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hi, what do you want…?

Hello! I’m still a novice in this case,but taking doubts whether to buy this template with such problems?Thank you!

hi, what about you talking ..!!! ? and this html version not wordpress version , also are you talking about crevision theme ..? and the link you give me talking about plugins …so tell me what you need…thanks

Great theme, lovely to work with.

Can you tell me how to get a Vimeo video in the popup lightbox, just like the YouTube version?

hi, you can add vimeo video url in lightbox like that : 

Thanks for your help, it now works.

For the record, the reason my video wasn’t working was because I used ‘https:’

thanks for you…

Hello ,

I have a problem I am trying to add tag to the tabcontrol like this so it will redirect the user to a new page (no tytabs ) : <li id="tab1"><a href="Login.html">Login</a></li> The problem is if I try this and hover my mouse to the tab it the text it disappearing and you can only see a blue tab without tabs . Could you tell me how I can edit the CSS so its working with these tags .

Thank you in advance .

hi, okay please do that :
1- open [ css/custom.css ] file.
2- add this code :

.form-elements2 input[type="password"] {
border:1px solid #e4e4e3;

.form-elements2 input[type="password"] {

3- save file.

Thank you . It works :) .

thanks for you..

Hello Jozzor and thanks for your great theme. Is there anyway to have 2 style for to top element and put them inside style changer like colors or patterns?

If yes I want show me in an example page.


hi, thanks for you
about TO Top icon : you can enough use one style and you can change this icon easy , just after purchase i can tell you what you should to do for that… but whatever just one icon for using..

thanks again for interested in theme.

Hi Jozoor I have installed the theme but when I add a new page, there is no panel for selecting the template – i.e. the Page Attributes panel does not appear. I can see where it SHOULD appear from your tutorial video – it’s just not there. Everything else seems OK.

UPDATE: don’t worry I found the setting to turn on view Page Attributes in “Screen Options” :-)

hi, here comments for [ Crevision – Responsive HTML Template ] , so if you use wordpress version , you can go here : or go to support forum here :

thanks for you.

Thanks for this outstanding theme Jozoor!

Thanks for you…

Hi, I love this template and want to purchase it. However, I have a few questions:

1. Do you have a Twitter Bootstrap version of this template?
2. There are a lot of mistakes with the mark up and style sheets. For example, the JS is declared in the <head>. It’s generally better to put that right before the . Any plans to fix these?
3. The pages are scoring really low in Google PageSpeed and Yahoo YSlow (see: for example). A lot of the problems can be addressed by the purchaser (e.g. server issues). However, there are a lot of things that the seller should be fixing. Any plans to fix these?

hi, i know what i do in my work , but when i replay for you about what i should do for JS , you comeback again to site [ ] ..

so are you see this words in section [ Put Scripts at the Bottom ]
In some situations it's not easy to move scripts to the bottom. If, for example, the script uses document.write to insert part of the page's content, it can't be moved lower in the page. There might also be scoping issues. In many cases, there are ways to workaround these situations.

finally , i tell you before i see theme work fine and fast and never clients talking about slow loading when using theme.

so thanks for your feedback to make theme is super faster .

GTMetrix will show you where else you might have problems. And yes, it’s not always easy to move scripts to the bottom, but in your theme’s case, you can. And you should. And it’s not an excuse that your clients aren’t complaining. Maybe they don’t know how to properly test a site’s speed. Maybe they don’t know how to use Page Speed or YSlow.
I am suggesting to you to use GTMetrix to see how you can improve your theme. If you think it doesn’t need improvement (meaning, you somehow know better than the Google and Yahoo tools), then ignore my suggestions.

hi, are all [ 1143 ] clients , can’t know how test speed site ..!!!! ?

and what you talking i don’t mind if our theme become very super fast , but don’t tell me theme is slow ..!!!!.

and really i take all your words and suggestions for this point and really i know it before , but some JS scripts , when you use it in bottom really doesn’t work , and when i put it in top doesn’t affect more about loading speed .

whatever about our talking , i like your discussion :) and finally you can purchase theme :) , and cut JS files from <head> and add it in the bottom , this is HTML theme , so you can change what you want.. as you like.

