theme and add the missing functionality.

2. Customise the theme by extending its functionality using your custom code to achieve the mentioned behaviour.

We’re afraid you will not be able to find a ready “out of the box” solution out there. In any case you would need som custom coding to finalize it to your needs. Good luck with finding the right combinations ;)

We’re really happy about your interest for our design. Hope you’ll find the correct plugin and use it with Creolio ;)


What code do I need to add to give the single-microblog-post.php a sidebar like the normal blog?

have a look at the answer of your other question..

...Or, how can I make the normal blog sortable. Either way is fine. I’m just looking for the normal blog layout and the sortable functionality. It’s really one of the main reasons I bought the theme.

Hey yadish,

Thanks for choosing Creolio ;)

The sortable functionality of the regular Blog would be a little problematic as it was not made “isotope” ready. But what you could do is modify the single-microblog-post.php and add the sidebar from the single-post.php and change the class of the main container to col8 instead of col12 plus maybe a little rearrangement of the elements to fit your needs. You can get the inspiration from single-post.php and the content of each post type (video, audio, image, standard).

For further questions, please contact us via the contact form on our profile page as these questions are quite technical ;)



I really like the look of the theme but before purchasing just have a few questions….

Firstly, is there a way of inserting pricing tables? Secondly, can you disable the responsive functionality? And finally, is there a control panel for things like uploading logo, favicon and Google analytics?

Best regards


Any chance you could give me the instructions to deactivate the responsiveness?


Glenn :-)

Hey northernstar,

Welkome on board! Please send your request using Themeforest’s contact form in the sidebar of our profile page to avoid flooding the comments section with unnecessary information.


No probs. Will do :-)

Thank you IshYoBoy for the beautiful work!

Interface very easy to use and modify. And if you get stuck don’t worry, you can rely on a very professional and quick support.

The BEST support I’ve ever seen on this site.

Thank you very much nhakeem!

We are more than happy to see you guys satisfied! Enjoy the theme!


Great theme! But having one problem, I downloaded and received the zip file. I tried installing the zip file in wordpress but I continue to get a failure to install. Am I missing something? I am re-downloading to see if that’ll work but if not, what can I do to fix this?

Perfect! We’re looking forward to seeing the result! ;) Enjoiy

Real quick! In the about me section, I have an white extra tagline. So instead of 2 there are three. Tried to get rid of this but couldn’t really figure out why it all of a sudden appeared! Any way I could get rid of this?

Also on a side note, is there a way I could shrink the font size in a tagline? Jw!

Hey Chris,

For further questions please use Themeforest’s contact form in the sidebar of our profile page to.

1. About me section. Please check if you don’t have some extra space before the tagline in both visual and HTML editor. If still no result please contact us as mentioned above.

2. Yes there is. You can add one line of style. But again as this is technical we’d rather move the conversation to a personal e-mail.


I’m really interested in purchasing this theme. However, I was wondering if it is possible to make the blog the home page/landing page?

Also, is it easy to add advertisers and sponsors to the sidebar?

Thanks in advance.

Hi yvonneQ,

Yes, it is possible to make the blog as default page. This can be managed with a simple click ;)

There is a free text field where you can add anything you need, HTML, Images, Texts, so we would say it is :)

Looking forward to seeing you in the “team”


Awesome theme but I do have a couple questions:

Firstly, on the tagline with the image…is there a way to make the ‘image’ space skinnier? I believe it is 400px tall…let’s say I wanted it to be 200? I’m assuming there is a CSS something I can do but i’ve been having troubles figuring it out and I didn’t want to blow something up.

Secondly, is there a way to adjust the padding/distance from the top for the top navigation and not have it effect the logo location? (as in I want to have the navigation towards the bottom of the top division as opposed towards the top?

Also maybe this is a more ‘feedback’ thing. But when you do the tagline with image, the triangle that comes off the bottom seems to be a pixel or two off? So sometimes I see a black line dividing the transparency with the triangle. Again if that makes any sense.

Again awesome theme!



Just got to your e-mail about these points. Please check it :)


Similar note as my previous post, the triangle for the tagline with picture moves from left to right when the page adjusts to different dimensions and I expect it is not supposed to do that.

Hey, all covered in the reply to your e-mail. Cheers

Is there to get the header to show up on the mobile version?

Also, how do you install the dummy content?

Thanks! Daniel

Hi daniel,

Yes, the header does show up on mobile version. Please follow all the instructions on the Documentation. There is as detailed step by step tutorial in the “First steps” section under

“4. Import all default Creolio Wordpress theme content”


Thank you very much!

I am having troubles with the formatting. There is an extra gap or something between the sections.

