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I bought the theme and installed it. It look really nice (you can check it on on However, I experience 2 issues.

- Portfolio items aren’t showing in Firefox. IE, Safari, Chrome are all fine. (see the network tab). - A upper tagline with an image on the portfolio (home)page result in a white bar above the tagline image/text.

You can check both the ‘bugs’ on

Do you have a solution for both issues. Again I love this theme and hopefully you can fix it or give me some advice.

Hi gk3do,

Thanks for choosing Creolio WP. We’re very happy you like it.

Please write us using the contact form in our profile page so we can get back to you via e-mail with solutions to your problems as they are specific to your page only.



Here’s me with another question :)

I’m trying to put the portfolio in my homepage. I know I can use the Homepage Portfolio template but it has two issues that don’t work for me:

- The portfolio doesn’t have the ‘filter by category’ buttons. - Because the portfolio isn’t a shortcode, all content I want to put shows up BEFORE the portfolio. I’d like the portfolio to be the first thing that shows up and then put the content after.

I also tried using the ‘Portfolio’ template with no success. I suppose I can edit the PHP files to accomplish what I’m trying but I figured I’d ask:

Is there a portfolio shortcode?


Hi simplestorydesign,

Please write us a message using the contact form on our profile page as this is getting more technical and there’s no need to flood the comments section.


Awesome and quick support. And a great theme!!.

I have purchased about 100 themes and this is the most easy to install and work with it.

An awesome work. Thanks.

Cheers, Mary

Thank you Mary!! Much appreciated!

I can’t figure out where to change the file for the favicon. I saw the instructions you gave someone else, but I don’t know where to find the file, or how to replace it. thanks.

Hi there as you can read in our FAQ section Both favicons are located in “wp-content\themes\creolio” on your server or in “www\creolio” in your downloaded zip file.

apple-touch-icon.png favicon.ico

you can simply replace them with your ones and upload the via FTP to your server.

For further questions please write use using the contact form in the sidebar of our profile page.



My client deleted the blog from “Pages menu”. How can i get it back without upload all the theme again?


Hi silaaasss,

Oups :) Hapens sometimes.

- Just create a new page. - From the rightside menu select default template (should be selected already). - Publish the page. - Now go to “Appearance -> Menus” and add the Blog page to the right place you would like it to be displayed.



I had a little bug, ishyoboy quickly helped me and changed complex php files so the problems could be resolved.


I have just updated my theme v1.3 and I still am unable to add images to the content of a post. Please advise.


Have you cleared the browser’s cache after the update? Have you tried it in a different browser? If it worked there then the problem is definitely the cache ;) Could you please contact us using Themeforest’s contact form in the sidebar of our profile page to avoid flooding the comments section with support.


Seems to be working now. Cleared the cache on the third browser and it works. Weird. Never had that big of a caching issue before.


No problem at all :)

Chrome is a total caching freak.. Anyway, glad the problem’s solved!


I am looking forward to bying your theme..

Can I get to remove the session where it is written “Because things should be beautiful and simple” right below the top menu and just have the slider directly below it?

Also, is it possible to control the height of the sessions and remove or add new ones?

very nice, and just one more question, about videos, I wish I could have a portfolio not only with images featured, but also mixed with videos. Would that be possible with this theme? Do you have perhaps an example of a site that uses videos too?

I mean, images and videos in the same slider

Hey tonka3d,

Unfortunately not. But you could add the videos in the portfolio content area though? Also a video slider for each portfolio could be created and then used inside the content. How about that?


I just got this theme a few days ago, and have really enjoyed it. As is typical with most themes that I have purchased in the past, there are a few issues I need help with. What’s not typical is how fast and high quality the support that I have gotten from IshYoBoy!!! They have been very helpful and supportive of my needs. I highly recommend this theme.


Thank you very much! It’s a pleasure seeing you guys appreciating our work! Well, enjoy your new look & feel :)

I try installing to WP and receive this error The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

Hi there we already replied to your e-mail.

