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How do I show the number of comments for each of the blog posts right from the homepage ?

If the visitor can see the number of comments, it would encourage them to click and read the article.


You can add the comments in the widget source code.

Oh, I am talking about showing the comments in the main content holder. Works with widgets as well ?

Thanks for your rapid response !

It’s widgets. All the theme fully widgetized.

1. I install Yoast WordPress SEO plugin and show error. Your theme contains a meta description, which blocks WordPress SEO from working properly, please delete the following line, or press fix it: <meta name=”description” content=”<?php echo $seo_description; ?>” />

2. Also tell me Version 1.03 is the latest version?

How can I fix it?


1. Have you tried to simply disable this SEO feature in the Theme Options? :)

2. Yes, the current version is 1.03. You can just replace changed files listed in the Changelog.txt

Use built in SEO functionality. NO Yes I disable it but error is still show and also in source file its show <head> <title>reviewtoprice</title> <meta name=”keywords” content=”” /> Why its show title and meta keywords?

It’s Theme feature.

I disable SEO feature. But Yoast WordPress SEO plugin show error. Your theme contains a meta description, which blocks WordPress SEO from working properly, please delete the following line, or press fix it: <meta name=”description” content=”<?php echo $seo_description; ?>” />

How Can I Fix it?

Send me a message through my profile with access to your WP admin panel.

Thanks. Please can you tell me how can you resolved the error so in future I can resolved the error my self?

I wrote to you about it in email :)
Press fix it and Save Settings. It’s simple.

I activate the theme and I see this on a blank white page :

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in /home/travis/public_html/fitmovate/wp-content/themes/wp-crossroad/admin/index.php on line 22

What happened ?

Silly me, works fine after upgrading to WP 3 .4.2

Hello Zerge (or Serge).

I just wanted to let you know your (my) website is finally online and can be seen here: http://bit.ly/2zDPAq It’s in Dutch but you will be probably looking at the design :)

What do you think ? Thanks for all your help with the adjustments etc.


Looks great! ;)

Tnanks TravisRamen

Wow Remstoffer , looks great !

Hi, before I ask any questions, I just want to say that your theme is great! I can not decide between 2-3 themes and it is hard to decide which one should we buy. The thing is, right now, middle size of images that have been inserted in posts are 570 pixels width. What will happen with them in your theme? I see that, in single post style with 2 sidebars (which I would use) big image width is about 530 pixels. Would it automaticly fit post width, or the part of image would not be seen? Thanks in advance for your help! :)


I agree with you, it’s hard to choose among the many good themes :)

Of course, image will be automatically fit into their containers. You can check it out, just change the size of the browser window.

Thanks for a quick answer, I hope soon we shall be able to buy this theme. It looks great and has so many options, that it is really something to consider in our choices!


I bought this theme last week, wondering if there is any commerce plug in that you know of that works with the theme? I tried woo commerce, no go the shop tab will not show the left side check out, cart etc..any idea what commerce plug-in might work with this?



Unfortunately nothing specific I can not tell you.

Hi Zerge,

1. I got the problem with Border top on widgets (black 5px border), It set it to Hide. But on website still shows. How can I fix this?.

2. And the background color of logo, is Scheme Color that I choose change? I would like white color for logo background. I also change it but nothing changes.

3. When I save settings in CrossRoad options, it always show error popup. Is it OK?

My website is http://homewithdream.com/

Hi, After I adjust the css for Logo and top block section. But it show differently on web browsers. Firefox, IE, Opera show as I expect but Chrome and Rockmelt doesn’t. is it have the way to fix this?

Remove float: right; for .banner {}

In the FireFox it does not display correctly.


Love the theme, having trouble with the CSS . I can get most things to change, but for some reason I can’t change the font color for the Widget Headers. E.g.: Search, Latest Tweets, Latest Posts, etc.

Where can I make those changes?



Try this:

.widget-title h2 {}

Awesome support.. 5 stars no doubts!

Thank you ;)


Thanks for the support on the widget issue. I have one more question. Setting the background image to “fixed” doesn’t seem to change anything as far as how the bg acts. I would like to have a fixed position image centered with no repeat. Any help?



It should work. Show me your site.


I cannot make the RSS counter work, even thought I am sure I’ve used the feedburner id. Facebook and Twitter counters work fine.

Do you have any suggestion Zerge?



The Google Feedburner APIs are no longer available.

On other themes I’v used I can edit the functions.php file but with your theme when i try to add custom menus on the functions.php file the menus dont appear. Is the function file on your theme set up differently?


Of course no. No different from the others.

I do not quite understand what your problem is?

Menus you can add in the Appearance -> Menu.

One question before I buy:

I see on the demo Hompages you have a slider and 3 categories listed – one Latest news, and in a module that is split in two, one Auto and one Food category listed, for example.

I was wondering can one list more categories on the homepage? Say tree module that are split in half housing two different categories each.



Do you mean widget with four columns?

I have one more question (sory for taking your time): - since our site is based on more that one author, how is authors page imagined, just for one author or is it possible to collect all authors on that page? (I hope you understand what I wanted to ask…) http://wp.color-theme.com/crossroad/author/admin/

Great, thanks for reply, I think that could be useful!

Hi Zerge,

I could get the ‘number of comments’ to be show on the sidebar, but is there anyway to show ‘number of comments’ on the homepage of the blog, on the actual blog posts itself (center widget:latest posts).



You need to change the PHP code in the \functions\crossroad-blog-widget.php

You can use comments_popup_link() or comments_number() functions.