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I have one more question Jozoor.

How do I get the “welcome” div to go all the way across to the edges on the “boxed” version of the template?


hi, okay please do that :
open [ css/custom.css ] file , and add this code in it

#slider .container, #slider .container .sixteen.columns, #welcome .container .sixteen.columns {
width: 100%;

#slider .container .sixteen.columns, #welcome .container .sixteen.columns {
and the welcome div make it top div [ container ] , not inside it like that:
<div id="welcome"> ... </div>
<div class="container clearfix">

and save file.

Thank you…

The slider works perfectly!

Unfortunately the “welcome” div still has about 20px (white border) on left and right side and I am not able to get it right to the edge of the box ;-(

not sure how to fix.

hi, i tell you copy all welcome div code and put it out , this div , to be like that :
<div id="welcome"> ... </div>
<div class="container clearfix">


<div class="container clearfix">
<div id="welcome"> ... </div>

My twitter feed suddenly stopped working. I downloaded the theme again and the twitter feed in the original theme also doesn’t work. Do you know anything about that?

Maybe it is just my computer. I checked my website on another computer and the feed still doesn’t show up. Great theme by the way and easy to work with.

hi, i make support ticket from [ 3 march ] about new twitter API 1.1 , so please see this update here :

Hi there Just a quick question before buying. Is there a way to disable this being responsive? IM wanting to use it as an ebay listing template Kind Regards

hi, yes sure you have option in theme panel , which you can disable responsive style , just check button [ ON ] or [ OFF ] , as you like :)

Important update for new twitter api 1.1 , please go here :
you will found all instructions to update files to work fine with new twitter api 1.1

thanks, Jozoor Team

I think you forgot to update the html theme on themeforest to version 1.3.1.

hi, html latest html version have (2.0) , so what is 1.3.1 this for wordpress version , and what any updates you talking about ..? for twitter api 1.1 ..? if yes i make in last comment this small update for that , and also make in support forum post about that.. thanks

Hi, sry about version confusion. I saw you post about twitter 1.1 update. I just tought that instead of that post you could update the theme on themeforest to include that update. That’s all.

aha , okay thanks..

Hi Jozoor, Superb design- I have one important question before I purchase. Can it feature swfs? I have hundreds I need to show in my portfolio. Ideally, they would appear in the resizable lightbox. Thanks so much,


hi, thanks..
about view : you will add thumb for your [ swf ] file , and after click will open in [ lightbox ] , so in any devices will happened that , you can check from theme demo and the plugin demo on your mobile , before purchase… thanks again.

You’re so awesome, Thanks a million. It has been a long quest and I know many designers who have struggled with featuring swfs on their site. I’m redoing my logo and should be ready next week for purchase and site development :) Best, Cloe

Thanks :) , and sure welcome anytime here or in support forum after purchased : ... thanks again.

I can’t install this template , it show lost this ” style.css” ,please help me .tks.

hi, this is HTML template not wordpress theme , you can see ” crevision wordpress theme ” from here :

Hi, Congratulation for the theme, before buying, I want to know if the Form Element 1 in the shortcodes.html is functional for uploading a file? this would be bery useful for my site. How does this work? and where would it be this uploaded files. Thanks and best regards from mexico!

hi, this is static html theme , so just [ contact form ] work functional , but other forms you see are just static html code … thanks for interested in theme .

hi, before get this great theme, i wanna ask if there is a form to put a background image instead of a color

hi, if you talking about body background : yes you can add image for it and color also by css coding as you like , and are you sure you talking about [ Crevision – Responsive HTML Template ] not wordpress version , also in wordpress version you have theme option panel to doing that , but in html template you need to do that by some codes by you hands … thanks for interested in theme.

Il’s a beautiful site theme! I have a little problem.

