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Does the Magento Free version manage the demo site?

Yes, exactly. It’s designed for Magento Community Edition (free version).

Does this work with PayPal through Magento.

Yes, it works with PayPal and any other payment gateways supported in Magento.

Is the Magento and theme hard to install and manage / add products ?

The Magento theme is a bit more time consuming to install than a WP theme but if you follow our instructions it’s pretty straight forward. And of course we’re here to help if you need it. Adding categories, attribute sets, attributes and products are pretty easy with Magento. Credit card stuff is very easy to setup in Magento as you’re simply required to enter your payment gateway credentials.

I don’t see the nav bar. How do I get this to show up?

Please make sure your categories are listed under Default/Root category. That’s a common thing to happen and it’ll cause your categories to not show up in navigation.

I created the categories under root and its still not showing up.

That may happen in case the Default/Root category isn’t specified for your Store (Admin / System / Manage Stores). You can also try to clear the Magento cache.

The products are not showing up.

  • Visible in Catalog and Enabled
  • Has a stock Quantity and is In Stock
  • Assigned to a category

Is there a certain way I have to add products and categories on magento?

Here is a good documentation on how to set up categories and products.

Is there a limit to how many additional thumb images you can place underneath the main image on product pages?

There is no limit on how many additional thumbs you can place underneath the main image. The theme will automatically create new rows if necessary.

When text is copied and pasted in the description section of adding a new product, on the main site it shows html coding,how can this be avoided?

It may happen if you’re pasting the code in the WYSIWYG mode. Try to turn it off (“Show / Hide Editor” button) and paste the code again, it should work.

I am pasting the homepage sample content to the CMS /Page/Home page section under Content and all I see on the homepage is HTML.

It may happen if you’re pasting the code in the WYSIWYG mode. Try to turn it off (“Show / Hide Editor” button) and paste the code again, it should work.

I can not find / activate the About us, Service and Contact page. Where are they and / or how can I activate them?

Please go to Magento Admin / CMS / Pages, it’s there by default. The Contacts page isn’t part of any CMS page, so you can’t change it via Magento admin.

The reviews also do not seem to function, is there anything I can do about this?

This is a default Magento functionality. Please make sure you’ve added a review, and then approved it in Magento admin. If it doesn’t help, try to clear the Magento cache. If it also doesn’t help, please make sure you didn’t change anything in the Base/Default Magento packages; reinstall these packages if necessary.

How can I get the background for the menu bar and background for the 50% off select items with newsletter signup to display a similar green color as sub menu headings?

You can easily customize the background for these elements by changing just a few CSS rules.

Does this theme offer “Email To a Friend” and ” We Also Recommend” static blocks?

Yes, Crisp and Clean supports both “Email to a Friend” and “We Also Recommend” / “Up-sells” blocks. Here is an example:

You can enable “Email to a Friend” option in Magento admin: System / Configuration / Catalog / Email to a Friend. And products for “We Also Recommend” block can be defined here: Catalog / Manage Products / Product / Product Information / Up-sells.

Does the home page slider images hyperlink and is the js slider controlled via xml and is this setup in the admin panel?

Yes, if you’re referring to the Featured Products / Summer Sale sliders. The homepage content is controlled via Magento CMS and doesn’t use XML . Though you can use XML if you want, and/or Magento Widgets.

Does the theme have good browser compatibility with internet explorer 6.0 +?

This theme does have good browser support with all modern browsers versions, i.e. Internet Explorer 7.0+.

Will the home page interactivity(the main flash/sliders) be controlled in the admin under static blocks?

You can control the homepage interactivity via Magento CMS Editor (Admin / CMS / Pages). As to Magento Static Blocks (Admin / CMS / Static Blocks), you’ll be able to customize the following blocks:
  • Footer Links
  • Footer Promotion
  • Social Links
  • Checkout Progress Security

Does the big homepage slider hyperlink to a landing page?

Yes it does. Please check the demo site.

How do you add the menu items and the amazon style submenus.

This is a standard process. Crisp and Clean simply provides better formatting and presentation for store categories. Please check the official tutorial: Creating and Managing Categories. Or follow steps below. Here is a screenshot of the categories we have on the demo site:

  • 1. Create and set ‘Styles’ and set it as a an ‘anchor’ category on the display settings tab
  • 2. Create there sub categories below ‘Styles’ called ‘Classic’, ‘Contemporary’ & ‘Outdoor Furniture’.
  • 3. Set these three new categories to ‘No’ for an anchor category on the ‘display settings’ tab. when you set a category to “Yes” for “Is Anchor”, it turns on the layered navigation. So it really depends on particular store configuration and whether it needs layered navigation or not. We’ve enabled it for all categories for demo purposes.
  • Then repeat as desired for your own categories remembering to clear caches if you have them set.

Can you provide a link to show fully how related and cross-sell items appear and also add some upsell items so that I can see how they’re formatted in the cart by default?

Here is an example: You’ll see all three types of blocks on this page:
  • Related Products
  • Up-Sells (“You may also be interested…”)
  • Cross-Sells (Once this product is added to the shopping cart)

How can i change the color of the two navy blue horizontal lines to a different color?

Open: /skin/frontend/default/crispandclean/css/color.css And alter the following rules:
  • .theme
  • #nav > ul > li > a
  • #nav > ul > li Find: #00597D Set any color you like.

What is your recommendation for making CSS modifications. My main concern is having to redo my CSS styles every time you upgrade/update your theme. Also, should I be having any issues opening typo.css? It keeps making Dreamweaver quit on me…

You can create a separate file for your modifications, say custom.css. And make sure it’s loaded after Crisp and Clean css files. This way, your changes are preserved when we update the theme.

When text is copied and pasted in the description section of adding a new product, on the main site it shows html coding,how can this be avoided?

That could happen if you used the WYSIWYG editor. Please try to turn it off (“Show / Hide Editor” button) and add content one more time.

Where the Favicon is located?


How can I get the “outdoor furniture” banner to show in the catalog pages?

Magento Admin / Catalog / Manage Categories / Your Category / General Information / Image

Can the user sort by Grid/List or List/Grid view option in the catalog pages?

This theme supports both Grid & List modes, though it’s optimized for Grid mode. If you want to change that please go to Magento Admin / System / Configuration / Catalog / Frontent / List Mode.

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