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I need access with admin rights. Send me a message through my profile.

After install, homepage do not load stylesheets. Single does. Still searching why… hmprh.

It’s okay… I manage to find it… but it’s a bit a pain to try and see what widget does and where to put it… Theme look very good by the way. I just tought everything will be already configured…


Thanks a lot

Hi Zerge,

Very pleased with the theme and I agree with spoulin23 the theme has a lot of widgets but the instructions don’t include the configuration as seen in the demo for all the widget areas – but I’ve management to get the setting I like and want. However, with my Categories the posts don’t have a load more…and I don’t see a widget for it. It’s as if the posts are pulling automatically for the categories.

Once I resolve this, I can give the theme 5 stars – very please with it. Thanks.

P.S. Is your fourm up and running yet?

Got it :)

Thanks Zerge. Five stars for theme and customer service support, just wish the documentation included more information on setting up the widgets.

Overall, I am very happy and excited about using the CrossRoad theme for my client mostly because we have been very patient with replacing a previous theme no longer available on TF with high quality coding and SEO benefits and yours fits the bill. The biggest advantage of CrossRoad is the SEO and schema which is a great benfit for site indexing by all three major search engines. Very few themes are available on TF that use schema which I believe is very important to include in themes for indexing. So Thanks again.

Oh I forgot to say, the theme is clean and attractive in appearance.

Thank you very much! ;)

How can I place ad banners without widget margins just like you the banner you have in the header in the demo?

For this you need to create a special widget. I think it will be added in the next update, so you can wait.

That’s awesome!

ZERGE : Top Quality Themes & 5-STAR Support!!

Thank you sir ;)

Hello Zerge! I just bought the theme, which looks great by the way! But when tried to install (both via direct upload via FTP and via .zip file in WP Admin) the theme breaks all of the WP installation when activated, it just shows a blank screen both when the main URL loads as well as the WP admin loads. I tried to load it in Firefox, Chrome and Safari, all I get is a blank page.

I had to restore to my daily backup to get the site back. Any ideas on what is going on? Thank you!

You can place Adsense code in any place of your site, just copy-paste.

One more question that should be fairly easy to answer:

- I have a lot of posts with youtube videos in them, not inserted with a shortcode but the direct URL , you can see one here (http://www.naviloop.com/2012/03/06/audi-quiere-que-brilles-en-la-carretera/). The thing is that the video overflows from the content container.

What would be the code I need to modify to make the videos a certain size? I did this on a previous theme… Let me know, thank you very much!!!


Just remove width from the iframe code.

Can we get an author template?


You can see author page here. The latest version already has this page.

Hi Zerge,

I use your contact form on my page: http://homewithdream.com/about/ How do I set which email that should send to? I have set email at Settings > General > E-mail Address. Then I try to put any comment to contact form, it doesn’t send to my email. Could you help me for this problem?

Hi popness23,

Please, read the Documentation (section Contact Form).

Hi – I LOVE this theme, I’m just having some issues with making a few things work, if you could shed some light on this that would be awesome.

Issues are: > breaking news ticker appears with widget title but no content (there is content on the site)

> carousel widget shows nothing but widget title

> menu doesn’t show the sub-indicators like in the demo

> menu speed is way too fast and I cannot access any sub-menus

> latest tweets widget shows no tweets

(this is all in firefox)

I do have a lot of plugins active, but i deactivated them all and added them back one-by-one and still the same problem even with nothing activated.

URL is www.studioexsto.com

If you need admin access I can set that up for you also.

Thank you for your help!


Hi Robyn,

Please, always send all the questions like these directly to my email or through my profile.

Duplicate please to my email.

Hi Zerge. I am getting your theme for my new website but…

1) In the mobile layout version (tab and mobile) is there a way of changing the menu style, which I don’t really like, into the VERTICAL BUTTON GROUP style from Bootstrap and where would I change this in the coding ??

2) It also would be nice to have this in a sticky menu bar on top to give it a real mobile look. I have read here the menu bar can be made sticky (you even provided the code) but would that be posible with the VERTICAL BUTTON GROUP style in it ??

3) If I would place advertisments in widgets, would they also be responsive and automatically change with the width of the screen. I see your advertisments (except the Google ad) work fine. I need to put a random ad on top and in the sidebars using admanager codes.

Thank you for your quick response. I am looking forward of tweaking and using your theme soon…


1. You can change it in the file \js\custom.js But I do not provide theme customization, so you have to do it yourself.

2. I think it’s possible.

3. All Ads in the demo is responsive (include Google Ads).
Generally it depends on what you put into a widget.

Love this theme. One question though, when I create a video post and add in a YouTube video, set the featured picture to player, a preview image is added to the homepage, but the post is not appearing in the carousel at the top?