How I remove style switcher on the index page? When I remove “styleswitch.js” I see a line with shadow on the left side. Thanks in advance!

hi, to Disable Switcher Box and add your custom style go here :

I can’t access to this link. I prepaid and don’t have the number purchase. Help please

hi, you can get purchase code like that :

Hi! I would love to see if you could include some login/username/logout text in the upper bar and even a search bar also on the top. I’m trying to manage where to put it not to messed up your design but I can’t find a nice way to do it, could anyone help me? :) Thank you very much

hi, first template doesn’t support that , but i will tell what you can do for adding this new change , just in top header code in your file you will found that :
    <div class="container clearfix">

      <div class="sixteen columns">   
       <!-- here you can add any codes you want -->
       </div><!-- End new code -->

      <div class="one-third column">
      </div><!-- End Logo -->

      <div class="two-thirds column">
      </div><!-- End Menu -->

   </div><!-- End Container -->
</header><!-- <<< End Header >>> -->

Thank you very much. It works perfect :)

Thanks :)

Hi! I would like to have N number of horizontal-tabs or vertical-tabs in a single page , could anyone help me? Thank you very much.

hi, you can do that easy , just see this link :
which you will found html codes for using more than one tabs and you will found new classed named [ a & b & c ] to can use more tabs depend on this classed also , to understand more you can open this file [ js/custom.js ] and search about this code :

// Tabs
under it you will see all classes used in html codes.

Thank you very much Guru

Thanks :)

Hi! I would like to have comments view at 8 columns width, but if i put that into 8 columns div the photo and the comment will not be in line. I have checked with different columns it will be aligned only for greater then or equal 10 columns.

hi, you can see this page in template :
and you will see each div columns , which any divs working fine with other columns , also can i see this page in your site , to see what happened exact ? ..

hi, okay please do that :
open [ css/custom.css ] file and add this code in it :

.comment {
width: 81%;

.children .comment {
width: 79%;

@media only screen and (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 959px) {

.comment {
width: 78%;
.children .comment {
width: 75%;

and save file .
after that will appear fine .

Hello, is considered an update, some time has passed. Thank you!

okay we will see that , but not at this time, because we working on other projects … thanks

Thank you for this awesome template, however – i need to have the Our Clients section to have slider too, is that possible, i tried to copy the slider from the Recent Work but it messed up the layout. can you help me. thanks!

hi, okay please do that :
1- open [ js/custom.js ] file and search about this code :

namespace: "carousel3" // Defaults to “carousel”.
2- under it add this code :
namespace: "carousel4" // Defaults to “carousel”.
3- save file .
4- the html structure will be like that :


Thank you so much—noticed the Next and Previous Slide Control is not working, but i manage to copy the css. thank you! all good now!

okay , sorry for missed give you that :) , i hope every thing fine now , thanks and sure welcome anytime..

Hi, i’m trying to include <script src=””></script> and <script src=””></script>

But i’m getting this Javascript error: TypeError: $(...).uniform is not a function

and error is in this line: $(“input:checkbox, input:radio, input:file”).uniform();

Please let me know if there’s a way to fix this. Thank you!

hi, please are you sure you include this file in your site [ js/jquery.uniform.min.js ] ? if you don’t need it , so just open this file [ js/custom.js ] file and search about this code :
   $("input:checkbox, input:radio, input:file").uniform();
and remove it .
after that every thing will be fine , also i need to see your site link ..


Thanks Guru :)

Thanks :)


I am using gravity forms with your Crevision theme and on step 2 of my form my checkboxes and labels are not lining up. Gravity Forms say it is due to the CSS within your theme. Please can you advise how to fix this. The website is

hi, please can explain more about that with some screenshot ? also you using crevision wordpress theme , why add your comment in html version !! ? wait you …thanks

Hi There,

Few issues with the CSS, the biggest one on the boxed orange ‘light’ version im using.

The footer on Mac Chrome is not sticking to the bottom. Could you please let me know the changes to the css to ensure the footer sticks regardless of the size of the footer. As the footer im using it only contains copyright and support links.

I have a feeling this is to do with the clearfix on the container and its not working as intended.

Thanks Vincent

hi, please can i see your site ? wait you ..

i replied to your message , check it now .. thanks

Great Template. How to remove the Style Switcher and set the Background Pattern fix? ;)

hi, just go here :
you will found all instructions about that … thanks

thx, works! :)

Thanks :) , and sure welcome anytime..

Hi. On Android with Chrome the color buttons (e.g. on your ‘Shortcodes’ page) change to gray after they are pressed and remain gray. On desktop after pressing they go back to color.

hi, please can i see screenshot from that ?

Sure. Here is a screenshot of your demo ( : . It’s after I pressed the color medium button. It works different on desktops. There the button remains color.

really , i don’t know why happened that , because it working fine on my iPhone, so you can try to do that :

open [ css/custom.css ] file, and add this code in it : {
background:#00aec8 !important;
and save file .