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Cool :) Thanks

Was having problems with the Cufon font selector but fixed now (sorry, can’t delete posts on here).

Thanks for the suggestions, will try to write more detailed instructions for this.

I’ve been using this theme for a few days now, really impressed and just given you five stars.

I keep discovering new things such as the post intro options, testimonials and sidebar management. They’re really easy to use and complement basic Wordpress functionality really well.

As well as looking good, you’ve put a lot of thought into this to make it easy to use and it isn’t heavily branded (in fact I’ve just been able to upload my own admin logo) so I can use it for client work.

Thanks for the extra effort you’ve put into this, it’s by far the best theme on Themeforest.

I am glad to hear that :) , thank you!

Hi! First, thanks for a great theme!

I just had one question. I can’t seem to replicate the bold effect that you use in the text at the top of your “Services” page on the demo. I add “strong” tags but it still displays as normal. Is there a CSS rule I’m missing?

Thank you!

Hello and thank you, It depends whether you want to use Cufon fonts or Google fonts. In Cufon fonts you need to have generated the BOLD font.

If you still have a problem please contact us by email and provide some more information so we can investigate your issue (WP Access).


I’d like to purchase this gorgeous theme but had a few questions:

1. Can I add captions (linkable) to the home page slider images? 2. Can I completely remove the top portion of header?



1. No, but you can add custom link to slide.

2. You can remove the top bar in the header by the administration panel.


Thank you for your reply. I did purchase the Raiden theme yesterday and absolutely LOVE IT ! The videos are so helpful and the template is so fun to work with! In response to your reply could you please provide the following on how to:

1. Completely remove the top header portion with logo, I could not figure out how.


No problem, Could you please contact us by email, and we will help you :)

Incredible Theme! Very well developed and thought out. Impressive. Thank you!!

One thing, On my home layout, when I select boxed. It shifts certain things off page. I copied elements from one home page layout to the other. And they dont align properly. Any thoughts?


Hello and thank you, In page settings enable “Boxed layout”. If you have any other problems or need further assistance you can email us via our profiles page contact form.

Hi mate

I am having a very strange problem that will “occasionally” break the site, even with all plugins disabled sometimes the site admin bar will disappear and the bottom footer (with copyright etc) will disappear, then it just comes back again after a while.


Could you please contact us by email and provide some more information so we can investigate your issue.


I am considering your theme for an upcoming project.

Please could you get back to me on these pre-purchuase questions

1) I would like to use a full screen looping video in the background. Is this possible with your theme? If possible what video format would be required If not can I change out the back the background to a full custom image background

2) Can I place a blog post within a tab on the home page?

3) Can the styles color be set to a specific color through the admin eg menu color

4) Can a RHS sidebar be used on the homepage?

Thanks, please respond asap:bigsmile: Phill


1. You can add big image background: http://rascals.eu/templates/raiden/?wp_portfolio=vestibulum-ante-youtube

2. Unfortunately this is not possible.

3. You can set colors by the administration panel. See preview video: http://rascals.eu/templates/raiden/?page_id=2468

4. Hard to say, we still not test this theme with RHS sidebar yet…

Purchased thanks!

We are glad that you like it :) Thank you!

Is this theme responsive?

Hi, this template is not responsive.

Hi, great theme! I’m having some difficulties. I installed the theme went through the video online, but none of the pages seem to work, except the home page. Can you help me resolve this problem? Thank You

Hello and thank you,

Of course we will help you, but send to us your question again through our contact form http://themeforest.net/user/rascals (bottom of the right column), we will respond as fast as possible.
Send us following data:

- Your problem/request
- Url to your installation

Hi Rascals

I really love the a.autoload .overlay { effect on gallery and blog posts, was wondering if there is any shortcode where I can assign this to some “call to action” images on the home page ?

Regards Steve

Hello, Unfortunately, but this is not possible, maybe in the next update.

Where do I configure the ARCHIVES , SITEMAP, GET IN TOUCH links in the footer?

Thanks, Jeff

Nevermind, I found it in the “menus” tab.

[edit] Sorry, worked out how to fix my own query again. Could do with a delete post option on here!

Sorry if this is an elementary question, but where in the CSS can i change the color of the background of the pages, not the site? Is that an editable option, or does it have to be done at CSS level?

Hello, You have to do it via CSS , of course we will help you, but send to us your question again through our contact form http://themeforest.net/user/rascals (bottom of the right column), we will respond as fast as possible.
Send us following data:

- Your problem/request

Hmmmm…bit of an issue here. I’m trying to set up a latest posts with thumbnails section on my home page using the Display Posts Shortcode, but it’s not displaying the thumbnails. On further inspection it seems there’s nothing amiss with the plugin, but your theme has switched off the standard Wordpress ‘featured image’ option in the posts section, so they’re not being picked up.

This is a problem and I’m not comfortable using themes where standard WP functions are removed so I’d be grateful if you could look into this.

Update – I’ve fixed this myself by adding

add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails' );

to the framework/init.php file. Looks like you missed it from your functions so it might be an idea to add this in your next upgrade.

No problem, we will add this functionality to the next upgrade.

OK so I downloaded the update, uploaded the new theme folder and got rid of the old one. I still don’t see an option for social media buttons in the shortcodes for the header.

Is there a way I can just implement this myself? I see the groundwork is laid already…I have started customizing the theme already and don’t want to update it as it will undo my changes.

Hello, replace:

Okay I’ve got it now, after replacing those files I had to clear my cache for it to show, but is there now. Thanks!



1. Can there be more than one movie per “box?” 2. If so, can their Z-depth be set?

3. Can a Video Cover be made to return upon completion of the movie? 4. Can a Video Cover “click” be initiated upon clicking on an external item in that box? Meaning a click over here, plays the movie over there.

5. Can an “event” effect an item multiple times. Meaning, can a hover over “A” show “1 & 2” and then a hover over “B” show “1 & 3?”

6. Lastly, can the rollOut even be turned off so whatever you hover over stays visible until you rollOver another triggering item?

Love the power of this theme!

Thanks, -Eric


1, 2. It is possible, see the screenshot: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0d42luz6f

3,4. Unfortunately this is not possible.

5. It is possible an event can be repeated.

6. Unfortunately this is not possible.