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Hi, nice theme thanks.

Just I’ve edited the config for the contact form with my email address, and when I do contact it says the message is sent but i dont get an email?

I’ve even replaced the contact_form.php thing in includes with the one you provided to the guy having the same problem before?

hello, thanks

about contact form : - first you have site on windows server? if that you tell me you download the file which i send to another buyer here in previous comments, after all that nothing messages go to you mail

and are you rename any files in includes folder ?

i want to know the problem exact, wait you…

I’ve not renamed any files, and I’m hosting it on my Mac via Xampp until I add it publicly?

hi, are you test contact form in localhost server ? if that : php Mail function not working on localhost server, will work on online server not in your PC.

or you have online site which test contact from on it ? if that : the msgs should go to your define mail , if not go to mail this problem was because windows server, if because that : you can download this file from here : and copy [ contact-process.php ] and replace with older file in [ includes ] folder and test again ..

wait you .. if i don’t understand you want.

Id like to buy this theme. Is there are way to disable the mobile version so the site can be viewed in the original design/layout with phones and tablets? I would rather have people see the original layout.

hello , yes sure i can remove responsive style for you if you want that after purchase, please go here : and open ticket and i will send to you updates files for that


Hi, can you please tell me how to disable the small thumbnails and slideshow function in prettyphoto? I just want the popup window to show the one image and no other images.

hi, please do that :

1- go to [ js/custom.js ] and search about // jQuery Prettyphoto Lightbox

$(".gallery:first a[rel^='prettyPhoto']").prettyPhoto({animation_speed:'fast',theme:'pp_default',slideshow:4000, opacity: 0.50, deeplinking: false, autoplay_slideshow: false});


$(".gallery:first a[rel^='prettyPhoto']").prettyPhoto({animation_speed:'fast',theme:'pp_default',slideshow:4000, opacity: 0.50, deeplinking: false, overlay_gallery: false, autoplay_slideshow: false});

2- in any html file which have photo slideshow you found that :

<a href="images/img/blog/post-image-1.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[]"><img src="images/img/blog/post-image-1.jpg" />
            <span class="hover-effect big zoom" /></a>
<a href="images/img/blog/post-image-1.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[gallery1]"><img src="images/img/blog/post-image-1.jpg" />
            <span class="hover-effect big zoom" /></a>

you see that ( rel=”prettyPhoto[gallery1] ) and ( rel=”prettyPhoto[] ) make this for all that ( rel=”prettyPhoto” ) enough without [] .

after do that you can add title for any image in slideshow by do that :
<a href="images/img/blog/post-image-1.jpg" title="test title" rel="prettyPhoto"><img src="images/img/blog/post-image-1.jpg" />
            <span class="hover-effect big zoom" /></a>

if you can’t do that , please comeback i will explain more or send to you updates files example..

Thanks for the very quick reply – worked a treat. Great template by the way – I’ve downloaded quite a few from others and your is easily the best coding layout – very intuitive and logical.

thanks, welcome anytime here or

enjoy with Crevision Theme :)

Hello Joozer, Love this theme, it’s kind of an upgrade for the SS Team on ThemeForest. More scripts, more icons and more visual options. I really want this as a wordpress version.

Can you say when it is avaiable for purchase? I need it before the end of this month with al the options of this html version.

Love it, Mark

Hello, thanks for you

about WP version , we are working on it , it’s coming soon not more this month. wait us …

thanks again

If i already bought this theme as html could i get the wp version once you make it?

hello, thanks for purchase theme

about wp version from this theme is another item , not get it free because you purchase this html theme, so if you want to get wp version for this theme after publish you should purchase again for [ wp version ].

Hello! I have purchased this theme, but now i see you have updated it. Can I get it?

hello, you can download theme files again from download tab in your dashboard

note: any updates i do for the theme you can download it anytime and i make notice for any updates in theme page and comments

again you can see this topic also :

if you have any trouble for download theme again , open ticket here:

Just bought the theme last night, looking thorough the code. Clean, organized, well thought out! Great work! I cant wait to see your future sites if this is your first one here, just incredible!

very thanks for your great words about us, and we do the best to introduce more creative themes .

wait more themes from us soon..

thanks again.

