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I have any question.

1.I want to change widget’s turn for smart phone view.

before: left – center – right

after: center – left -right

What would be the best to customize?

2.I don’t understand how use header menu.I tried on Appearance-menus,but The menu didn’t display.Please teach me how use.

1. For this you would need to modify the theme files, a task for a developer.

2. May be this helps you http://d.pr/i/2yIY

Thank you. Its clear.

Hi Zerge, I have an issue concerning the Gallery Format. If I select this option, upload the 5 pictures for the selected format, it works fine on the specific page but on the home page, where I have the Crossroad Blog widget in the center column, sometimes it makes a mess and the slideshow go over the featured image of the previous article.


Any ideas how to fix this?



Replace in the file \functions\crossroad-blog-widget.php

this code http://tny.cz/e98a5c98 with this http://tny.cz/fde0c567

Thanks, it seems to work;) By the way, is it possible to play automatically those pictures in the slideshow?

Replace in the file \functions\crossroad-blog-widget.php:

slideshow: false
slideshow: true

Hi Zerge, another question: I read in a previous comment that the Sitemap template can be customised, but how can I do that? It has something to do with the theme or wordpress? Thanks.


You need to modify template-sitemap.php

Hi, will there be an HTML-only version? I would buy that immediately.

Hi rokcarl,

No, only WordPress version.

Hi Zerge,

I saw BKossor ask about change color of menu, I try to changed like your suggestion. But I still not complete.

1. When mouse hover on menu now it will change to white color. How do I change for red color.

2. When selected the menu, I set that menu changed to red but it works only for page not for category page. It work only on first and last menu only http://homewithdream.com/


1. Add to the style.css

.sf-menu a:hover { color: red;}

2. Add to the style.css

li.current-menu-item a { color: red !important; }

Thank you :)

Hi Zerge,

Two questions.

1 – Is it possible to place a graphic in the blank space adjacent to the header? (grey area to the right) 2 – What is the default font for the header and menus?

Thanks. sn@thethirdpedal.com


1. Do you mean add background image to the header, behind the logo and banner?

2. It’s Abel font.

1. Yes, that is correct. To take up the whole width of the banner.

2. Thank you.

Add to the style.css code like this:
#top-block-bg { background: url(http://wp.color-theme.com/newstrick/wp-content/themes/wp-newstrick/img/bg/bg13.png) !important;}

Hi Zerge, I found the share button doesn’t work properly on iPad and iPhone browser. Because it need mouse hover on the button. iPad and iPhone need to click it and page always go to the top. Can you fixed this problem to support iPad and iPhone?



Yes, will be fixed in the next update.

I am having so many issues with this theme. I’d like a blog post layout but its not setting when I select it. When I actually publish a post it doesn’t show up on the blog. I don’t know what to do, please help.


I’m not a psychic :)
So I need access to WP admin panel, to see what the problem is. Send me a message through my profile

how do you center align the menu?

Yea, how do I do it? Is there a way to change it in the style sheet?

Try add to the style.css:

#mainmenu-block-bg { text-align: center;}
#menu { float: none; display: inline-table; text-align: left;}

perfect, thank you!

Hello there, congratulations on such a fantastic theme. Just a very quick question, how did you create the widget that houses the small advert place holders? As well as the widget with contact information (telephone, street address, etc) on the ‘Contact Page’?


Hi ashfield212,

Use Text widget and place this code: http://tny.cz/ae2aedd5

Perfect, thank you very much.

Hi there,

I’m trying to get the layouts featured in the Example…but they aren’t working. I even installed the XML file to try, and that didn’t work. I also installed a new instance of WP just to test it out with the XML and this also failed.

Can you take a look? http://plopradio.fm/layout-2/

I will send you the access via your profile. Thanks so much!


Seems you doing something wrong, probably you are newbie with WP :)

I haven’t done much changes, so feel free to reinstall the template if you need to do so.


Hi again! Few issues. 1. The thumbnails aren’t showing up for my recent posts or popular post widgets. 2. Whenever I click on the ‘show more posts’ part at the bottom, nothing happens (even though I have more posts than that) 3. How do I make the blog section? here’s the website: http://thestylehunter.com

Yes, you can change it in the file \functions\crossroad-blog-widget.php

ok I found it and I can change the text and stuff, how do I replace the text with an image? When I try I get a white screen.