Hi, great theme! I have some questions.

- Can i select which tabs is active via code? For example, sometimes i want to show the second tab, another time the third, etc etc.

- Can i delete the transiction changing tab?

Thank you :)

hi, how are you..

1: yes by create new id for general div tab like that :
and change the number which will opened first from js code , not html … okay ? by that in [ custom.js ] file :
  tabinit:"2", // here you can change number to what you want

2: no you can’t delete that.


I would like to know is a subscribe form work or I have to work on PHP?


hi, no : subscribe form just html code , but if you need to make it work , you need to signup in :

after you signup in any site , you will get subscribe form code , so just you need to use theme form style in it.

Hi Jozoor… Can you show me how/where to include bcc in the form. :)

hi, are you make it worked like that :

Hi Jozoor… No the above was just so that I could explain the concept of what I was hoping to achieve to you. The link to the script you used didn’t help. I had to make modifications to contact-process.php and config.php. :)

okay , i hope you can make it to work as you like , and really if i found solution for that ,sure i will replay for you here. thanks

I have the contact form on the contact page that is working well. I would like to know how to send the submission email with a form name . I have added two other forms and they dont seem to work with the same code? How do I get more then one form working? Thank you

hi, i replied for you , check your email…

sorry I didn’t receive your reply

hi, i replay again for you now ..come to you .? and also can you check your spam messages .

because new twitter api 1.1 , we make this small update for ( latest tweets ) section in theme , so please see this support post in section [ updated for HTML Version ] :
to know how to do this update for your site .
Thanks for all .. Jozoor Team

Hi Jozoor,

WHERE can I change the text “Your message was send succesfully So when somebody send the emailform that message shows up.

I want to change that in dutch language. Thnax in advance for reply.))

hi, please do that :
1- open [ contact.html ] file.
2- search about this text

Your message has been sent. Thank you!
3- change it to what you want .

Great! Thanx….. :-))

:) thanks for you.


I bought the theme crevision I can not receive emails from the contact form. I am in php 5.

Thank you for your help.


hi, are every thing work fine in your contact page ..? i mean are when you fill fields and success message appear to you , but message doesn’t come to you …?
also can i see your online site link ..? wait you..

No, when I fill the fields I have no message …

hi, first can we still on this comment section ..? please don’t create more comments section :) , and i will check what happened now and comeback to you , wait me…

hi, the problem because in in the top of contact page code , you change this code :
to this code :

why you do that …? whatever this is the problem so please back to the default code and contact page will work fine with you…thanks

as it is already in the javascript code : $(’#note’).php(result); and it does not work

hi, please i tell you you changed it to this code :
so this is not the default code with theme ..
so the correct default code is that :
you understand me …? also please i tell you before to still in one comment section , why you create more comments by your replay …!!!!! ? thanks

how do you want me to contact from the comments?

hi, are you talking about message content when come to your email …?
if yes please do that :
1- download this file from here :
2- extract zip file, you will found [ contact-process ] file, copy it and past & replace it in [ includes ] folder .

after that message content will appear fine.

ok, thank you, how parameter sending the newsletter in the footer?

The style switcher is not sliding out using IE but works fine on Chrome.

Any ideas?

hi, okay please do that :
1- download this file from here :
2- extract zip file, you will found [ styleswitch.js ] file , copy it and past & replace it in [ js ] folder.

after that will work fine on IE.

Many thanks. Now working

thanks for you…

Hello ,

Could you tell me please how I can fix this ? :

I want on firefox that it will have some space between the textbox and the label . Is that possible ?


hi, please i need to see this page link , to see what you change or do exact …? wait you..