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I am using Disqus commenting with the theme and it is setup through the CrossRoad options. The problem is for some reason the default WordPress commenting is showing up in articles above the Disqus commenting box. Any idea why that would happen? Cheers!

It seems you have changed the file content-single.php
Show me your site

Hi, I have sent you a message. From sholoop.com, about the content problem.

Thank you!

Hi, Is there a way for me to be able to copy and paste HTML code so that the image shows up on the home page? Right now I have to copy and paste the HTML code and also do the featured image so that it shows on the home page: http://thewomensinsider.com/fannie-may-online-deal-15-for-30-worth-of-chocolate-and-candy/

I want to do it so that the photo from the html code would show on the home page even without me setting a featured image.


Yes, it’s possible, but for this you would need to modify the theme files, a task for a developer.

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The social plugin is not properly showing my Feedburner subscribers.



Unfortunately, the Google Feedburner APIs are no longer available.

What do you recommend as an alternative to use your social stat?

For example – http://wordpress.org/plugins/social-count-plus/

But, no social counter plugins or widgets work with Feedburner anymore.

HI. I’m seriously considering buying this theme. Just two questions: 1. Does it support font replacements such as fontdeck or goole fonts? and 2. is there an option to avoid having the menu roll thru all the page while scrolling?


Hi josednieves,

1. Of course, you can use fontdeck or goole fonts (but not via Theme Options).

2. Yes, this can be changed via Theme Options panel.

Let me know if you have any other questions or need further clarification.

How difficult is this theme to make for a newbie? I purchased the Avada theme and all the customizations are just too much for me since I am a blogger not a developer. However, the free wordpress themes are very easy for me to do. I am tired of all the hunt and search for answers and trial and error and not getting any help. I need a theme that is pretty simple right out of the box. Is this theme right for me? I love the layout!

Hi Kp1234,

Thank you for your interest in our theme :)

I would define this theme as the average difficulty. But as far as I know, a lot of newbies use this theme. You have to understand that this theme is completely widgetized, so you can use any of 18 custom widgets to display your content.

In any case, if you will have difficulties, we can always help you on our Support Forum

Let me know if you have any other questions or need further clarification (better to do it before you buy :) )

The trouble I am having with the other one is plugins on homepage messing up everything along with their constant updates messing things up. I migrated my blog from wordpress.com I have been working on the theme for two weeks now and the only way to find answers to issues is a very vague documentation file and hunt and search on a forum. I am just aggravated by lack of support and hoped to be up by now. Looking for an easier DIY solution. Your theme was my first choice, wishing now I had used it. Thinking I may give it a try.

Hope you will happy with our theme :)

Now counter number of twitter doesn’t shows properly. Could you check it?

Will do.

I think twitter change some API because in your Live Preview doesn’t show same.

Yes, this is due to changes in the Twitter API. We will see what can be done and add a fix to the update soon.

Hi Zerge, Am using your theme for a client – fantastic work. As mentioned before me, the counters don’t seem to be working for me as well.

1. Try to remove the Twitter widget.

2. Try add the Featured images to this posts.

removed the Twitter widget (it wasn’t loading feeds as well :( )

Even when the posts had featured image, it still didn’t work.Any other ideas?

It seems something wrong with your WordPress settings.

I need access to WP admin panel, to see what the problem is. Send me a message through my profile

Could I expand the column width to be 300 pixel. Because I would like to put banner size 300×250 pixel on website. http://d.pr/i/rDak

No, this can’t be changed.

Hi Zerge, When you Animate slider automatically for the Slider widget for the Homepage; It stops at the last post and doesn’t start up/continue again like other sliders.

How can I rectify/modify this

Site is http://www.360nobs.com


Replace in the file \functions\crossroad-slider-widget.php

animationLoop: false


animationLoop: true

worked like a charm …thanks

Hi Zerge, does the last update (V.1.05) adresses the issues with the recent twitter API update? Because the twitter widgets are not working anymore and apparently it’s because twitter changed the API. Thanks. Mathieu

Hi Mathieu,


Hi ZERGE! The theme is awesome. Tell me something, is there any way to automatically or easily translate the theme? I mean the small default stuffs like “comments”, “posted by”, “author”, “views” etc etc


What the slider do you mean? Show me this on your site.

Hi! I uploaded some images with different sizes and set as featured image, so the slider will show it in home. But the slider doesn´t has an default height size. So it gets resized every time a slide pass.

http://designlicious.com.br/ :)

If you want to use the Slider widget as fullwidth slider, you must to change the size for the slider images in the file functions.php:

add_image_size( 'slider-thumb', 730, 514, true );

and then rebuild thumbnails.

Hello Zerge,

Great template! I have used it for over 6 months now. I have added a new header and the template is shrinking it and forcing the header to the left. I want it centered without the extra space above. Could you please take a look at my site and give me some suggestions? http://www.thesavvysistah.com



I need access to WP admin panel. Send me a message through my profile

Hi…quick question. Enabled disqus commenting and it is working great. Any idea what code I can use to add the comment count next to the Single Post title for Disqus. The WP native <?php comments_number(‘0 Comments’, ‘1 Comment’, ’% Comments’ );?> is (for obvious reasons) not showing me the comment count.


Hello Zerge,

Is there a way to move widgets for pages from right to left?




For this you would need to modify the file page.php


I’m trying to get Jetpack infinite scroll to work – without any luck, it seems like your pagination is overpowering it :P

Any chance you could help us out, it was working fine with our old template!



Unfortunately we do not provide customization service.

Hi Zerge.

Got any solution for the Twitter widget? Mine keep showing: loading feed… but doesn´t load any tweet.

Hi Zerge! I found a new problem.. My pagination or the load more posts feature, at home page, isnt working. Do you know what might be happening?



Probably something wrong with your settings. I need access to WP admin panel. Send me a message through my profile


Why can’t i see my pictures in the image gallary in the media area?


Please clarify. Screenshot, etc.

When you go into wordpress admin and get ready to post some and you go to “add media” to place into post and there are no thumbnail images there just blank gray squares. i know there images are there but i can differentiate between anyone them

Probable something wrong with your WordPress settings.

I need access to WP admin panel. Send me a message through my profile


I would like to know where I allow banner in my blog like in your demo version. I bought CrossRoad that can be acess on link below www.mudominhacasa.com.br/blog/

Could you help me?



CrossRoad Options -> Ads Banner Settings

Hi, in your demo there is some spaces on right side that can be put some banners. how can i put this banner on right side? thanks!

It’s standard text widget with HTML markup. For example:


Hi Zerge, how are you? Likebox stop working. Could you check please? thx :)


Try deactivating all plugins. If that resolves the issue, reactivate each one individually until you find the cause.