Add styles for ‘read more’ link to the style.css or in the file \functions\crossroad-blog-widget.php

Hi Zerge, thank you for this amazing theme. Just one question about the homepage main Carousel Widget. I would like to know if it’s possible to make the whole post box smaller, to make 6 posts visible in a row instead of 4, and where I have to edit code for changing the x-y sizes of the boxes (if it’s possible). I know a little of PHP&co, so I may just need you to tell me which are the theme files to edit. Thank you!

Thank you again. I have another question about the Carousel. Is it possible to change the aspect ratio of the thumbnails (that is, using the scaled thumbnails instead of the square-cropped one)? We can suppose to have all the featured images in the same ratio (e.g. 200×300, 400×600, 222×333…) .


Try to change

add_image_size( 'carousel-thumb', 270, 190, true );
in the file functions.php and itemWidth: 270 in the file \functions\crossroad-carousel-widget.php

Thank you. Anyways, I solved it in another way: in functions/crossroad-carousel-widget.php I edited the if statement that imports the ‘carousel-thumb’ making it take the ‘medium’ thumbnail instead. The image is automatically resized to fit the itemWidth: 270, and that’s it. Maybe it can be useful for a (far in the future, I guess – it’s not a primary need) update ;)

hi Zerge, i havent i wanna buy this theme but before i do, i have one question…i am currently viewing the theme on my iphone and when i take off the frame, the layout changes….is there a setting that can keep it from changing the layout…? i would want it to look the same way it looks on a bigger monitor. is it possible?

is it possible to disable it and if i do will it affect the overall functionality of the theme?

Yes, you can disable it and will not affect the overall functionality.

thanks Zerge for the quick response…

Is there an Instagram icon/widget?


Dear Zerge I have buy and install the theme on a new 3.51 installation of Wordpress.

When I install the theme (they say no problem on installation) and i try to see the preview of the website I see a completly wrong graphic and design.

I want to send you screenshot but i do not understand where to send you the mail for support Please let me know you can see result here http://www.sposasenzastress.it/wp/


As I can see the theme is works properly. Just place widgets as you needed (menu Appearance -> Widgets)

Hi Zerge,

I have managed to put a background image into the header by reading the advice you have given others. I still cannot remove the background colour for the logo and I would like to make the logo much bigger.

So I want to keep background image, I want to upload a logo, I don’t want the background colour block on the logo, and I would like to make the logo bigger.

Please could you advise. My url in progress is: http://approachthemarket.co.uk/development/ Thank you Sarah


1. Add to the style.css:
.colored-bg { background: none !important; }

2. Make the following changes in the file header.php: http://d.pr/i/6fFe

Hello, Im still very happy with your template but finding very difficult to find where to change the font size…. I went to the css sheet and got lost – for example on my site: http://www.womenlovetech.com on the home page the title for each post it’s too big and when you click on it and open a post the title is too small. An another thing: at the related posts down the bottom there is some problem with the spacing between thumbnails. e.g.http://www.womenlovetech.com/6-reasons-why-you-should-get-the-new-htc-phone/womenlovetech.com Thank you :)


1. Add to the style.css:
.widget h2.entry-title { font-size: 14px; }

And change the font-size for

h1.entry-title {...}
2. Remove from the style.css:
#wide-sidebar .related-posts-single li:nth-child(3n+3) {margin-right: 0;}

Thank you Zerge, but where to make your changes in the style sheet?

All changes in the style.css :)

A new styles you can add to the end of file.

Thank you it works perfectly :)

Hello. I just purchased your theme and it’s great, though I’m having trouble adjusting the font sizes for the Blog Widget header titles and ALSO the font size for the Main Navigation menu at the top below the logo. I thought I adjusted the CSS correctly but I must be missing something because I can’t get it to change. Where can I adjust the font sizes?


In your preview, for the Magazine Top Widgets (where the category says Cars) – I’m assuming this is the Carousel widget being used? How do I make it so that all the image sizes being displayed are the same size. Right now they are distorted and blown up and do not match uniformly. Thanks!!

PS: I tried Rebuild Thumbnails, but it doesn’t adjust the uniformity of the Featured Image in the carousel


Just rebuild thumbnails for carousel.