The zip file from themeforest is not the theme. It needs to be unzipped and the theme can be found inside along with Documentation and How to’s ;)


I truly appreciate “IshYoBoy” and his work. After searching for MONTHS to find a theme that suited my needs and work personality, I found what I was looking for in his design of the Creolio Theme for WP.

After the purchase, I naturally had some questions about customizing my new theme. He was prompt to answer my e-mails and replied with the needed answer(s) every time. I MOST CERTAINLY RECOMMEND “ISHYOBOY” FOR THE TECH SUPPORT AND DESIGN!!!

Angel Navarro Photography

Thanks Angel :) The pleasure is on our side.

Hi there. Superb theme and, by all accounts, superb support.

Pre-purchase question; I want to make three pages and have each of them using a different colour scheme (one of your demo ones). Is this possible or would it require three separate installs? thanks.

Purchased! So what say you to helping me achieve separate colour schemes for separate pages? :)

Hey Mr. Bong ;)


Please write us an e-mail using the contact form in the sidebar of our profile page.

Please provide the link to your new page and explain in detail your idea of the three mentioned pages. We can then find the best way to manage it.



Fantastic theme! Can’t wait to get started with it.

One issue I am having is with the Icon columns:

I’ve added the following short codes to the homepage but the icons are not inline across the top, the formatting isn’t right. The first icon is in the right place, the second one drops down a little and then the third one drops down further. They are not shown in a straight line across the page. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

[one_third icon=”icon-thumbs-up”]


Enter your content here. /one_third


Enter your content here. /one_third


Enter your content here. [/one_third_last]

Ah, don’t worry, i just added some content instead of Enter your content here and that seemed to fix the issue!

Glad you have solved it ;)

It’s happened again actually – I can’t get the icons inline across the top. Any ideas why this might be happening?

Hi again,

Make sure there are no breaklines in between the shortcodes. If you enter the HTML/Text tab of the editor you need to remove the <br> signs ;) This should fix it. Also it’s a good idea to import the demo content to see how all pages are done.


Hi again,

Not sure if this is a bug or something i’m doing wrong…

When I add an image to an icon column it stretches to fit the size of the column. So if I add an image to a one_full column, even if the image is 300×400px, it is stretched across the entire screen. I just want the images on one side of the screen and then to wrap text around it. It looks like it formats okay on the Visual tab in wordpress, just doesn’t look right on the front-end.

I’m working on a local host

many thanks Simon

Hey Simon,

This was intentional although I must admit it was not the smartest decision :) Please send us an e-mail so we can provide you with a workaround.


I’m having a problem with uploading the dummy content.. I’ve activated the theme. I get all the way to the “download and import” but the second I click on that it takes me to a “page not available”

Thoughts? am I using the right xml file? Is there another place I can upload the xml file too?

Hi Sophie,

For support questions please use the contact form in the sidebar of our profile page here on ThemeForest.

1. Have you managed to install the WordPress importer? 2. Have you managed to select the XML located in the “Dummy Content” folder? 3. Have the pages been imported? 4. Are you able to view the page as the import tries to load the images from there?


I want to know if there is how assemble content to stay exactly as it is in the original demo url:

Is to send me a base with exactly this content?


The provided URL is an iframe and it does not remember where you are in the site structure. So if we open it, we see the homepage.

Please browse our page directly and provide the link again:

Also if we may ask you, please use the contact form in the right sidebar on our Profile page so we move the conversation to e-mails as this is not the place for support.

Thanks ;)

Hi, We’re having some trouble with this template whereby it’s putting a white section above the tagline image. See Alternatively I can provide screenshots.

Thanks Sarah

Hi there,

Please write us using the contact form in the right sidebar of our profile page. We can then provide instructions how to fix it ;)


hey there. Few questions. 1. What is the optimal size for the logo. 2. On the contact options page it has CALL and MAIL and CALL URL and MAIL URL; what do I put into here? is there a social media for call??


Hey bongobong,

There is no optimal size for the logo.. It differs from logo to logo. The URL for the mail can be: “” or “”. The call URL can be “skype:123456789” or “tel:123456789” anything you wish :) Have a look in here for inspiration: