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Hello Zerge,

Thank you for your support, how do I remove the date which appears in a single post next to the category before the author?

I have unchecked date from the blog options in the theme options, this has removed it from the homepage but the date is still visible on single post page.

Thanks in advance Sarah


Remove from the content-single.php
<time datetime="<?php the_time('F j, Y'); ?>" itemprop="datePublished"><span class="meta-time"><?php the_time('F j, Y'); ?></span></time>

Thank you, excellent support

Hi Zerge, Fantastic theme. You can check out my website – http://www.360nobs.com. Hope I made you proud.

I want to be able to use tags slider and featured to control which posts go in the Slider and Carousel sections respectively. Please advise how to go about this.

Also how can I make the authors bio show at the bottom of each post. Right now I’m using a plugin. I would rather script it in. Could you put this in for the future release.

Please also consider a default authors listing page for those of us who run multi-user/authors sites

Ta, Oye


Thanks :)

1. Just use category, for example add category Featured to the posts.

2. Do you mean single post page?

3. I’m not sure I understand your question, could you please clarify?

Hello I would like to know how can I make the top banner rotation is possible? even with a plugin?

Try to use third-party plugins for banner rotation.

ok, get me out of a doubt how can I get the background that sits on the logo?

You can change this background via style.css, for example:
.colored-bg {
background: #ff0000 !important;

What’s the best way to embed a YouTube video in the post body? When you use the custom fields you can add one YouTube or Vimeo video, which resizes correctly on various screen sizes. But how do you add in multiple YouTube videos in your post, while keeping the video players responsive?

Is there a particular YT Embed code you should use? Or is there a wrapper you need to add?

that did the trick. Thanks :)

Do you know when you’ll be releasing v1.05?

A few days.


first of NICE TEMPLATE, i think i buy it today.

I have 1 question: Is in this zip file a .xml file? like sample_content? To install the demo page. Its better for me if i can use the demo template with this same pages and sites to change it for me own.

If theres a xml file or sample content i will buy this template.


ok, so its time to buy it :) Great work!

Hi Zerge, i had buy the Template now.

I used your included .xml file.

All of your posts, sites are included but dont showing?

Just a Blog i can see but the configuration of the side are different? Can u tell me how i can make the Demo xml file so same like your demo theme? The sidebars and other things are not showing and im not the master of Wordpress du make it everything possible?

Thank you!

Yep, you must to place all widgets manually, read the Documentation, section “How to”.

Hi Zerge,

My website has been working great, thank you for the great template! Only thing is I’m having a bit of bother with my drop down menus – my drop down menu has gone white when it drops down – see here: http://moralfibres.co.uk/. I’m not sure how to fix it – any ideas? Also, how do I get the featured image to sit on top in category view – see here – http://moralfibres.co.uk/category/homegarden/garden/


Looks great! :)

1. Try add to the style.css:
.sf-menu ul > li:hover { background:#E64946 !important; }

2. For this you need to make changes in the file content-category.php

Hi Zerge – I’ve tried to add a gallery to my site using the gallery custom post, but haven’t been able to get this to look and work like your example. When I add it, the 5 fields for images don’t seem to get populated.

When I use the normal ‘add gallery’ feature in WP it just adds in thumbnails, without the flick through navigation you have on your post. I’ve installed the default theme (before any amends) to my test server and deactivated all plugins, but that doesn’t seem to be the problem.

Is this a known issue, or am I doing something wrong?

I’ve tried that, but something seems to be going wrong. I’ll ping you some login details, so you can have a look.

ah, got it. I went wrong with the ‘insert in post’ button

Nice :)

Hi Serge,

me again…I have a question, it is about the search in the theme. First, website is www.kuvajmo-blogovski.com The problem is that when our search consists of one word…it goes ok, but…when it consists of 2 and more words, the search is not working well. For example, here are search results: - one word http://www.kuvajmo-blogovski.com/?s=hleb&submit=Pretraga%3A

- more words http://www.kuvajmo-blogovski.com/?s=pita+sa+mesom&submit=Pretraga%3A

In the first case…you can go to other pages, in the second case, something messes up…Please, have any idea where this should be changed? We have added a plugin for search, but…it has nothing to do with this, because it worked this way before the plugin was added.

I have one more question, where can I change number of facebook fans that are showing in the FB widget?

Thanks a lot once again for your help!


Answered by email.

Serge, thanks a lot!! :)

We’ve been using this theme for quite a while now on www.alaskafromscratch.com. We love it. I noticed that the Crossroads Popular Post Plugin has stopped updating. The counts are incorrect… a separate plugin (and anayltics, etc) show over 100,000 views on one post, but Crossroads only shows 20,000. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks!

It because your page is cached with W3 Total Cache plugin.

Hi Zerge -

Is it possible to replace youtube with Instagram in the “Social Counter Widget”?



No, not without development work.

ok, thanks for the quik response.

Hi Zerge. Another question. I am having difficulty displaying an iframe in this theme. I have tried adding the html code and also a plugin but neither are working. Any suggestions. I can provide additional information if needed.


I’m not sure I understand your question, could you please clarify? (link to the page on your site, etc.)

Hi Zerge. I’m trying to edit the style for blockquotes but I didn’t find it in style.css. Can you tell me where I can find it? Thanks Mat


In the \css\bootstrap.css, but do not recommend edit this file, just define your own styles for blockquotes in the style.css

ok, thanks ;)

Can I remove the logo area so that I can place a full custom banner in that area. If so how?

I also noticed that my add banners are being resized. Can I change this feature.

This is for a client who has purchased your template. http://thesavvysistah.com

The banners on the right side are 300×250, but their size is reduced once posted.

Don’t see any reduced banners.

I measure the images, and your correct. The 300×250 is 299×247, which is not enough to be alarmed.

Thank you


Quick question. Any help or clue how to allow the Crossroads Blog Widget to be added to the same sidebar multiple times without have the “function wp_corenavi_widget has already been declared” error.?

Any hint or help is appreciated.


Try to change the code in the Blog widget, for example:

if ( !function_exists( 'wp_corenavi_widget' ) ) {
function wp_corenavi_widget($ct_max) { ... }

Awesome…worked great, thanks!

Hi! I really like this theme and I’m considering buying it but I have a few questions first. 1. Is is possible to choose more than one category in the 1 Column Magazine Widget. I want it to show latest posts from e.g. 3 categories. 2. Is it possible to view popular from one category in the popular widget? 3. Is it possible to insert sharing buttons in the single post? In the demo, I see it only in the blog view but when I open the post share isn’t showing up. 4. I’m planning to run this theme on my local wamp server and customize it and than just upload it to my live site and switch to it. Is it possible or I’‘m restricted somehow to only run this theme on one website?

Thank you in advance. Best regards!

Hi JiDesigns,

1. No, only one category for each widget.

2. By default no, but this can be changed easily.

3. Yes, it’s possible.

4. Actually no, but you have to purchase a single license for each new project. So yes, you can do it (WAMP -> live site).

I hope my answers will help you decide :)

Hi, great theme! Love it so far. Question: I uploaded my logo on my website: http://www.thewomensinsider.com but it is not showing it’s true color. What do I need to do so that the white background of my logo shows?


.meta-time { display: none; }

I found a plugin to remove the date :)

Thanks for your help! You’ve been awesome!

PSD included?

Hi Zerge. I just pucharsed the theme. Could you send me the PSD?


really love this theme!!! do you have any plans on adding more grid-like blog templates in the next update or even just a blog template with smaller images aligned to the side?


Hi Nathan,

1. more grid-like blog templates – not planned

2. blog template with smaller images aligned to the side – this can be done easily.


Quick question. What (if their is a way) is the code snippet to use to exclude a category from the crossroads-blog-widget.



For this you need to make some changes in the file \functions\crossroad-blog-widget.php for WP_Query – http://codex.wordpress.org/Class_Reference/WP_Query#Category_Parameters

Awesome…yup the ‘category__not_in’ => array(120), worked like a charm…excellent as always! Thanks

Is it possible to remove the rollover box with article title from the Carousel Widget? I have it set to show the title so when a use rolls over with the mouse it shows the title again with the rollover which is a bit redundant. Thanks!


Add to the style.css:
.carousel-thumb .title-mask { display: none; }

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