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Nice work. Is there any chance for a full working (shopping card, login, ...) version in wordpress or another cms? I would buy it directly.

Kind reagards

Hello Massix, we have a full blown Magento version of this theme, check it out:

Vielen Dank!

Can we have a live preview please

Looks good but a live preview would be very welcome.

Hello there, we don’t provide previews of our HTML -only themes; however, you can see a live demo of our Magento version of this HTML theme here:

Thank you.

Here you go tamarisk: Thanks for your feedback!

Looks awesome, good luck with sales!

PS: check the drop-down menu, you have a small bug in it (drop-downs won’t disappear after a few hovers)

Aha, we’ll look into that. Thank you very much for pointing that out.

Thank you for your continued support of this theme!

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Thank you!

Hi there I just love this theme. I have looked at the Magento live demo which is great. However I’m unable to run Magento (or more to the point pdo_mysql) on my current host server. There isn’t enough memory and they don’t run pdo and won’t upgrade. I don’t want to change my host at this stage.

What ecommerce software runs this version? Does it have the full features of Magento such as log-in, shopping cart, checkout etc or is just a theme based download?

Regards Kara

Hi Barkaparka,

We currently are running this on Magento community addition 1.4.


Thanks goThemeTeam for replying so very promptly. Very impressed. Disappointing though that I won’t be able to use this theme without being able to use Magento. Will have to use some other ecommerce software and reconfig it myself. EEEK !!!!

Thanks anyway Kara

On the Contact Us page, I am using HTML . Can you point me to the right direction to add an e-mail account to where the Submit Button will forward to? Not sure if I am missing something here in the coding or where I need to put our e-mail address at so the button will work correctly.


hi ed8816,

What are you using to submit the form itself? do you have a custom submit function that is firing the email off?


Hey Team! Thanks for the reply. Just checking to see it would work with a simple mailto: reference? If not, i will need to come up with a different code in .php. Do you guys have any examples? Thanks guys!

I’d like a version in wp to go with my crisp and clean magento. Do you think this will happen?

Hi webdork,

currently we don’t have any plans on adding a crispand clean wp version, but we will for sure discuss it and let you know if we decide to do one.