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Hi, Thanks for fantastic theme. Just one question we are just running tests on new website upload and noticed when viewing on iPad the submenus are not viewable. How do we ensure the submenus are viewable on tablet mode (works fine on phones and laptop)?

Also i noticed an answer above regarding the confirmation that contact form has been sent “Your message has been sent successfully” This code wasn’t in my version (or I’ve deleted it) what is the code to add this?

Hi, where you added the code ? you should add code in contact.html file, after checked your page : view-source:http://heckmondwikeplayers.co.uk/contact.html didn’t found code you can check by search about this code under [ <!- Contact Form Js -> ]

I still cannot get this form to work and its driving me crazy…..

Hi, I know I can rename [gallery1], or even remove the tag to “rel=”prettyPhoto[]”” but the images of each gallery should be indicated in some file. How to asign a range of images to a gallery1,2,3 etc – In what file (html, css)?

Hi, sorry this plugin doesn’t support that .. regards

Hi, The contact form now clears once submitted but i don’t receive a email AND the form doesn’t display the “message sent” statement.

the form in question can be found here: http://heckmondwikeplayers.co.uk/contact.html

I can supply ftp login details if you need to see script and make alterations as I’ve been working on this for two months now…


1- please make sure from this file directory
and make sure it’s found
2- did you add new custom php for your new files spam check ? also i think you have error in html code, which values which should be like that
<input type="text" name="spamcheck" class="text">
not that
<input type=”text” name=”spamcheck” class=”text”>
i mean should be ( ” ) not ( ” )

alss please check this posts from support forum :


Can you update twitter widget API? :)

Hi, I have done everything specified in updating the twitter API but does not work to me, it remains for several seconds the phrase “loading tweets …” after it disappears and can not see anything. thank you and greetings

Hi, if you already checked this post : http://support.jozoor.com/discussion/572/update-themes-update-for-new-twitter-api-1-1/p1
and read all comments on post after that still have issue, please provide your site link to check what happened exact .. regards
Hi, I really need help. I am trying to get a gallery to work. The photos are vertical and horizontal. This is it: http://registo24.com/adubopor/galeria3.php (this is based 100% in the portfolio4) If you enter the page the second time, it works, but in the first time, the photos overlaps each other. I have vertical and horizontal photos.

Hi, please do that :
open [ js/custom.js ] file and search about this code:

// Isotope Filtering

and change it to

// Isotope Filtering
$(window).load(function() {

and save file then try again ..

Hi, I would like to purchase this template but am interested in the wide main image that appears on the “Invention” version (appears as an option in the preview for this template). Is there a way I can incorporate a wider main image while leaving the rest of the Crevision template as is? Thanks so much!

Hi, sorry template doesn’t support that .. regards

hello, Can I put videos in the folio? If so, it is also possible to insert videos that do not come from Youtube (external personal server)

Hi , sorry theme don’t support that .. regards

Accordion is not working here, any idea why? http://3greatloves.uccpages.org/

Figured it out…

Great (y)