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Hi, Sorry if you already mentioned this, but how can I turn off the hover effect for Our Services in index_3.html? Thanks.

hi, how are you ?
are you talking about turn off hover animation ? if yes please do that :
1- open [ js/custom.js ] file . 2- search about :

change to
and save file, after that animation will stopped
thanks and happy new year…

Happy New Year :)

We congratulate the arrival of the new year, and we hope that you are well, and have achieved what you wish for in 2012, and achieve what you want in the new year, and we wish you have more progress in your business and your life …

also, We would like to thank all our customers for their trust in us, and we wish them luck always..

Jozoor Team

When I click the magnifying glass to zoom an image. After I close it it jumps back up to the top of the website.

Is it supposed to do this? I don’t think I have seen something like this.

When you close it i think it should stay at the same location you are.

hi, happy new year :)

about lightbox : are you see it in place and when you close you found it in top site ? are that ?
i don’t see that before, also can i see your online site link ?
wait you…

Hello. Very much enjoying your template. I am very new at this. I saw this response you gave to someone about the Flickr section:

hi, you can do that :

1- open [ js/twitter-flickr-options.js ] file . 2- search about : [ // flickr options ] you will found that : limit: 6 ( images number ) id: ‘59324889@N02’ ( account id )

you will this codes twice , first code for [ sidebar ] , second code for [ footer ]

I have opened the file, found the Flickr options and changed what is in the quotes for “id” to my screen name for Flickr. This does not appear to be working. That is all I should need to change to make it work, right?

hi, how you add this id [ beyondinfinitydesign ] this is no’t flickr id this is your username in flickr.

flickr id should be like that : 59324889@N02 , numbers maybe different , but should be like that.
so now you need to get your id , to get it , please go here : , and write your any username and click find to show your id , and i get your id for your username [ beyondinfinitydesign ] and id = 91792927@N07
so now you need to change id in file [ twitter-flickr-options.js ] to your id , like that : id: ‘91792927@N07’
after that should will be work fine..

you know, I thought about that, but I couldn’t find that number anywhere on my Flickr pages. Works great now. Thank you for your hard work on addressing this matter.

hi, never mind and i hope every thing is okay now , thanks..

Hi – great theme by the way. I was wondering why my drop down menu’s were not functioning correctly when uploaded onto my test domain? All menu items have a dro down option, but this is not showing. Any ideas?

hi, the problem because : you remove switcher from site and still include files for it , so you need to remove this code from all html files in your site so
search about this code in top files and delete it

<script src="js/jquery.cookie.js"></script>
and search about this code in top files and delete it
<script src="js/styleswitch.js"></script>
aslo i was make support post here :
to see how disable switcher box without any problems..

Massive thanks – all fixed! Thanks again.

thanks :) , and sure welcome anytime…


I can’t get the portfolio page to load completely. The bottom of the images get cut off.

Here is the link:

What am I doing wrong?


hi, please do that :
search in portfolio page about this code :

<div class="gallery" id="contain">
change to :
<div class="gallery">
i mean remove this id   [ id="contain"  ] from code.</div></pre></div>

Hello, before i purchase this template my question is: is there a chance to modify the slider to have it be FULL-WIDTH, so that my image spans from left browserside to the right while the template remaining responsive?

is this possible with the controls of the slider or will i have to do some coding?

thanks in advance, great theme though!

hi, to make slider full width : you need to do some coding , and i will tell you what you can update enough , you don’t make more things , just some css codes ..
so : after purchase , open ticket here :
and i will be with you for that…thanks

Great template thanks!

Thanks for you :)

Hi!, Great Template :)

I have a question, where do I set the gallery images for PrettyPhoto?

for example: ...rel=”prettyPhoto[gallery1]”... where is [gallery1]?


hi, yes this method to group items in the same file , if you want to let all items in each files open with us without this options just use code like that :
in this statue you don’t need to add any group name , all items open with us..

