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Hi Zerge,

It seems there is some bug in the blog widgets. When I click “Show more posts”, it tells me there is no more post while in fact there is still 1 left. And if I keep clicking it, it just add more dots after “no more posts to show”.

Another question is, how could I define my own fonts (I’d like to use Google font) instead of using Helvetica or Arial for the main content? The built-in Google font option only works for the title and head. I currently edited the style.css directly, but wanna know if there is any better way to do so.


Firstly, you must to login with account from which you purchased this theme.

1. Try to set the “Blog pages show at most” (menu Settings -> Reading ) equal or less than you specify in the Blog widget.

2. No, you need to change it in the style.css directly.

Hi, i have a problem with Crossroad :

When i want to change “Scheme Color”, only the color of category of blog post take the color i want.

I can’t change the red color behind the logo here : http://worldissmall.fr

I tried to flush all cache, to reset options of the theme, it doesn’t work…

I tried on another server (http://martincochard.fr/blog) and when i change Scheme Color it work fine.

Have you got an idea please ? A permission problem ?!



Yep, be sure your theme files are writable (especially \css\options.css)

It works, thanks a lot !!

Hi Zerge,

I have set my “show at most” pages to less than what it says on the blog widget. I still only have AJAX pagination.

Can you please tell me what I’m doing wrong?


You can choose type of pagination in the widgets settings.


After updating to the latest version of the theme, we get an error when we save in the “Crossroads Options Panel” and we can’t update colors or styles.



Be sure your theme files are writable (especially \css\options.css)

Hey! I really love your template and I have purchased it already. I am new to Wordpress and I’m trying to figure this out. I like how you have this homepage template (Homepages > Layout 6 + Slider http://demo.color-theme.com/?theme=CrossRoad

How can I fix the widget so that 3 videos will scroll underneath like yours for the Magazine center widget? I want the main video to be my promo video and I don’t want it to change. Then I want to have the slider widget function under that promo video to show my other workout videos. (like yours)

Also, I want a separate blog layout for each of my pages. It seems as though all the blog pages will be the same based on the layout I choose under Appearance > Crossroad Options > Blog Settings . Can you help me so that I can set up each page of my blog to be different. On your demo site under Pages > Blog > Blog Layout. I want a separate layout for each of my pages that you have already demoed.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!


1. Use this layout http://d.pr/i/uHWY and put into the widget areas appropriate widgets.

2. Do not quite understand what you want.

3. Do you mean the layout for page posts?

Can you make a child of this theme? So you can make changes and keep the core files

Yes, you can.

Hi Zerge – do you know if the author page works in the theme? I’m having difficulty bringing the page up (showing all of the author’s pages). Quite an important one, now that Google starts to pay more attention to Author Rank.

Cheers Silvan

ah yes – must have been a conflict with another plugin. It just kept redirecting me back to the homepage.

How can I make third party widgets look like the new text widget as in “remove background” and “remove margins”?

You can clone this widget and remake for yourself. Then register a new widget in the functions.php

I want to make the latest posts for the centre widget of the magazine layout for just a single category, but it currently pulls from all categories. Could you share the snippet of code i would need to change to make this possible. Thanks!

You need to add the category ID or name for WP_Query in the file /functions/crossroad-blog-widget.php


Done, thanks! What’s the ‘Code for bookmarking and sharing services’?

Ive created a custom menu widget that uses ‘side’ menu (created myself). Is there a way to make this more responsive by turning it into a drop down like the ‘main’ menu once scaled down to mobile dimensions?


You need to add some script code to the /js/custom.js , like for Main menu. I think that without some knowledge of programming you can not do this.

H ZERGEi, i have another problem on my Pages on wordpress : http://worldissmall.fr/outils-de-jailbreak/

There is no widgets displayed, but i put them correctly on Blog (left, center, right) widgets… (I flushed the cache too, and i try with another wordpress with crossroad : same problem)

It works for Category. Where is the problem please ? Thanks.



I need access to your admin panel.

I just sent you an email (2 times but the first has the wrong account name), thanks !

Yep, got it.

Hi, Zerge!

Thank you for your theme.

Please, help me with slider and carusel. In my site slider and carosel didn’t work.

website: http://zdravjivot.org

Than you!


I send you username and password for admin panel.

Got it.

Thank you. Now all is ok.

hey i tried to use the magazine widgets but nothing shows up on the homepage.. can you help

how can i find your email to send you the login info? thanks

Send me a mesage through my profile

i just found and did it.. thank you again

Dear, Zerge. I have some problems:

Problem in Internet Explorer 8 1. The images of a carosel is not have a link redirection. This is bug on your demo web site. 2. The web site is in a small width in IE8 on a big resolution. 3. The titles of the Most popular in the left column are cut.


Can I fix these bugs?

Thank you!


Just add code to the \css\ie-fix.css from 1. and all problems should be gone.

You can change length of excerpt in the file functions.php

I would appreciate if you rate my theme (menu Download on ThemeForest) Thanks :)

Thank you. I click on 5 stars. Thank you. Your theme is great.

Please write me for this: I put code and now in IE7 all i sok. But in IE9 images from sarosel is not link to post.

Thank you!


Sent to email.

Hi, I really like your template – but could tell me the with of the right hand side bar?



I do not quite understand what you mean.


I want to add google plus icon in the social counter widget, could you please tell me how to add it?

Thanks Arsalan Khan


You need to add HTML code to the file \functions\social-counter\scw_stats.class and add styles to the style.css (or light.css)

Thank you for the reply, do you support child themes because if I modify the source code it will create problem in updating the theme.


Im very interested to buy your template, good job. Just a couple of questions – (I’ve watched the video) 1. can I change the color of the top where the logo and menu stand (dark area) to white? 3. The menu is massive – can I reduce it easily and the font size and gap on top and bottom of the menu? 4. I have an existing blog with smaller full size pics than your template – is it going to be a problem? or your template resize automatically? Thx :)


1. Yes.

3. Of course, you can change it.

4. You can rebuild thumbs with Rebilud Thumbnail feature, if needed.

Thanks with your prompt response :)

sorry I have an another question, all you side bars, for the advertising space are wide but the ad space are only 230px on the template – can I insert an ad with 300px and videos? I think it should be ok but just want to be sure :)


Yes, you can.