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The default index.htm page shows 2 pricing tables. What do I need to do in order to add another pricing table so I have 3 tables next to each orther? What html changes would be required? Thank you.


Hi, cbaliko, thanks for purchasing my template. Can I have a link to see? Thanks


cbaliko Purchased

http://0dry0wal0lgr0ou0p0.com/ (Disregard the 0s in the domain) Thanks for the help!

Hi, cbaliko, I’m sorry but your link doesn’t work. Please contact me via email. Thanks

Hi I purchased the theme but after it is giving stylesheet missing error

Hi, can you install this landing page?

Hi, socevicius, thanks for purchasing my template. The Crossway is simply HTML template and you don’t need to install it. Regards

Hi, I’ve embedded a youtube-video, but if I switch it to fullscreen, it dissapears. www.123lead.nl

Hi, empegger, thanks for purchasing my template. Unfortunately, you can’t watch the embed video on fullscreen mode. If you need the fullscreen mode you need to use any lightbox plugin (for example magnific-popup). Regards

Hi… looking for some specific support for Crossway theme. Left a message at the support site here: https://qodux.ticksy.com/ticket/1418542/. Hoping to get a little help. Please advise…

Thank you!

Hi, andre0170, I’m the author of the HTML version and unfortunately I don’t know how can I help you. The WP version was created by an another author and only he can answer on your question. Regards

How do you remove the character limit for the “Full Name” field on the form? When I try entering long names, I get an error message that says “Please enter no more than 16 characters.” Thanks.

Hi, sonstephen0, thanks for purchasing my template. Open the file custom.js find code for the contact form (bottom of the file ) and change the value for the name input. Regards

Hi. first of all I want to say hello. I told him we bought the Crossway theme. We had no problems in the installation. What if we have problems in the contact form. We were testing several issues and when we include the corresponding mail the emails do not arrive. The same thing happens with the newsletter form. Is there a way to pass screenshots to see the code if it is correct? We await your response as soon as possible, thank you very much design@intermedia-bs.com.ar

Hi, estebanmaq, try to set gmail address or you might wanna check your server’s settings maybe there’s something prevents sendmail function from being executed. It happens sometimes. Regards

Good afternoon. I commented that I still have problems with the contact form on my website http://intermediabs.net/index.html. Our hosting provider where the domain is hosted presents new php mail guidelines, where we are asked that the mail boxes where the queries that are loaded in the web form arrive must be hosted within the hosting, and of course it must be be created For this, they have given us a php code to incorporate into the code of the contact form that comes in the template. I have made this modification and now the emails arrive. But I’m not getting in the mail the data that is loaded to the form, such as: name and surname, phone, etc. I wanted to know if there is a label or some way to write the code so that the same data is displayed in the email that arrives in the account. I await your answer, and thank you very much. Regards!

Hi, estebanmaq, please contact me via email. Thanks

We bought this theme thinking all we had to do is change all the text and tweak a few other items. After all that is how it is depicted/ promoted.

But it seems far from the case as requires a lot of work.

So please refund.

Hi, adwordsexperts, Crossway is simple lending page, all you need it is to change the text and place your images. Regards