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Excellent theme mate! GLWS !

Thank you joefrey ;)

Very cool!

when you say Schema.org Microdata Support, what’s included? does it support events, places & reviews?

Thanks! :)

In this theme used some Microdata schemes:
- http://schema.org/BlogPosting
- http://schema.org/WPHeader
- http://schema.org/WPFooter

Klassnaya rabota , zemlyak :)

Spasibo! ;)

very nice. it’s compatible buddypress?

Thanks :)

Yes, after some modifications.

Preorder questions:

1. is there a way to change color theme to dark?

2. is there a way to put a big slider (with a plugin or something) before “Breaking News” or near LOGO – to size up LOGO field (header) in css and put some photo or slider ?


1. Yes, of course.

2. Yes.

Wooho i am first buyer…

If i will need something to change in theme i will open support ticket through contact form


Congratulation! :)

Looks stunning! Good luck :)

Thank you ;)

nice clean and awesome.

Thanks 8-)


I’ve just bought your “accord” template and I love it.

This one could perfectly fits another of my projects but I need FB comments instead of WP one..

Is it easy to include them ? I mean if I look into the accord theme to see how FB comments were added, could I do the same for this theme or are they too much differents ?

Regards, AL.


Thanks for your interest in the “CrossRoad” theme!

This theme also has FB comments. You can turn on it in the Theme Options.

Great ! I’m buying it right now..

Thank’s for your quick answer !

Thank you too ;)

Nice theme,

Some questions before purchasing the theme.

Is it ease and possible to change the fonts?

Is it possible to change the add sizes?

Is it possible to insert a wide slider below breaking news in stead of 4 pictures including links?


1. Yes, you can change the font in the Options panel.

2. Yes.

3. Yes, it’s possible.

sorry didn’t mean to post this comment on this template

Hello, nice theme and I am seriously thinking of buying it but I have some presale questions.

- I have notices ths sidebars don’t look very well on a tablet in vertical view. In horizintal they are ok. I am talking about the layout 4 or 5 for the homepage. The texts can headrly be seen since the columns are too short. Is there a way of fixing this.

- Is it posible to add any widget in the widgebale areas

- Is there a way of reorganising the mobile view version since I would prefer the latest news section on top and the other widgets down below. I suppose I will have to dig into the coding. Any hints?

- If I would like the featured images smaller and lined up to the right or left in a single view of a blogpost would this be posible, digging into the coding I suppose.

Thankx for your answers and keep up the good work !!


Thanks for your interest in the “CrossRoad” theme! :)

1. Yes, it can be fixed.

2. Yes, you can place any widget to any widget area.

3. Unfortunately I can not advise anything, may be some plugins can do this.

4. Yes, it can be done.

The Carousel Widget is not working on smartphones… it seems to be stuck on the first post on portrait view =(

I’m also getting that same too narrow look on iPad portrait, what do you think could be done?


I’m getting great comments about Crossroad on my site, Excellent work!!

I forgot to mention, I’m having some problem displaying facebook comments of posts created before I installed the new theme =(



Carousel issue fixed, and will be in the next update.

And could you explain more about this category widget on my email, send me a message through my profile.

Thanks ZERGE !

Hi, I really like like this theme. I’m thinking about using this for my music magazine site.

But one question. Is there a review feature? Your other themes like Crumble seem to have it but I can’t find it here. I need a review feature without automatic average calculation or criteria. (Music review doesn’t really have detailed ‘criteria’) Just something reviewers can put score simple and nice.



Thanks :)

No, this version does not have Review feature, but this functionality can be added with third-party plugins.



CrossRoad is awesome theme. I have some pre-order question. Can I have a look at the demo of single post page for BLOG LAYOUT 2 .

Please add gallery page demo also, if possible.

Is it possible to have 300px wide sidebar on BLOG LAYOUT 2


1. You can see all single post layouts here – http://wp.color-theme.com/crossroad/blog-post-layouts/

2. Yes, now sidebar have 330px wide. So you can place any content with 300px wide.

I’m getting a double date at the very top of single posts how can I fix this?


Just remove from the content-single.php this code

<span class="meta-time"><?php the_time('F j, Y'); ?></span>

Thank you very much!


I have install the theme but in wordpress looks to not work well, the problem comes from blog post widget. Any idea ?


Im sorry but the theme its not working correct!

It works now :)

Thanks Zerge for your fast support!

Theme is rocking.

CrossRoad v 1.01 Available for Download [2012-10-26]

Version 1.01 2012-10-26
- Added: Update notifier
- Added: AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild feature
- Added: Options for "Popular posts" widget - Show related category posts
- Added: Youtube subscribers counter to "Social counters" widget
- Added: Translation for Dutch language (big thx @tijnfaas)
- Fixed: Minor bugs

Great theme! Do you have a forum for tips and tricks?


Forum will be launched soon.

Hey ZERGE , when we install the 1.01 release, we get an error 500. Issue doesn’t occur with your 1.0 release.


Give me acces to your WP admin panel (send me a message through my profile)