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Solid grid structure goes well with the type. Good luck!

Thank you, I appreciate your comment.

Is it possible to have a more conventional menu at the top?

Hi, the current menu + AJAX search makes the theme unique and separates it from the rest of the available themes here on the market. I would love to see your idea of conventional menu and how would you see it integrated in this theme – drop me a message via my profile’s contact form and we’ll continue via email. Thank you.

Finally, the theme I’ve been waiting for. Still using the Mini though, but definitely add this to favorite. GLWS!

Yes, it’s finally released and it has some sweet features that I hope are unique to the market. I appreciated your input as a client of the Mini theme, so if you have any ideas/suggestions/comments on this one I’d love to hear them. Thanks for your comment.

Fell in love instantly with the quick menu and the search feature in the header. I must say, stunning work and attention to details… a unique piece. Hope to see more features, but right now I’m really happy with my purchase. Cheers man!

Hi, thank you for your purchase and appreciation. I decided to break the pattern of a traditional menu and go with an AJAX based quick search that I’m sure will be very useful to many, including yourself.

Can I have your input on what you expect for future updates, in terms of additional features? I’d love your feedback and ideas – get in touch with me via my profile’s contact form. Thank you.

Looks great, wish you the best with sales.
Kind Regards,

Thanks Bedros.

Really like it. Only drawback in my optics is that the “menu bar” disappears when scrolling. And I can’t figure out if “Journal” is just another word for Blog? I mean, when making a Journal post with image, is that as a normal blog post? Best regards Rene

Thank you for your comment. The theme can improve based on suggestions like yours and a fixed menu option is definitely something I’ll consider for future versions. The Journal stands for a regular Blog and a Journal post with a featured image is a normal blog post, yes. All the best Rene, thanks for stopping by.

Refreshing to finally see a theme that ISN’T a one page vertical scroller with parallax. Need more of these.

Good job!

Thank you for your appreciation and nice comment.


Love it, Very clean!

One issue is keeping me from purchasing it. I need a thumbnail image for posts. I’m a painter/artist and images are important. They don’t have to be large, and no excerpt is needed, but an image is a must. Any way you could make this possible?

Thanks for your consideration.

Just pushed an update that has the option of displaying the featured image of the blog posts. Here’s a quick preview of the new feature:

awesome. Thanks for the update. I’ll check back later today, tomorrow to see if it’s available.

Thanks, but the live preview will remain the same. I like it too much this way (and that’s why I attached a preview of the feature) – I simply created an option to show featured images for users that prefer to show them. The current icons for each post get replaced by the featured images, if available. Hope this helps.

A theme of beauty – especially the minimal blog. Quick pre-purchase questions

1) Can the slider (or featured image) be added to top of pages (e.g. Blog, About, People etc).

2) Is there an option to add a footer – especially below the blog.

3) What is the maximum width of the logo (mine is long, if you include the tagline – ‘Top Supermarket Deals on Top Champagnes’)

Finally, is there any impact on SEO with the way the blog works (posts appear on the blog page – not as separate post pages)? SEO is key for me


Thank you for your interest. The slider can be added to any content area (the homepage is a regular page set as front page), under the page title (basically what you see in the demo preview). There is no impact on SEO, since the AJAX blog posts link to proper posts when JavaScript is disabled or search crawlers index the site. Just right-click any post link and open it in a new tab to see it for yourself. The layout is responsive, not fixed sized, so the logo will automatically be resized if it doesn’t fit the width (you can always use 2 or more lines for the logo text). Hope this helps.

Purchased! Thanks!

Thank you for the purchase. I see you edited the message, let me answer your additional concern. The footer area contains the copyright text and the social icons (that’s pretty much it and I like it this way). If you have other suggestions don’t hesitate to send them via my profile’s contact form. Thank you.

Superb theme. Looks great and added to favorites.

I can´t see any sidebars and there is no preview for a page element.

Well, I need sidebars… So I hope they exist ;)

Thank you, the theme contains a sidebar area for the blog template, sidebar template and shop page. You can set it on the left or right side, it’s all up to you. Of course, you can create unlimited sidebars (different sidebar widgets per page) with the help of a little plugin recommended with the theme. Here is a quick example, if you like to see it live: http://cerchez.com/cross/sidebar-page/

Hi, thank you for the sidebar demo. Looks very cool. One other thing… What about the readmore tag in the blog section. Can it be used to link to single post page and can you integrate a demo to look for it?

I think, here on themeforest is a theme, that has a great readmore tag, that woul look great for your blog…

Take a look at Pilcrow (http://themeforest.net/item/pilcrow-ajax-powered-wordpress-blog-theme/full_screen_preview/5085104)

Hi, thank you for your comment and suggestion. The blog is already based on that exact loading technique – once you click on the blog title, the post loads via AJAX and the content is displayed without any page reload. I think this a natural and usable way of displaying posts. If you have any other suggestions get in touch with me via my profile’s contact form and we’ll continue via email. Thank you.

Hi, We are a production company and we would love to showcase our videos and service using you clean template. Is it possible to show videos on it? Or it is just for pictures?

Many thanks LowkeyProductions

Hi, thank you for your interest. The WordPress framework supports any multimedia file, so the theme can showcase any images, videos or audios in any content area. If you like the theme design you should know you can add additional functionality with plugins, if the theme features are not enough for you.

