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Cricfantasy Sports Mobile App UI Sketch Kit

Cricfantasy Sports Mobile App UI Sketch Kit

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CricFantasy – Mobile App UI Kit for Sketch App

Cricfantasy Mobile APP UI kit Sketch App dedicated for : 
1. Cricket Fantasy game
2. Basketball Fantasy
3. Soccer Fantasy
4. Rugby Fantasy
5. Baseball Fantasy
and Much more

List of Files: Cricfantasy-mobile APP UI kit.sketch (including 34 App screens)


34 Premium screens in iPhone X resolution (375*812px) iOS and Android

  • Compatible 100% customizable UI elements
  • Fully Vector Layers
  • Responsive Layer Structure Sketch 53.0+ compatible

UI Kit has following screens.

1.1 Splash
1.2 Signup-using-email
1.3 Signup-Verify OTP
1.4 Login
1.5 Home
1.6 My Matches
1.7 More
1.8 Wallet
1.9 Add Money
1.10 Add Money Payment
1.11 Saved Cards 1.12 Left Menu
1.13 profile
1.14 Contest
1.15 Sorting
1.16 Filters
1.17 Team Selection   step 1
1.18 Team Selection   step 2
1.19 Team Selection   step 3
1.20 Team Selection   step 4
1.21 Captain VC Selection
1.22 My Teams
1.23 My Team Preview
1.24 Player Profile
1.25 Contest Joining Confirmation
1.26 Leaderboard
1.27 Notification
1.28 Chats
1.29 Chat one to one
1.30 Feedback
1.31 Invite Friends
1.32 Faq’s 1.33 Faq’s details
1.34 Transaction history

How to use sketch file 
You just need to download some appropriate images from the image bank or given below links (eg. www.shutterstock.com or www.pexels.com ). Just place the images into a sketch file. You can also edit any text, Navigation Menu, color or any font file by double click and change the same. Make sure your image sizes are as per the mentioned sizes in the sketch file. and don’t forget to install the given font in the main file. You can also download the trial version of the sketch from here. https://www.sketchapp.com/

You can edit any text, colors or any component by double click and change the same Add or Replace Images: Select the Group Layer of a section of the Template, then double click on the single layer were you can put a image; now on the right you can see a menu with a lot of options of customization, just click “choose image” and..

Customization & Installation
You need to download the sketch version from www.sketchapp.com but its a paid software. After installation sketch software, you need to install the font given in this item. I have mentioned the placeholder with the size of the image used in the UI kit. You need to put the images as per the given or mentioned sizes in the artboard. You need use the images as per the mentioned placeholder. Refer to the help file attached

Sketch App version
Version 66.1

Font Used
You need to install fonts below before editing the sketch files (you can find them inside the zip file) Gilroy Font

Graphic Used
Many thanks for these great images to:  https://www.flaticon.com/home   https://www.freepik.com   https://www.pexels.com

Note: All images are just used for Preview Purpose Only. They are not part of the website template and NOT included in the final purchase files. I have mentioned the placeholder with the size of the image used in the UI kit. You need to put the images as per the given or mentioned sizes in the artboard