Oh, Sorry my delay in replying. Now I understand :)

Thank you very much for the help!


thanks for you :)

Gave this 5 stars, brilliant to work with – easy to expand on! thumbsup

:) Very Thanks , dagthomas

Thank you for your awesome template… but How newsletter works, how can i configure mi mail adress, thank you. Greetings from Spain.

hi, this is static html template , so newsletter form , doesn’t work you need to use this service from site , like OR , and after register in this site , you will get form code , after that you can use theme style form with your code which you will get it from this sites..

thanks for your reply…

thanks for you..

Hello , just purchased this and it looks amazing there are just some bugs with the jquery library I think . It is possible to upgrade it to the latest version 1.9 ? Because the 1.7 Version have a lots of bugs eg. in the tabcontrol…(When your pressing 20x a TabButton the TabContainer will disappear)

I have solved the Problem with coding my own TabControl , anyways thanks …

good and thanks for you…

Jozoor, you can create a routine in ajax to send the email newsletter, calling the file Newsletter.asp? The asp file myself would create.

hi, no subscribe form not work , it’s just static html code , also you can see this support post here :

Hi! I’m using 2 1/2 columns, in the left I have put an image, and on the right column text. Can you please tell me how to get the text on the right to align in the verticle center? I need to do this as the image is much taller than the text, however have been unsuccessful so far. Thank you in advance!

Jonzoor, please see what I mean in this image:

On the left is what I currently get, on the right is what I want to achieve – notice the text beside the hand is centered vertically on the right. I don’t want to simply put in a load of br’s as this will leave a big gap on mobile devices.

hi, are you add this text in div or in what …? because what you talking now , need margin or position css codes , so i need to see your online site link , to test some codes for active section …you can send link to me from my profile….. or you can send to me the code you use exact in this section …wait you.

Hello Jozoor. On page blog.html used its pagination system but the previous and next buttons do not work because some script in the template is blocking them. You can check this issue at: I would like your help, because I think the classes next and prev are being used by some javascript. Thanks.

hi, are you using theme v 1.0 …?
whatever , you can see this support post here :
also your site have error on it [ Server Error in Application “PABLOLEON.COM.BR” ] , check it…

Excuse me Jozoor, my site address is

okay , are you see support post :
i was write solution for that before.. also i was solve this issue in verion 2.0 from theme… and i see you use v1.0 , so this issue appear with you , whatever i tell you just see support post to know how solve it.

I followed the guidelines of the forum and the problem was solved. Thanks …

:) thanks for you .. i hope every thing is okay with you now.. have a nice day.

Is there a tutorial to upgrade to version 1.0 to 2.0?

hi, i think because you using html in your ASP script in your site , so it will be not good for you to update, because i make more things for v1.2 in theme , so it’s up to you for that , you can see Theme Updates here from theme preview :

Jozoor, updated my template to version 2.0 boxed and apparently everything is working. Only one page is showing an unexpected result. . Scroll to the selection of colors that you will find that when you click on the selected color nothing happens.

In the previous version of the template it worked perfectly as can be seen in the address

Apparently the problem has been caused by javascript uniform.js, put him to withdraw the menu stops working.

If you can help me thank.

hi, when see two sites , color boxs works fine when click on it … are you solve your problem ..?

How can i change the character set to utf-8 in the contact form, ñ and ´ doesn’t appear properly in the mail i get from the contact form, thanks and sorry for my bad english.

hi, i make some updates for you in contact file , so please do that :
1- download this file from here :
2- extract zip file , you will found [ contact-process.php ] file
3- copy it and past & replace it in [ inc ] folder.

test your messages again , wait you…


I’m a bit of a newb, but this won’t install for me.

Error message after I try to upload the “” file is

“Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.”

WP version is 3.5.1

Any help?

hi, the problem because you download [ HTML ] version from theme , not wordpress , because file name is [ ] , if you will see this html template , not wordpress version… and your comment now in html theme preview , wordpress version here :