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Hi Kopyov, I would like to inform you that elFinder is not working your demo (http://themes.kopyov.com/crown/file_manager.html).

Are you planning to ad Gallery Management functionality in your theme? Thanks

Ohh, thanks mate, missed that page after updates!

Hi Kopyov, Great theme. The styling for the Dynamic tables is messed up please correct that.

Hey. Thanks!

Did you update datatables plugin yourself?

No, i did not update anything. Just unzipped the file, and found it that way.

ahhh, i am so sorry, i updated the theme few days ago, missed one class in the table, thank you for mention this!!

Quick fix – add “display” class to the dynamic table, that will fix the problem

Thank you. It worked well. :D

In Dual Listbox, how do i fetch selected values (i.e values selected from box1 to box2) using onClick event of jQuery?

i tried something like this, but it doesn’t work

$('#purchaseEditUpdateItemBtn').live('click', function(){
    var formData = $('#purchaseEditUpdateItemForm').serialize();

in case you want to have a look at what code i am using. http://pastebin.com/LzV7q3cb

i guess you already found the answer? ;)

What would be the CSS to place searchable selects side by side kind of like the input grids are on the forms.html page?

You can place selects into grid classes or use something like this

float: left;
width: 48%;
for the left block and the same code, but with float: right; for the right block

Hi, we have update the code using the changelogs you provided. Thank you!. can you advice what is the best way to get Horizontal scrolling to working on the Grids? We have cases where we need to display 12-15 columns and need horizontal scroll bars on the grids.


Just set a min-width: XXpx; and overflow: auto; for the parent block

Awesome theme Kopyov !!!!

Need a little help with the TagsInput plugin. I’m trying to extend the plugin/options to accept a “spanTag” setting and I can’t get it to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  'defaultText':'Add Tag',
The plugin wraps input values in a span.
<span class="tag">Tag Value</span>
I want to be able to set an option that will define the span class. If a span tag is not defined in options then it defaults to simply “tag”.
<span class="tag_blue">Tag Value</span>
   'autocomplete_url': url_to_autocomplete_api,
   'autocomplete': { option: value, option: value},
   'defaultText':'add a tag',
   'onChange' : callback_function,
   'removeWithBackspace' : true,
   'minChars' : 0,
   'maxChars' : 0 //if not provided there is no limit,
   'placeholderColor' : '#666666'

Well i believe that won’t be so easy as you did. By default it adds a “tag” class, which could be changed in tagsinput js file:

                        $('<span>').text(value).append('  '),
                        $('<a>', {
                            href  : '#',
                            title : 'Removing tag',
                            text  : 'x'
                        }).click(function () {
                            return $('#' + id).removeTag(escape(value));
but to create such function you need to work on plugin core.

I’ve created callback functions to handle it. I was hoping the core edit would be simpler than it is. Callback functions tend to be the bloated course of action.


The live preview isn’t working.

Unfortunately the link is still not working.. :(

Hmm, everything works fine here. Try direct link – http://themes.kopyov.com/crown/

I suppose my offices’ IP is blocked from your server :( I’ve just tried from another spot and it’s working..

Anyway, I can take a look now. Thank you!!!

In a post above I was asking about the tagsinput() plugin. The tagsinput() plugin has a hard-coded class for the span tag.
// $('<span>').addClass('tag').append($('<span>') ....</span></span>
I needed a modification to the plugin so it would accept a new custom class for the span tag. the span.tag class’ color is green.
div.tagsinput span.tag { border: 1px solid #a5d24a; display: block; float: left; padding: 3px 8px 2px 8px; background: #cde69c; color: #638421; margin: 5px 5px 5px 5px; }

I have many forms where I use multiple tag fields … for user-friendly purposes I need each $(’#tags’).tagsInput(); to use a different color for the span class. My initial approach was to modify the core, which would be in the long less bloated versus creating callback_functions. In the end I went with callbacks.

step 1: create your color classes
div.tagsinput span.yellow { border: 1px solid #EAC572; background: #FFE9AD; color: #826200; }
div.tagsinput span.blue { border: 1px solid #AFD3F2; background: #DEEEFA; color: #235685; }
div.tagsinput span.green { border: 1px solid #a5d24a; background: #cde69c; color: #638421; }
div.tagsinput span.purple { border: 1px solid #b04ad2; background: #c99ce6; color: #6c2184; }
step 2: call back functions
function TagsColor(a, b) {
   $('#'+a+'_tagsinput > .tag').each(function() { $(this).addClass(b); });
step 3:
   'onAddTag': function() { TagsColor("tags_1", "blue"); },
   'onRemoveTag': function() { TagsColor("tags_1", "blue "); } 

   'onAddTag': function() { TagsColor("tags_2", "yellow"); },
   'onRemoveTag': function() { TagsColor("tags_2", "yellow"); } 

/* If you have default tags you need to load the callbacks */
TagsColor("tags_1", "blue");
TagsColor("tags_2", "yellow");

If anyone sees a better way of doing this please let me know.

Hi, Can you please tell me if ckeditor would be easily intergrated into this theme, i ask because on white label which i purchased on here the javascript did not like the javascript written within the template.

I do not like the editors which are used within most of the admin areas because they are basic and messy, giving divs instead of p br tags etc etc.



I can’t tell you for sure how easy that would be, because i didn’t work with it, but i think with their documentation it won’t be too difficult to do.

I fixed a bug in your custom.js file (maybe it’s already fixed, i don’t know)

in this section

        var ns = $(this).attr('id').match(/(s\d)\-(\w+)$/);
        var ns = null;
        if (ns != null)
            $('#'+ns[1]).spinner( (ns[2] == 'create') ? opts[ns[1]] : ns[2]);
Sometimes, the spinner buttons, don’t have an id and I added
        var ns = $(this).attr('id').match(/(s\d)\-(\w+)$/);
        var ns = null;

Otherwise it will spit an error each time you use the spinner.

