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Congrats on your first item! It’s looking great. Good luck :)

Thanks too much..

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW ….. really Nice theme, good luck with sales :)

thanks man :)

Very nice, Crevision – Responsive HTML Template I thought I would pick it up went threw it and your did a great job. Thanks :)

Thank you for your purchase :) , and I hope Theme is good for your site.

Really very nice and clean work! Good luck! :)

Thanks man…

Welcome to the Forest , good luck with sales :)

thank you :)

Welcome to TF, really nice theme. Best of luck with sales :)

thank you

Hi, great theme, I love it! I have one question though: is it possible to have the color picker enabled but and when you go to a certain page the color changes?

hii thanks, about color picker, when i put color picker too in theme the color of all pages will be the color you choose , because ( javascript cookies ) in theme , so the method of colors not different, but i see to add color picker in next updates, thanks again

Love the clean look! Bookmarked! Are you going to do a CMS version out of it in future?

i will wok on wordpress version In the next plan :)

Awesome!! But i will wait for Wordpress version to buy it. Really good work. Good luck!

thanks, i will start work on wordpress version soon, Keep soon :)


Great theme. Is it possible to make the testimonials scroll automatically


hii, Yes sure , but you will make 2 updates enough and i will tell you , what you do for that option, please if you purchase the theme open ticket in support forum to give you method for update that. example for autoscroll here : support forum Here :

1000 mabrouk 3la first item :D , Good luck Jozoor basha ;)

alf shokr Tarek basha :) , mnwar here

This is really cool ;)

thank you louiejie

Nice! Simple and clean I wish I could come up with something like this too.

thanks nutzumi :)

Good template. Congrats. :)

thanks :)

Clean and Cool :) Cong.

thanks :) moutheme

is it possible to add recaptcha to the contact form? is there a timeline for the wp release?

i see to add recaptcha to contact from in next update..

about WP Theme Version soon, not more ( one month )


We’ve got this theme and think its great ;) we can’t seem to update our logo though , is there any known issues ?


hello , thanks for purchase Theme, can you give me online demo , to see what do you mean, but about change the logo , below the code for the logo image, you can replace crevision logo by the logo for your site :
<div class="logo">
        <a href="index.html">
          <img src="images/logo.png" alt="Crevision - Creative Template" />

Nice theme! Is it possible to make it look like a boxed theme, like a border around..?

And also, I noticed that many HTML themes also come in a WordPress theme, which is more expensive. Do you actually know, why wordpress themes are more expensive and what are the advantages of a wordpress theme over the HTML theme?

Thanks Philip

hello, thanks … about your Questions :

1- : i will see that in next updates maybe next update after week, if you want theme now, you can purchase and i will send you updates after 1 day , on email.

2- : WordPress themes is more expensive, because you will have dynamic site, you can control anything in you site , ( add, update, delete… more+) with the control panel to do everything in site, but html is static you can’t do anything with html enough update the code in files Manually, so wordpress is expensive..

note: Crevision Theme will come in WP version soon :)

thanks for your comment,

wait you if you will purchase theme

Thanks, this website was great to work with and I hope to see more themes from you.

thanks [ mwilson ] , and you are welcome anytime , sure we will publish more themes,... Crevision WP version coming soon.

Is it possible to put navigation arrows (previous and next) on the slider?

method to activate navigation arrows (previous and next) on the slider :

1- first you can use slider 3 direct from this page: but it didn’t have controlNav and Caption.

2- you can activate the navigation arrows to the main slider in home page by that :

1- open [ js/custom.js ] file
2- search about this code 
and change [
 directionNav: false, 
 directionNav: true, 
3- the arrow will activate now.

or you can download file updated from here :

and thanks for purchase the theme.