Check it out, I’ve just added a post about One Direction and Madonna, which appear fine on the homepage, but both are missing from the carousel.



You need to add Featured image for this post.

Hi, I just bought your theme and it looks great. Still I would olike to know if it woiuld be posible to ad the SHARE button not only on the archive and blog pages but also on the individual posts.

That would be very nice because it looks cool. If not I would have to use another plugin to make shure readers can share the posts.

Also I have noticed in the two coloms widget, the titel/archive on the second colom is slightlt offsite, something which I used to see on your demo page as well but now does not show up anymore on your demo site but does so on my site. What do I have to change to make it align with the image below.

Keep on testing and tweaking…

Try to remove #entry-blog before .entry-share in the style.css for this buttons.

Damn, tha’s a quick response … anyway, it works now but the social media logos are slidly offline ….. but if not posible to change, I can live with that. Thanks man, you are one true profesional.

Try to add this to the style.css

#entry-post .share-twitter, #entry-post .share-fb, #entry-post .share-google {top: -1px;}

I have a lot of “no comments” on the homepage. How can I remove it? also, I do have some facebook comments on posts, is it possible to have facebook comments included in that number?


You can remove comments from the widgets code.
No, counted only inbuilt comments.

Thanks! =)

Hello Zerge,

I am still tweaking and editing your theme to my wishes and I must sya I LIKE IT !! Now I do have a question and perhaps you know the answer.

One can change the color of the border of the widgets with the farbtastic color picker, I believe native in Wordpress. Now I also would like the posibility to change on some or all widgets to change the background color with the use of the farbtastic color picker.

Would it be posible to include this feature in the widgets? Would you know how to do it, since I believe it’s only some line changing. Perhaps nice as well for future updates. If not posible, would you know of a plugin which does this automatically.

Thank you again for your quick response, as always.


You want to change the color for a single widget or for all?

Thanks for your quick answer. I am actually looking for the posibility of adding the farbtastic color picker to all of your widgets so I can set different colors to the background, just the way the color picker for the border is nested in the widget options.

If you could show me the way of doing it (or an example) on one of your widgets, for inctance the 1 column magazine widget, I myself can do the same to the other widgets. like this I could highlight a particular widget to stand out of the crowd, for instande for an import message or news item.

I think it can be done but …. I just don’t know how to do it for now. If a professional like you could show me the way …. that would definatly help a lot. ( I actually found this article: http://pippinsplugins.com/adding-the-farbtastic-color-picker-to-your-wordpress-widgets/ ).

Thanks!! Keep up the good work.


Great theme!

Is it possible to post videos in the posts on the homepage? In the live demo I only see images…



That’s great.

Thnx for the quick response.

I just bought your theme (YAY! ;-) ).

I am trying to post a Youtube video but the shortcode generator keeps generating [video id=”34162267” type=”vimeo” width=”” height=”320”] while I select Youtube as the source and enter the Youtube ID. Strange…

Any idea how to fix this?


If you want to create a video post you need to specify post format, select video type, video id and featured image.

Okay, thanks.

I deleted the main menu and then added it again. But now the menu doesn’t float anymore. The name of the menu is ‘main-menu’.

Any idea what the cause can be?


I need to see this on your site. Or better give me access to your WP admin panel.

Hi Zerge,

I am about to buy this theme. Does it come with a xml file of dummy content?



Yes of course.

I have 2 questions. First, are you able to lock the top menu bar in place so it does not stick when you scroll down. Second, is it possible to show a full blog post in the center column on the home page instead of an excerpt? Awesome theme good luck wit sales :)


1. Yes, you can lock the top menu bar via Theme options. Watch this theme options video overview or screenshots of Options panel

2. Yes, you can change it.

Wonderful, great work once again!

Curious if there was an easy way to set the ‘Load more posts’ function to load more posts once the user approaches the bottom of the page?



Do you mean Infinite Scroll?

Hi Zerge,

Any news on the posibility for the farbtastic color picker in the widgets to change the bakcground color ?? I really would like this feature but I am a little stuck with building it in at this moment. Perhaps you can help…

By the way, do you already know when the next update is ??

Thanks for a great and easy to handle theme, I really like it.


Send me a message through my profile and I will send a new widget.

Update already uploaded to TF, waiting for approval by reviewers. I think tomorrow it will be available for download.

Hello, Do you provide PDS files? or can we purchase them? Thanks


Yes, I can send you PSD Home page, it’s free.

Thank You Zerge, I just purchased ;0)