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Hi, Where can I add the Google Analytics code in your template? Thank you.

Hi, use a simple plugin for this task, something like https://wordpress.org/plugins/google-analytics-for-wordpress/

Thank you for the quick answer. Will try that!

My pleasure, hope it helps.

Hi, I’m having trouble targeting the menu icon (three horizontal lines) as custom CSS. I just want to change the color, but can’t find the needed code in firebug. Can you advise? Thanks, J

Alright, I suggest you put the slider shortcode inside a container which you can style at 80% – the slider will take the width of the container.

Hmm, can you write a code example? I tried a couple of methods but it doesn’t behave very well.

Sure, all you need to do is limit the width of a container:

<div style="width:80%;margin:0 auto">

Hope this helps and contact me via the Support tab if you have any other questions.

Great theme and I appreciate the support!

When a product is added to the cart, a nice View Cart notice pops up at the top of the page. I really like this functionality and style but my client really wants this notice to load at the bottom, below the product. How do I do that? Do you know which Woocommerce file I need to edit or would you know of a function to add to the main functions.php file that would do the trick?


Hi, thank you for the appreciation. I’m not sure how you can achieve your notice task, but the best thing to do is to contact the plugin authors because they have the best overview of their product and can probably help you faster then anyone: https://support.woothemes.com/hc/en-us Hope this helps.

Edit: You also have the option of turning on AJAX so that an item is added dynamically without page reload – make sure you check the plugin options for details.

I know this is a stupid question. The cross logo at the top can it be replaced like those crosses wont be there when we replace the logo cause we have a text logo as well.

Hi, you can completely replace the entire logo with your own one, sure (with no cross lines).

I like this theme as I do all the others you have created this will be my second theme we purchased you have designed.

I have 1 last question before I buy. In the portfolio filter is it possible to remove the show “All” filter selection and have it be just categories.

For example in Cross the filter would start on “Creative” instead of “All” and it will show only those items in “Creative”. Is this possible to not filter all items together but just by individual Categories.and have the portfolio default to a Category in the portfolio in stead of “All” ?

Thank you for your interest in my themes, I really appreciate it. You can remove the ‘All’ filter link and display only the categories – but the initial state of the filtering must have all the elements displayed. If you’re looking for more options for the filtering layout you should know there are commercial plugins on CodeCanyon with more powerful features – the theme has a simple solution that works in most cases, but can’t cover every aspect of every project.

Hope this helps and contact me via the Support tab if you decide on this theme – I’ll offer my suggestions and do my best to help out.

Hello Livui took a while we finally bought the theme tho. I have one question before we install.

Going to email you.

Hi, alright I replied to your email – please use only one method of communication for a faster reply. Thank you.

I just uploaded the them everything was easy and went smooth.

But each page I enter this this keeps happening where it crosses out the titles and I dont know how to fix it to get it back to default, or like it is in your demo.

I like cross an all but I dont want it “crossing out” my titles lol.

Hi, you probably used the Visual Editor to edit the titles and remove the span elements from the titles. Use the Text Editor and add a span like this:

<h2 class="section-title"><span>Title</span></h2>

Hope this helps and please do use the Support tab or my profile contact form for further support concerns/questions. Thank you.

Is it possible to embed Typekit fonts into your theme? Will that require much customization? It’s not a problem if it does, I’m familiar with wordpress backend, and my client would like Typekit fonts on the theme, I’m just asking is it a big hassle or not? :) Thanks!

Hi, there is no built-in function to embed TypeKit font and you are probably better off using a specialized plugin for this (there are plenty out there). hope this helps.

Thanks for the answer, we found the plugin in the end, and it works so it’s all good :)

Hi – great design – although it is a little too complex for my needs. Is it possible to remove ‘Our Services’ ‘Latest Projects’ ‘Call to Action Box’ and ‘Our Team’ from the home page? Thank you.

Another 2 questions if you don’t mind:

1) Can I extend an empty page (if I choose to keep it empty) or can I delete the line that comes across the bottom of the page? (That’s like 2 questions in one. And 2) Can I add an image that covers all the page – as in a background image?

Regards, peter

Sure Peter, I don’t mind. There are no options to extent the page or add a background image, but you could use the Custom CSS field for such tasks (you’ll need basic CSS skills or hire a professional to do it for you). You can target the #footer element to hide it and use html element to add a background image. If you have further questions or concerns please use the Support tab and I’ll continue support via email. Thank you.

Ok. Thanks again for your prompt reply.

Beautiful theme!! - Just what we need for our new client

Quick question, is there a backend option that allows you to make horisontal menu instead of burger, or do we need to code that ourselves?

Looking forward to hear from you

All i need is the product gallery in my project template

All i need is the product gallery in my project template

Hi Nikolaj, this features is something you’ll need to adapt yourself as well – just browse thought the woocommerce template folder (especially single-product folder) to see how the product post page was built (HTML wise). For any other concerns please use the Support tab of this item and I’ll reply via email. Thanks.

I’ve bought this template and was just wondering if there is a way to add pagination or ‘load more’ to the projects section. Because I’m putting about 200 projects in. Thanks!

Hi, thank you for your purchase – unfortunately there is no such feature available. I suggest you hire a web developer to help you with this customization task (maybe create a page template that displays paginated project posts in a child theme).

In the ThemeOptions>StyleOptions>Fonts (From Default) set to Override why does the Header 1 Typography have line behind the font alike a strike-through

Is there some CSS that can fix that or is there some shortcode I’m not using correctly? (I don’t think that could be the issue as I imported shortcode from a page templated created by your theme)

Thanks! (one of my top fav themes around here: light weight yet a superb way to display information)

Hi, please send me a message via my profile’s contact form, attach a screenshot with the problem (upload it on a website like imgur.com) and I’ll do my best to help out via email.

The latest update seems to have broken the woocommerce column layout setting for display. Also getting a ‘your woocommerce templates are out of date message’

Hi, make sure you update the theme and WordPress framework to their latest versions and everything should be fine. The preview runs on the latest versions and there is no problem as you can see the live example. If you have other concerns or questions please drop me a message via my profile’s contact form and I’ll continue support via email. Thank you.

Reverted back to Twenty Sixteen and there are no problems with

  • display of items. Seems to be randomly adding class ‘first’ ‘last’ in random order. Also system status page states that cross/woocommerce/content-product.php version 2.4.0 is out of date. The core version is 2.6.1, cross/woocommerce/content-product_cat.php version 2.4.0 is out of date. The core version is 2.6.1, cross/woocommerce/single-product/add-to-cart/variable.php version 2.4.0 is out of date. The core version is 2.5.0. Changed back to current released version of Cross and it breaks again.
  • Use the 1.5.4 theme update with the latest 2.6.1 WooCommerce plugin with no problem. If you have further issues please drop me a message containing admin login credentials, url, I’ll take a look and voting support via email. Thank you.


    I was wondering if the homepage like the Cross HTML theme has (menu in the middle) is also a feature of the Wordpress version?

    Thank you,


    Hi Marcel, thank you for your interest – unfortunately the WP theme doesn’t have that feature, I’m sorry (it was more of an experiment in HTML that didn’t transition to WordPress). Hope this helps.

    Hello, I bought the theme and want to implement the centered menu myself into the wordpress version. Is it possible to have the files that were used for the dropdown menu in the HTML version?

    Hi, thank you for your purchase – please get in touch with me via the Support tab or via my profile’s contact form and I’ll continue support via email.