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Thanks Xaver ;)

This, Eugene, is pure awesomeness! :)

Well done!

Thanks, waiting for your upcoming theme ;)

So beautiful.

I wants.

Thank you!

Congrats! Amazing design and development work looks awesome!


One of the best here.. good luck!

Thanks ;)

Superb template. Well done! I am 99% close to purchase this. I need an admin template desperately. Questions:

1) How’s the documentation? Is it concise and detailed? Do you explain how to build a custom dashboard from scratch?

2) Are there “tags” UI element? I want the those colored tags that you include in “Interface elements > Nums data”. But I would like to use it inside tables to tag certain records.

3) In the “Wizards” forms, can I use the validation style that you showcase under “Forms Stuff > Validation”? I prefer the popup bubble error msgs.

4) A timer picker would be great.

I really hope there aren’t a lot of bugs since you just released this. :P

1. What do you mean by custom dashboard? In documentation i included plugins descriptions with options and links to official websites, explanations, files structure etc. I want to add a FAQ section, but actually i don’t know what to include there, so waiting for your questions.

2. Tags input it’s a complete plugin. If you want to use those nums inside tables, you need to change styles, it’s just a button with border and background.

3. Unfortunately no, each step in wizard – it’s a fieldset, those popup bubbles work only on form submit, but not between steps.

4. Time picker is already there, see it in UI elements page

All bugs will be fixed asap, there are thousands lines of code, something could be missed, but i hope everything is fine :)

What I meant about the custom dashboard is I hope it’s easy to build the entire admin interface from scratch. I don’t want to look at your example pages and then modify code from there. That will be too troublesome (bad experience before).

I prefer seeing a documentation showing me the code for “XXX” element and then it’s as simple as “putting the pieces together”. But since you mention “file structure”, I’m guessing I can start from an “empty canvas” and then build the interface.

Regarding tags, I see exactly the tags I want in “Other Pages > Typography > Headings”. Hopefully they can be used elsewhere.

Also, how easy is it to customize those widgets? They look awesome but I want to modify things a bit (like add/remove certain elements).


I included .psd file of general elements like header gradients, left sidebar backgrounds, images sprite etc. So with graphics i don’t think you’ll have any problems. With the code – i used 2 columns structure with grid inside, so i believe you can change whatever you want :)

All sidebar widgets have .psd source, content widgets were designed directly in HTML .


Hey Kopyov,

Nice work here. Good luck with sales. :)

Thank you ;)

This is no doubt the masterpiece and best of all in here, and includes everything i always desired. the only thing i didn’t like is form validation. i hate the idea of showing errors as a tooltip.

standard validation engine looks great, i am not much of a html/css guy, i want to buy the template given standard validation implementation is not much troublesome.

That validation engine works great, you just need to add one class to the input field. For the second one i will add one more page in the next update with standard validation which was used in wizards

Thank you, i will wait for update. :)

Well done, Good luck with Sales! :)


Very nice. I like your style.

Good luck with sales.

Thank you!

Nice work once more, well done. Are the calendar & graphs based on fullcal & FLOT again?


Hey Gary. Thanks! Yep, but in flot i added one more plugin for bars. I tried to add task manager in addition to calendar, but all table-like stuff in task manager was displayed as blocks, so it’s very messy. Anyway i will add more elements later, first update will be with dark version

Good morning, looks like this one going very well. I know your extremely busy with support and development, do you have an estimate on when a possible task manager will be released for both admin themes, I am in the process of building my own inside ‘its brain’ but wont continue if it will be soon?

Thanks again.

Hey Gary.

Yeah, overloaded right now :(

Really can’t tell you for sure now, i am doing urgent things for Crown, once they will be done and uploaded, i will get back to It’s Brain with a few additions and fixes. I will let y ou know when i will finish update for Crown, it’s a week maximum

hello! can you tell me if there are any modal popups?

Hello. Only jQuery UI dialog, you can find it in UI elements page at the bottom

Nice one its very impressive, I may need to buy to run alongside its brain theme, I really like the sound of the task manager would be very useful in my app. I think a messaging / chat layout would be very nice too I see it on several other themes but they not as nice or detailed as yours.

Look forward to watching this one grow.

message system layouts will be added for sure, for both themes, i just didn’t have enough time to design it ;)

Hi there, I see the update from its Brain is complete, would you imagine the task manager, message system will feature in any updates?

Thank you..

Chat layout design is in progress, it will be added to all my themes. I can’t tell you for sure the exact date, overloaded with another project, but will try to finish it asap ;)

Hi Kopyov, I have two questions:

1. Am I entitled to a discount since I already bought It’s Brain template? 2. Is there a possibility for theme switch, respectively custom color for left menu (adjust colors)?


Hey vojasoft.

1. I don’t think so, sorry. I personally can’t do anything, i am an exclusive author here, and as far as i know TF doesn’t provide any discounts :(

2. I included .psd file where you can find source of the left sidebar image. I will try to add more colors for the sidebar later

Thanks, I develop new application and I will probably buy this template…

Best regards, Voja

Best admin template on here. Will definitely used it to some extend on our Intranet. Great job!

Thank you! :)

I’m close to buying this template but it’s missing integration of Chosen for drop-down elements. Would it be possible to integrat this in a future update?

Yes, for sure. Plugin is already there, i will just need to add some styles for dropdown

Hi Kopyov, The grid system is a welcome addon here and what I miss a bit in Brain. Any chance we would see this update in Brain?

Hey. Yes, it’s in my todo list, but a bit later, need to take a little break

Awesome. Looking forwrd to it. Enjoy the time off ;)

Really beautiful, Kopyov. Great work!

Thank you, Jami!

I discovered this site… with a Regular License Can I benefit corrections fixes?

Of course, you can download future updates with any license from your downloads page

the package contains the sample data and documnetation ?

Package contains everything you see on the live preview, except images with people. And full documentation