For example. The full width photo does not go all the way to the top banner. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Hey Daniel,

Please send your questions using Themeforest’s contact form in the sidebar of our profile page. We can then discuss your issues more in detail.

For now please make sure you are using the “Default Template” as main template for the page where you want to use the image tagline.


Hi IshYoBoy, Thanks for the great theme, I just purchased it and am working with it now. A couple quick questions:

Can I change the icon next to the text logo from a check to something else?

And is there any way to change the order that our slider images appear in? Thanks.

Hi There,

Thanks for purchasing Creolio ;)

1.Yes, the icon can be changed. You can either use the “Custom CSS Styles” filed, change the code in PHP or replace it with your own logo from the backend.

2. Yes, there is an “order” field for that. Please have a look at the documentation for more information.

In case of further questions, please send them using Themeforest’s contact form in the sidebar of our profile page.


Why did you use too many H1 tag in your theme? It’s really not good!


The content was being prepared during the development phase. As it is just demo content it was not important which Headline tags we used. All Headlines can be edited to fit everyone’s needs. But we accept your critic and we agree with you.


Yeahh, I am a newbie in WordPress and I prefer to use your demo data and edit it. But I am not happy when I see too many H1 tag in content. When I try to change it to H2 then it is not look good. I have to use “Custom CSS style” to edit your css. I am a developer so it’s OK. But someone who don’t know much about HTML&CSS. They can not do it.

Anyway this theme is great! Hope you update your css, It’s good for everyone.


Thanks templaza,

We will have a look at that.


Hi I have a css question can you please take a look at

What I would like to do is replace the grey color with a background Image I see that you have a dynamic css file integrated with the theme is there a way that we can manipulate that?

Hi conceptenvy,

The shortcode is [recent_posts]. Please check the documentation for more information. You can see all attributes options there.


That shortcode was for The “Post” to display no? I was looking for specifically “Portfolio”

Hi conceptenvy,

As stated in the documentation it is a multipurpose shortcode and can be used for “Blog”, “Microblog”, and “Portfolio”.

As shown at the bottom of the shortcodes’ page you can use the following line to load the latest Portfolio posts.

[recent_posts type="portfolio-post" count="3" lightbox="true"]What I've written recently[/recent_posts]


I don’t understand the difference between “Posts” and “Microblog Posts” – can you elaborate on how you intend for these to be used in the theme, and what are their distinctions?

Hi CrossroadsStories,

In the beginning there was no Blog, just the Microblog. Meant to be used for not so content heavy, quick articles. It’s layout is masonry style, not the regular, users are used to.. So the microblog was supposed to be a “bonus” to standard webpages which are focusing on the content, not the blog..

After several requests we decided to add a regular Blog style and layout which are more suitable for longer articles and webpages trying to focus on the Blog itself not the content on the subpages.

So it is up to you how you’re planning to us it. We can say the difference is just the layout :)


Congratulations on the theme, perfect and gorgeous! Purchased and loaded, I immediately arises a problem, I get streamlined design empty as if to add “tagline top” and “bottom tagline.” This thing appears only on the contact page and about me. How do I fix it? thank you very much

Hi napartestudio,

Thank you very much :) We’re glad you like it.

As we’re not sure we understand the problem may we pleas ask you to sum it up again using Themeforest’s contact form in the sidebar of our profile page which is the official way of getting support. Please explain you problem more in detail and maybe also send the link of the problematic pages so we can see what you mean.

Thank you


Today I noticed it’s not possible to insert a logo image anymore. I always get “No image uploaded..”. The logo itself is in the media library. Any ideas about this problem? I tried to reset the browser, use a different browser, restart the computer, reinstall the theme and Wordpress, but no success…



Hi Bruno,

We were unable to reproduce this behaviour on any environment. Please make sure you are using the “Use image” button after you upload it.

Unfortunately the logo can be used only after uploading it. So please do the following:

1. Download it to your computer from library. 2. [Optional] Click on “Delete Logo” button in Creolio Options. 3. Then upload the logo again and right after the upload click on “Use image” not “Save all changes”

That’s it :)

i am about to purchase. one question: is it easy to change the background colors throughout the theme?

Thanks! Bought it..

Is it possible to add an Instagram widget instead of dribble/flickr?

Hi vlad,

You may try to find an Instagram plugin and use with the theme. There is no built in Instagram widget at the moment.


I’m having trouble with image sizing on my site. When insert an image into the microblog post it gets blown up gigantic. Even if I adjust the size it still is full size. The only luck I had was inserting columns into the post, but that makes aligning text very buggy. What can I do?

Hi Jeff, we have just replied to your e-mail. Cheers

Note*: This inly happens to images I actually insert in to the contents of the microblog post, not the featured image.

Hi Jeff, we have just replied to your e-mail. Cheers