Hi, I really love the theme, and would like to purchase it. But would like to know before hand if I can remove the cart button at the top, and if I can also remove about the team from the home page.

Amazing work. Thanks

Hi, the answer is yes sir you can. The WooCommerce shop is an optional plugin and the homepage can be edited as a simple WordPress page customizing it as you like. Thank you for your interest.

Is there a way to add titles/bios for the team members? Or will theme only allow for the names to be displayed?

Hi, the team members section is a custom HTML+CSS part (not available via shortcodes) and can be customized further with some CSS and HTML knowledge.

Hi Liviu, Amazing theme. Clear and minimalist. Perfect. Just few little question before purchase; 1/ I don’t want to use flat design for my logo but want gradient colors, is it possible to program it somehow? 2/ Sliders (front page and project pages): is it possible to make it widescreen? 3/ Is it possible to insert a slider on every project page? Or is it just for the front page? 4/ Can I change the size and the font of the principal menu, the headers, and texts? Thanks a lot!

Hi, thank you for your interest. You can upload your own image logo, so you’ll be able to display whatever gradient you like in that part. The built in sliders can be incorporated in any page or post, including a project post, but can’t be displayed widescreen (full browser width). Of course, the Theme Options contains settings for changing the main font of the body text and headings text – you can customize it even further with a plugin like: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-google-fonts/ Hope this helps.

Thank you for your prompt answer, it does help indeed. Just one last detail, when i was talking about gradient, i was also refering to the logos colors, or the highlight that apears when passing over the project thumbnail, or buttons. Basically, all the green that goes with the CROSS design, been changed as gradient. It’s actually my very first wordpress website, I am no really sure about what I will be able to modify after purchasing ;) (btw, is there a way to see all CROSS Wordpress website?) Thank you very much again

Here is the Theme Options > Style Section preview: http://themeforest.net/theme_previews/7207912-cross-minimal-responsive-wordpress-theme?index=1&url_name=cross-minimal-responsive-wordpress-theme – basically you can change the green base color to another preferred solid color thought-out the entire site. I’m not sure what you want to apply the gradient to, but you can always add your custom CSS to the theme (via the Custom CSS field).

Hello, you have a wicked sweet theme here! I am really interested in purchasing but a few questions before I do so. 1) In the blog section is there any way to allow the posts to show images and pictures instead of have them hidden? 2) Can you have multiple blog categories and post multiple blogs on different pages? 3) Can you have sub menu categories? Thanks Great theme looking forward to your response.

Just pushed an update that has the option of displaying the featured image of the blog posts. Here’s a quick preview of the new feature:

Thank you for your speedy replies, I purchased the theme and love the features just getting the hang of it! However, I changed something on the homepage and I lost the Highlightable circles right under the sliding banner. Any thoughts how to fix it? Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 11.22.49 PM

No problem, here is the code I’ve used for the homepage features: https://gist.github.com/liviucerchez/9802274 If you have any other concerns/questions please get in touch with me via my profile’s contact form and I’ll continue support via email.

nice theme :-) is possible to have also some text in portfolio items ? Now when user click on portfolio thumbnail only picture open in fancybox but I need also some text there ..is that possible ?

Hi, the project post opens up in a lightbox or in it’s own page. The lightbox contains only the featured image, but I guess we could add the title too (with some small changes, I can help you with it). You can choose to open each project in it’s own page where you can add as many details as you like. Hope this helps.

Hey there,

Just wanted to point out that your Oswald font is having problems in Chrome.

See here: http://s14.directupload.net/images/140326/7teon9su.png


Hi, I developed and tested the theme in Chrome very well, so I don’t think this is a issue. This must be something on your side, because all the online cross-browser testing tools like browserstack.com don’t show this issue. Make sure you’re using the latest version of Chrome and if you have further concerns get in touch with me via my profile’s contact form. Thank you for the feedback.

Yes and no. I have been able to resolve the issue by uninstalling all Oswald fonts on local but nevertheless this font is producing (for whatever reason) kind of problems, like I got, on several machines. Therefore it may becomes a problem for the website.

Would be hilarious to tell visitors.. please uninstall Oswald font if you have problems..

I just finished testing it on various devices/machines and none of them had any issues with the Oswald font, sorry. If you have further information on this please send it via my profile’s contact form and I’ll make sure to study it further. Thank you.

Can you post a product like a t-shirt with size and color selector and when we choose a color the picture change to the one with the correct color?

Thank you for your interest – the shop already contains such an item, please check it out here: http://cerchez.com/cross/product/y5/

Hi, great theme, I’m interested in buying;) I have a question: I have to show a video portfolio so, may I visualize video items in my portfolio instead of pictures like in the demo (vimeo videos)?

Hi, thank you for your interest. The answer is yes you can, you’ll simply input a video url (YouTube, Vimeo) for the project item and it will show up in the project lightbox. You can further edit content in the project details form where you can add unlimited number of responsive videos. Hope this helps.

hello, how do i get a slideshow of photos like you have in the demo? thanks!


Hi, please use the Shortcode Generator in the editor to create a slideshow. It is very easy to create, you can find more details in the documentation.

If you have any other concerns/questions please get in touch with me via my profile’s contact form and I’ll continue support via email. Thank you.