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hi, great work… but I want to ask a question. I want to make any category field, such as the “most popular” and “popular by views” widget area.. Is this possible? . thank you..


Can you explain in detail what you mean.

Hi ZERGE , I’m trying to split this very long post in multiple pages


but when I use the <!-nextpage-> code, the post splits but there’s no next page or page numbers to go to, how can I do this?

you answered someone about widgets that changes background color is that included in the next version? sounds terrific!


In the content-single.php add this code

<?php wp_link_pages(); ?>
<div itemprop="articleBody"><?php the_content(); ?></div>

thanks! that makes it work! how can I make it look just like your H2 titles?

CrossRoad v 1.03 Available for Download

Version 1.03 2012-11-09
  Improved: "Blog" widget (added "Type of Pagination" option)
  Improved: "Popular" and "Recent" posts widget (added "Show blank thumbnail" option)
  Improved: "Carousel" widget (added "Show random posts" option)
  Improved: "Text" widget (added more options)
  Improved: AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild feature
  Improved: Contact form
  Changed: 404.php template page
  Fixed: Minor bugs

More details in the file Changelog.txt

And big thanks to all buyers who rated my theme 5 stars! I truly appreciate it! :)

Yes, Infinite Scroll thanks!

One more question, I’m looking to fix the height of the Flex slider. Been playing around with the parameters but haven’t quite been able to get it.

I’ve added an image size to match the width/height I’m looking for and have rebuilt the thumbnails.

1. No Infinite Scroll.

2. Yes, you need to change image size in the functions.php and rebuild thumbs. Also be sure your images not less than size specified in the functions.php

That’s what I mean though. I’ve changed the image size in functions.php and rebuilt thumbnails. However, the images still are resized to full width of the container and a height that is in proportion to that (so a lot larger in height).

Show me how is now and as it should be.

Hi Zerge! Is possible to have in the new update a setting for the “carousel” function to set the thumbnail size image? Also if is possible to “auto-update” theme if there is any update :)

An issue… if i translate the blog like your video, some items won’t be translate… The item “posted by” is translated onto a single post but not in home… The date still remain month/day/year … is possible to modify it by day/month/year?

If i go under localization plugin i see this error: Malfunction at current Theme detected! Name: CrossRoad – Responsive WordPress Blog Theme | Author: ZERGE Below listed scripts has been automatically stripped because of injection: http://www.informac.us/wp-content/themes/wp-crossroad/js/custom_uploader.js

Thank’s a lot


1. You can change thumb size in the functions.php and rebuild thumbs.

2. No. Update theme manually – it’s simple. Also theme has new feature “Theme Update Notifier”.

3. Just replace

posted by <?php echo the_author_link(); ?>
<?php _e('posted by ','color-theme-framework'); echo the_author_link(); ?>
in the \functions\crossroad-blog-widget.php

4. You can change the date format in the widget source code.

5. And? It somehow interfere?

Hey, I just purchased this theme, great design…only 1 problem, it failed on upload says missing style.css sheet. I uploaded straight from the zip I got from here, something I am missing? Thanks!

nvm Zerge, I answered this myself, I needed to upzip it, used to genesis where I do not upzip first, look forward to the switch. Thanks for a great theme!

Thank you too for purchase this theme ;)

1) Can you please tell me where I might find code to eliminate the background for the navigation bar and the header? I do not want to have the header color nor the navigation color I would rather have my background image to be through the top of the site also.

2) Where might I find the css code or where is it located to change the hover color for the navigation as well as the main navigation color? When I make the navigation bar white it creates an issue for the colors in the navigation menu.

3) how can I change the posts head to have a hover color so when people go to click on a post the head changes?

I wanted to make sure I had all my questions covered

I use firebug, but this is some long code :)

thanks Zerge


1. #top-block-bg in the style.css

For navigation bar in the file: footer.php and #mainmenu-block-bg in the style.css

2. .sf-menu a, .sf-menu a:visited in the style.css

3. Add a new style with hover color: h2.entry-title a:hover {}

Hi, Nice theme and very interested that I have sent you email with my questions for your answers prior to buying. Looking forward to receive your early reply so we can proceed further.



Check your email :)

Random one, but when the theme has been resized to a certain size (in my case mobile), is it possible to hide certain widgets or boxes to avoid a really long scrolling page or items that are quite heavy file size wise (like the carousel)?


Use Media Queries.

Is there a way to use a different single post layout for some post? for example, I wanna use a one column layout for image galleries so there’s a wider view for the photos, can this be done?

I think without the help of PHP programmer you can’t do this.

would it be difficult to include this feature in a future Crossroad update? I really don’t know how this works =)

I can’t promise anything.

Hi Zerge! I update your/mine Theme but now in the footer, it always show “pages” and not “show more posts” ... also if i enable this feature under crossroad options… is a bug of this new version?


JFY The “pages” won’t work… always the same error… 404 page not found :)


I need access to your WP admin panel.

Also try to set “Blog pages show at most” the same as on the Blog widget


Can you give us some tips on how to install the Wordpress SEO plugin by Yoast? I’m having some difficulties with this theme!

Thank you very much!


What kind of difficulties? Try to disable built in SEO feature via Theme Options panel.

Hi Zerge! I made some modifications to the theme but want to upgrade to the new version, could you just list the files that were updated so I just can replace those and not the whole theme? Thank you very much!


All changed files listed in the file Changelog.txt

Sorry Zerge, I said I won’t bother you anymore but ….

I am using the Contact Form 7 plugin and no matter what I do in the coding, I can’t get the width of text input boxes wider. I assume it has something to do with the coding in the theme, Am I right?? Is there something embedded which makes the contact forms not bigger as a certain size because of the responsive aspect of the theme??

Thanks Zerge or anybody else who might know an anwser.

Sorry: http://bit.ly/UBgD4P The form at the bottom is done by the Contact Form 7 plugin.

You can override width in the style.css, for example:

.wpcf7 input[type="text"] {width:300px}

Thanks that works (again)

I’m having some problems getting the ‘sitemap’ page up and running. When I create a new page and use the Sitemap template, it just loads a blank page without any content. Is this a bug by any chance?


I think this is bug with your WP :) Actually I need access to your admin panel to see what the problem is.

It doesn’t seem to like W3 caching. But when the caching is turned off I get an error about memory size allowance, is I presume the sitemap template just takes up too much memory (I have over 3,500 posts) and wouldn’t make for a very nice page anyway (endless scrolling). So I’ll probably do without this page.

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 32 bytes) in /var/sites/d/dev.wearepopslags.com/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1449


Is it possible to insert WP-PageNavi instead of using pre-built navigation?

I am missing some functions. I hope you can guide me how to do this.

Thank you!


I think it’s possible, but unfortunately I can’t tell you exactly how.

But in this theme already has two type of pagination: AJAX Pagination and Numeric Pagination (like WP-PageNavi).

How do I create ad slots ? :/

You can place ads to the Text widget.


How do I make the numeric pagintion working? My site http://homewithdream.com because now it will go to http://homewithdream.com/page/2/ and 404 error when click next or 2rd page


Set “Blog pages show at most” (menu Settings -> Reading ) equal or less than you specify in the Blog widget.

Is there a way to make the Popular posts work by views with WP Total Cache? what file handles this count so I can make an exception?