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Looks perfect ;)

Thanks MoonStar!

Where did you get the images for this template?


Naming your theme “CrossFit” (or even using the word “CrossFit” in the name) is going to get you a Cease & Desist letter from the attorneys at CrossFit, Inc. They are extremely aggressive at protecting their copyrights. Even the copyright notice on their website is assertive. It reads:

© 2014 CrossFit, Inc. “CrossFit” and “Forging Elite Fitness” are registered trademarks and “3,2,1…Go!”, “Fittest on Earth” and “Sport of Fitness” are trademarks of CrossFit, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

I highly recommend a name change, I would also assert that they are going to know about soon. I have to pay to use the name, therefore I don’t really like the idea of you using it for free.

Thank you for this information

@tfriar – ‘crossfit’ is also a noun, which cannot be copyrighted. You are correct in that the company name ‘CrossFit’ is copyrighted, but the word can be used legally in any website heading, so long as it is not imitating CrossFit, Inc. The capitalisation of the C and F in the company name is what gives it its distinguishing character as a name. The word itself – crossfit – is not theirs to own.

And how do you have to pay to use the name? :/ And if it bothers you that someone is using the name for free (and well within their rights to do so), who are you to complain?

zacomic – great theme. Considering using this to switch from my current theme being used on :)

Thank you so much!

First, amazing job with this. Second, do you know about how long it will be until the tablet and phone versions are available?