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Hi again

Thanks for quick reply. Sounds like you do good support :) I might just buy the HTML theme.

Another question: The blog, does it work with comments and facebook integration?

hello, welcome anytime :)

answer : this theme is static html and about comments & facebook integration no doesn’t work, but you have ( contact form work using php ) example : you can test contact form, it’s work ( ajax php form )

thanks piopakk

Hi great theme by the way! I too was wondering how the blog section works? You have it in your theme but if its static HTML it means you can’t actually use it to post articles or for others to add comments, tags etc right? For the blog function to work would we need to wait for the WP version? Thanks

thanks for you,

about blog section : sure is static html, but if you have custom php script and want use theme with it and have articles or news or blog section , sure you want the design pages for this sections, so i put it in the theme

However, i still working on [ Crevision Wordpress Version ], so sure i need blog section in the wP version also :) .

Ok thanks for the reply, Out of interest do you know of any php scripts that will integrate with your blog pages?

hello, the theme is static HTML , so can will be using in any scripts you want , custom or opensource scripts will be okay

if you want to know about best CMS scripts here :

or if you want Crevision wordpress version , wait no’t more ( one month )


Thanks, One more thing how can you add Facebook feed, styled the same way as the twitter feed in the footer for those who don’t use flickr?

thanks for purchase, but about [ facebook feeds ] , theme doesn’t support that, but i will see add this in next updates

however, you can remove flickr feeds and use facebook code here : 1- or 2-

after you apply settings for your page or profile , you can [ get code ] after that and past code in flickr place in footer

if you can’t do that , please open ticket here :

and i will be with you to do that, you are welcome anytime here or in support forum

thanks again

Hi not to worry I have managed to solve the issue, I have pulled in Facebook RSS feed in plain txt and styled it using the same styles as the twitter feed!

okay, i hope every thing will be good with you.

Wow.. this is what you call a smashing entry into the ThemeForest marketplace.. I love your clean, lean style – this theme is absolutely gorgeous and i am looking forward to the WP version of it!

By the way, i ended up on this theme via Creattica – i didn’t notice it otherwise.

thanks [ simonswiss ] , WP version coming soon..wait us

You must be happy, 120 sales in a week.. Red Paw already :-) good job, keep it coming!

:) we do the best, to make creative themes here.. thanks again

hi there, thats a fantastic template, so i have Q?

Is there possible to load a Pinterest stream from the widget? or is only from Flickr??

thanks 4 all

have a nice day

hello, thanks

widget load Flickr stream enough, and i plan in next updates to add ( facebook ) and now you tell me about Pinterest also , so i will see that in updates, maybe after one week or more.

thanks again..

It William be great, cant wait for! Thanks for the reply!

Hi again and thanks for reply

But would you be able to make an update to this static html theme with comments and facebook integration for the blog?

Thanks Piopakk

Also, could you send me a new index page, with borders as we discussed earlier? :) I bought the theme now :) Please email to: philip – at – rohrhuber – dk


hi, thanks for purchase,

about every thing you want please, open ticket here :

and i will be with you for any changes you want

wait you…

Fine template! Any advice how to replace the fonts so that I could modify the template in Finnish (or Swedish or German for that matter)? This seems to be a common problem in Themeforest. One would imagine that by serving also other languages than English you would gain a much larger customer base. Anyway, I bought the template so maybe you are able to help me:)

hi, thanks for purchase about fonts, i use custom font in theme : you can view fonts in the site and if you want use any font from this site, tell me the font you want to use and i will send to you update files for new font. you can open ticket here : and i will be with you anytime ..

thanks again

Hi Jozoor! The titillium font itself is ok. But it does not display Scandinavian characters. So how do I proceed? Chancing utf-8 to iso 8859-1 did not help. By the way, thanks for the quick answer.

are you test some Characters for Scandinavian language when i test this letters i see font okay with this : [ är vär ö ingår ät ] sorry i don’t know the Scandinavian language good :)

please go to the site again : and open [ test drive ] tab , and write some letters to see it view okay.

and if you send to me online demo, or screenshots about th issues font , it will be good to solve that.

Hi there again! I may have been a bit hasty, chancing utf-8 to iso 8859-1 seems to solve my problem. Anyway, thanks for your answer.

never mind, i hope every thing is okay now..


Thanks for your help last time. Quick question Im finding the header java script seems to sometimes expand out (all sub menus show) and after refreshing it works fine.

Any solution to this? Ill private message the site if it helps


hello, this issue before update Theme, i fixed it in new updated ( 1/10/2012)

- if you download new updated , you will see that in next time , because the new code loading but after that it will okay , so some page you didn’t load before , you will see expand menu in it , but pages loads new code will work good, so you should all pages refresh, to load new java script codes

- if you don’t download new updated please download it.


Hiya Mate,

We updated all the java script but the site is still showing a glimpse of the full (expanded)menu (fraction of a second) then reverting back to the correct layout.

Any suggestions?


please can i see online demo for your site.

and if you see online demo for theme, the menu expand too ?

wait you..

How can I have the update ? Because the theme didn’t stay in my download list—’ ! Why ? I don’t understand , the update is not free ?

if you purchased Theme, sure you can get any updates for theme

if you have any trouble for that , you can send to support center here :

Crevision Theme Version 2.0 Released Now..


Great work by the way. 1 question, can a disable the switcher box…

hi, thanks for purchase theme

go here :

you will found all things about how disable style switcher and add your custom style from switcher options.

This is by far the best template I have seen here. Really love the design. Really looking forward to WP version of this.

Cheers. Keep up great work man.

thanks rendertom,

WP version coming soon, please wait us not more for publish it..

How can I get the mail function to work on a windows server? If it had been my choice, linux would have been used.

hi, ca you download this file from here :

and copy [ contact-process.php ] and replace with older file in [ includes ] folder and test again ..

wait you for result.

That worked – thanks for sorting so quickly

thanks , for you

you are welcome anytime here, or in support forum here :

Wonderful template!

I just have a question regarding the portfolio page. How can I add pagination to the 3 column portfolio? I just want to show three rows of graphics and paginate the other ones.

Thank you,

hi , thanks

to add pagination to any page in your site , please see this code

in the end code you will found start pagination code and end , you can use [ color ] class or [ black ] class and using pagination for any page you want.

Thank you for your quick response.

What I’m trying to accomplish is to have a portfolio of lets say 20 items but I want to show just 9 in the portfolio page and have a navigation bar on the bottom that will allow people to see the other items without creating another page or another portfolio. Can you help?


hi, first the theme is static html so pagination element not doing any thing with portfolio elements , just portfolio filter on page , it’s works by [ javascript ].

but you can use filter on the top portfolio page for work like pagination , just define 9 elements for any filter, so the filters you see [ All, Webdesign, Animation, Logo design ] , replace with [ page 1, page 2, ..... ]

so, pagination below not doing anything..

Hello, we are interested in your template and using Home Page Version 3.,

Question, can the Our Services section be expanded to 5 columns instead of the current 4? Thanks.

hello, yes sure can be 5 columns , after purchase i send to you update code for that , and here i make demo for you test that you want

changes not more for that , it’s some custom css codes enough..

thanks for interested in our template, wait you…

Awesome, love it.

One last question, will we need Dreamweaver of some other paid html editor to use this template? Are there any free editors you can suggest?

no, any editor you can use for that like, it’s free download it now if you want for using.

after purchase theme , open ticket here, and i will replay for you with update code

thanks, wait you…