I’m interested in getting this theme.. Can you disable the responsive version so I my visitors can see the original site with mobiles and ipads/tablets fully working?

hello , yes sure i can remove responsive style for you if you want that, after purchase, please go here : and open ticket and i will send to you updates files for that


Can you add buttons on the slider for users to click on?

yes , sure the theme have shortcodes page here :

you can find buttons element and you can use this buttons in any section in page also with slider caption.

Two more questions:

1) Does the slider caption extend as content is added or is it that small box?

2) Does the newsletter sign up in the footer completely functional?

Thank you, and you did a brilliant job on this theme!!

answers :

1 : yes slider caption is extend with content by height, so the height will increase with content , but if you want any updates to make width increase too, i can do that for you.

2 : newsletter sign up not work , enough contact form work [ ajax php form ] .

thanks, and welcome anytime..


I wanna know if there’s a chance to import my Blog into it. Thanks in advance.


hi, this is html theme not wordpress theme or blogger theme, if you want to purchase this theme and use this html files to edit your blogger okay, but theme now you can’t import it direct in blogspot.

What is the best way to change the font?

hi, you can change fonts by that :

1- open [ css/style.css ] .
2- search about [ @import url(“fonts.css”); /* Custom Fonts / ] , and delete or hidden it.
3- open [ css/base.css ] .
4- search about [ /
Main Fonts ] , you will found the using font, you can change it for what you want.

that’s enough.

Hi Jozoor. I just bought this teme and is great. Will you please advise on what is the best way to change the color skin?

hi, thanks for purchase theme.

about change color skin or another options from style switcher, please go here :

you will found every thing about what you want to define color skin or background body or layout style

if you can’t change what you want , please comeback here or, sure we will be with you all time .

how to change the color of the black bar at the top of the screen?

hi, do that :

1- open [ css/style.css ]
2- search about :
header {
    border-top:5px solid #585858; /* you can change border color here*/

350 sales! Banging start into TF, congrats!

:grin: sure found another items like us , not our enough, thanks

Awesome theme. Purchased and used. Very nicely built. Highly recommend!

Thank you, we strive to provide our best to make our customers happy to deal with us..

When I place the progress bars inside the tabs they no longer work in IE8 . If I take them out of the tabs..they progress bars work. How do I get the progress bars to work in IE8 when I place them inside the tabs?

hi, this because tabs javascript conflict with progress bars javascript, if you see other browsers , you will not see any animation for porgress bars enough you see color percentage , so can’t use progress bar in tabs

Hi, it very very nice job.

Did you think about wordpress version?

It will be really amazing.

Thanks :)

hi, WP version coming soon not more, wait us…

on the index page where the orange box that says purchase theme now is with the text to the left of it. I would like it to say advertise (which i did) and I would like a 468×60 banner to the left where the text is. What is the fastest way I can get this done?

hi, thanks for purchase theme

about what you want do that :

1- edit html code to that :
<div class="qoute">
<div class="eleven columns omega">
<img src="images/img/blog/post-image-2.jpg" class="ads" />
<div class="four columns alpha"><a href="#" class="link">advertise</a></div>
</div><!-- End qoute -->
2- open [ css/custom.css ] and add this code :
.ads {

/* Media Queries
============================================= */
@media only screen and (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 959px) {
.ads {
    max-width: 100%;
    height: auto; 

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
.ads {
    max-width: 100%;
    height: auto; 

@media only screen and (min-width: 480px) and (max-width: 767px) {
.ads {
    max-width: 100%;
    height: auto; 

@media only screen and (max-width: 479px) {
.ads {
    max-width: 100%;
    height: auto; 

note: any new classes you can add it in custom.css file ..