I did not get this error yet, it just poped up, but this fixed it.

Wow, thank you for the tip! Will check it out asap ;)


This theme looks awesome! I have a couple of questions about the licence though. Firstly, if I want to use this as the basis of a paid for APP i’m making (SaaS), which licence would I need? The app is for myself, not a client, but I will sell access to it for multiple users all hosted on one domain and using a single codebase. I would assume this means it is ONE site, not multiple?

Secondly, if I wanted to make tweaks to the files to add extra functionality, is that permitted by the standard licence?

Thanks in advance.


I think regular license will be enough for your needs, because you’ll use it in a single application and on 1 domain.

Sure, you can add new functionality and change an existing one ;)


Hi Kopyov,

While using the wizard, if you have any selects in a couple of steps, the first step with a select is working fine, but on the other steps the color of the texts within the select are greyed out. The select is getting the disabled state somehow… Do you know why?

As I said, it creates an error ;)

TypeError: $.uniform.update is not a function

Uniform is loaded though

could you please send me a link to your page? I’ll check what’s wrong there, nobody reported such issue before.


By setting the form wizard option ‘disableInputFields’ to false, seems to fix the problem for the select fields. It sets the input fields to disabled, which made the selects grey out.

Now working on the next issue. If I submit the form with a submit button on one of the steps, it’ll only submit the data from that step. So you’ll lose all data. This is a common function, because you don’t want to work with ajax in every situation.

EDIT : Issues solved! Adjusted some of the form wizard jQuery code. No idea why he gives the inputs on other steps than the current, the disabled attribute, since it’s not required.

Cheers for the help though Kopyov!

Hi Kopyov,

Amazing theme you put together. I have two questions. First, how can I update to the latest version of the template? I purchased the first version.

And second, I just transferred the template to a new hosting account with GoDaddy and now all the modal windows on the page are open by default and displayed in the main content. Would you know what could be causing it? I had it on a different GoDaddy account until now, same version.

Thank you,


1. Just download the current version and open documentation, i explained there how to update to the latest version.

2. No idea. Maybe you changed some id’s for the blocks or permissions for custom.js file?


How’s the update coming along?

i am not planning any updates since i didn’t get any queries or suggestions, everything works fine and about new features – i really don’t know what to add there, except bootstrap :)

Err..you have been talking about color options in previous pages alot. And about the queries or suggestions:

- Dark version of the theme which was in the description upon release date, but removed a few weeks later.

- Style the growl notification suggested by stefuNz.

- Contact list plugin suggested by f1z0l.

- Color scheme / style / theme color suggestions, suggested by more users.

- Any chance of making an option for a fixed left nav, like the top? Suggested by appburst.

- RightToLeft Version suggested by sinistermmp.

- Simple alert and confirm box that matches this template styling without the need to add any extra html code. Suggested by azhararmar.

- Very good theme but desperately need a light version of it. Suggested herrkaleun.

Alot of people who purchased, including me, have been looking forward for some color changes / options with your theme ;)

Thank you for the list!! I wikl include color options for sure, i am working on a new theme, right after new release i will add bootstrap version, few new color versions. However i won’t do RTL version and other minor options like growl styling, that’s easy to modify to your needs in css, i just can’t satisfy everyone, after changing growl theme, someone will tell me that he doesn’t like it and default was better. Thanks!

Hi Kopyov, How can I sort descending the dynamic table by default? I’ve changed
this.aaSorting = [ [0, 'asc', 0] ];
this.aaSorting = [ [0, 'desc', 0] ];
in the datatable.js but it’s not working.

Thanks in advance.

I believe you can do it in custom.js file, not in the plugin core. Please check this page

i didn’t add this plugin, but if you did than of course, you can edit/add your own css styles ;)

I’m having an issue with this theme where the autogrow textareas are growing exponentially too quickly in chrome 21.0.1180.79 as well as IE 9 (I haven’t tested Firefox). The autogrow textarea plug-in does not appear to have this problem inherently; I’ve tested it outside of your theme and it works as expected.

Great theme overall; thanks for your good work.

Really good looking theme. Just one thing that is killing me. The Jquery plugins.. There are so many that most of the time that I introduce new plugins int the theme, it breaks. But because there are so many plugins it is a nightmare to debug a lot of those events that dont work but fire when the dom loads. For example, Ive been trying to use https://github.com/blueimp/jQuery-File-Upload with the theme but it breaks everything for that plugin. The styling goes haywire. Some functionality doesent work. etc etc.

Any suggestions on what I should do? Thanks!

Well, there could be style names conflicts for example :)

If you’re adding something new to the theme, be sure you adding plugin options to functions.js and keep the order of plugins list.

If you remove any of plugins, you need to remove plugin loader from functions.js, because it will break the functionality.

Could you please also provide a link so i’ll be able to check?

Thanks for the quick reply :)

Its not anything to do with css as I checked the bootstrapped css files with the inspector. There is actually some weird DOM mutations going on. An example is a div with the id uniform-undefined. It gets injected when the dom loads. But I cant figure out what is doing it. When I remove custom.sj the problem goes away.

I sent you an email message from themeforest.com with the link.

Hi is a great theme but i was lokkin it on my ipad and the GRID page didnt show as espected avery box uses a line on the page so i cant see 2 colum nor 3 column view . how can i fix that ??? i have a new ipad , safari and chrome have same issue help please

This is a responsive grid, on small screens all blocks have 100% width to fit the screen. But you can turn it off via css