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hy great work. I have a quick question for you. I wanted to know if it was possible to integrate a small footer, and how to incorporate. Forgive me for my English. thank you very much

Hello, thanks for the purchasing. Please send me email to voky.com.ua@gmail.com with the details about what you want to place in that footer.

Hello, your template is really great! I have few questions to ask you and my english is not really good, hope that you can understand what I say.

1) How can I use the “show more” function? I try to link the “portfolio2.html” page, but still can’t work.

2) I want to add a 25 pixels X 25 pixels small logo nearby the menu bar so that people can see my logo on every pages.

3) I want to use the image to replace the map. How to change?

I just send my file to your email. Hope you can help me to fix the problem.

Many thanks!!!:)

Hello. Thanks a lot for the purchasing.
Just sent you a message through e-mail.

Thanks you very much and I appreciate that your after sale service!!!

No problem, always glad to help ;)

Hi voky, Thanks for the nice work. This template is really great.

Where is the line that I can modify to change animated feature when I click on the item on the portfolio? For example, when I click on an item on the portfolio to see the detail photo/description, I would like to remove zooming effect, but keep fade in/out effect.


Oh, never mind. I found it!!

Hello, sorry for the delay. Glad you already solved your issue. If you’ll need any help feel free to contact me by email: voky.com.ua@gmail.com

Hi voky, is me again. Still have some problem I can’t fix, hope you can help me.

I have around 22 projects now, but when I click the show more button, just show 10 projects on the safari and firefox even I uploaded the web page on the server. (iphone and ipad can show all the projects)

I just send my file to your email. Hope you can help me to fix the problem. Many thanks!!

Thanks for your help!! Still have some problems want to ask. I think my webpage is almost done if fix those problems. I sent my question from the email.

Anyway, I will keep to support your product as you are a very helpful programmer!!:)

No problem, always glad to help. Just checked your email and send you an answer.

Regards, Voky.

Awesome! The problem is fix!! Thanks for your quick reply!

Hi, Love this template, but need a quick answer before purchasing. I’m developing a site for a children’s book and the main image (“home” page) must be portrait orientation, not landscape. Will this work without any masking or cropping? I’m okay if there must be some background on the sides…

Hello. Thanks a lot for your interest. You can use any image that you want. It will adapts to the orientation of the screen. And if you’ll need a customized position of the background image i’ll help you with that.

Regards, Voky.

Thanks for your quick reply. I’ve purchased it.

Thanks. Hope you’ll like it ;)

Hello Voky,

Quick question:

How do I change the current location on the map from Melbourne to somewhere else..


No problem. Please send me your code and your logo to voky.com.ua@gmail.com

Just sent a pm… Please can the portfolio section background be changed to black and about section be gray. Thanks again


Voky! I love this template. Thanks! Regards from Mx.

Thanks a lot, friend! I really appreciate that.

Regards, Voky.

Really great work :), I am happy with purchase 5*. Hay! When to expect WordPress version?

Thanks a lot friend. Can’t tell about the WordPress, but MODX version will be very soon ;)

Great template. I´ve just bought it and i love it. It´s really what i was looking for. It is also easy to customize even not having much knowledge of web development wich is very important for me. Thanks from Spain!!!

Thanks, man. I’m very glad that you liked Crostini.

Regards, Voky

Hey man, awesome template! Purchased. I added two sections but now I’m not sure how to get the nav filters to switch with the sections. Would I be able to email you specifics for help?

Hello. Thanks for the purchasing. Please, send me an email to voky.com.ua@gmail.com with your code and i’ll help you.

Regards, Voky

Hi, Voky. Thanks for this awesome template and for making the HTML/CSS so clean. Like others before me, I also want to replace the Contact section’s map bkgd to an image instead. Thanks.

Hello, friend. No problems, just email me to voky.com.ua@gmail.com and i’ll send you the code with image instead of the map.

Regards, Voky

Hi Voky, May i know how many work i can put for this template?

Hi Voky, Why I use iPad to preview the web page and click the show more button, the web page keep to reload and show the error message? I have put around 40 works for my portfolio. It is too much work so have reload problem? Thanks.

Please send me a support message with a link to your page and i’ll take a look from my iPad.

Regards, Voky

Hi Voky, I just send you my link and the error message which appear the web page to your email. Thanks, Circle