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Awesome idea and superb template… Good luck!

ha – that’s a great idea!

Wish you many sales!

Thanks, guys!

Another good one! :)

Thanks again! I appreciate it.

Good job! … Good luck with sales!


Very creative and unique, good luck with sales ;)


Hi, can i use the page as .html for use as errordoc page? Or i need to transform it from .php?


Yes, you can use it as html.
It’s only as php now, because of newsletter form.

I am having a problem with opennewsletter, sent you a message about it

still waiting for some news about the problem

I replied to your email yesterday.

And sent you back an email to have a look at the problem, sending back a new email then, thanks

File received and uploaded, working perfect, thanks, great job, 5 star given

Nice job! What a great template, love it.

Thank you!
I’m very happy that you like it! :)


Everything works except for the progress and progress_bar classes. These aren’t defined in the css that I downloaded with this theme. The images are on the server but there’s no class defined.

Can you advise? Great template BTW

They’re not classes, they’re ID’s and they’re defined in the CSS .
So maybe that’s the problem?

I misspoke. Either way, I can’t find where the progress and progress bar are defined, so I can’t update the paths like I did the other images. Here’s my site:

Everything is there except progress bar

Try to check jsProgressBarHandler.js file in line 46 and 47.

Thanks for your time on this BTW . My line 46-47 is the IE deprecation tag (whatever it’s called). However on 142-156 there’s this

We are this close to solving the case:


OK, once again. Open jsProgressBarHandler.js file and somewhere at the begining (in my case it starts from line 41) there are “Default Options” and there you will find paths to progress bar images.