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How can we see the dates of when the versions was released? That would be helpful.

Oh, sorry about that, forgot to mention the date in item description. I’ll try to add them to all my themes, just need to remember all of them ;)

No problem,

just wanted to find out a way or perhaps get notified that there’s a new updated since our purchase, so we can update our files.

Thank you.

As i remember last update for Crown was uploaded 42 days ago, will do one more update in a month, currently working on a new theme

Re-posting from the account I purchased the theme through:

I’m having an issue with this theme where the autogrow textareas are growing exponentially too quickly in chrome 21.0.1180.79 as well as IE 9 (I haven’t tested Firefox). The autogrow textarea plug-in does not appear to have this problem inherently; I’ve tested it outside of your theme and it works as expected. This same behavior occurs in your demo theme.

Great theme overall; thanks for your good work.


What do you mean it grows too quickly? I know about a small issue when it adds sometimes an additional row before the first row ends, it appears sometimes, but i don’t see this issue on my workstation. I will replace this plugin in the next update anyway

Thanks for the quick response! If you go to the forms page of your example (http://themes.kopyov.com/?theme=Crown%20-%20admin%20theme) and then paste a paragraph of something into the auto-grow text box (I got mine from lipsum.com) you will see the size of the text area grow to almost 10 times the size of the text you paste in. I just did this a few seconds ago in Chrom on my Mac. If you are going to be swapping out this plugin then it’s not a big deal, I won’t be releasing this site for a couple of months so I have time to wait.

Thanks again!

Right, this is what i was talking about :) I just forgot to replace it in the last update, Aquincum has another elastic plugin which works perfectly, will change it asap.

Thanks again!

i just wanted to ask if there is a way to specify a fixed width on the cells of the dynamic table?


Sure, you can do it with sWidth option directly in custom.js file in datatables settings

Yeah it is quite literally impossible to introduce third party jquery plugins into the pages without everything breaking. I spent several days debugging to get one plugin to work in tandem with the rest of them. Anyone know of a quicker way to resolve conflicts between plugins?

What plugins are you trying to add?

This plugin: https://github.com/blueimp/jQuery-File-Upload

Into the forms page.

Sorry, but i dont see the point in adding this plugin, because there is a multiple files uploader already.

Yes but this plugin I am more familiar with and plus I have php code already developed to work specifically with this plugin.

I am trying to convince my tech guys to get the theme called :http://themes.kopyov.com/?theme=Crown%20-%20admin%20theme

He says “Without seeing the code it’s hard to tell if it’s easy to customize.”. He needs to incorporate a shopping cart with a signup form, in jsp JBOSS . How do I convince him that this is a good choice? Appreciate your advice Eugene! Zai

Hmm, really don’t know, sorry. You can check the code with developer tool in Chrome or Firebug in FF ;) Anyway everything in the theme is easy to customize and edit, with an extensive documentation

What’s your fee for customizing a template like : http://themes.kopyov.com/?theme=Crown%20-%20admin%20theme say add a shopping cart or create a new page type?

Sorry, i don’t take any custom projects at the moment, too much work :(

How do you get more than 1 drop down menu in the header? I’m finding when I place 2 dropdowns, they both drop at the same time when you click on a title. I must be missing something but there is nothing in documentation.

Those drops are controlled by custom js code which you can find in custom.js file, If you need one more dropdown there, just use the same code with another class or id

Thanks, no issues. Panel is working out very well by the way.

How do you turn off the ‘pp_social’ in prettyPhoto? The twitter/facebook crowds the window on a mobile device and my content isn’t the type of thing one would be sharing (tutorials).

In custom.js file find options for prettyPhoto and insert this code:

social_tools: false

It should disable social buttons

That did the trick. Looks like this now for anyone else:



I have problems with sorting of numbers and dots.

For example;

Although I’ve clicked on Sort arrow, it didn’t sorted well.

Please specify the plugin where you have this issue – datatable or simple tab;e with sorting function?


Only simple table with sorting function.

Ok, got it.

This plugin allows you to use only 3 digits, i mean only 3.1.0 in your case. If you remove “0.” from your example, everything will work fine.

Default plugin options don’t allow you to chage this parameter, i believe you’ll need to edit plugin core

HI, There is an issue when using prettyphoto on an iphone. If you try to open a gallery picture while in landscape, the window opens but it appears crushed and doesn’t show the picture, just the icons all crunched together. Works OK in portrait.


Great, see it now.

I’ll check what causes this issue and will let you know about fix.


Love to have a solution for this problem.

An update will be posted very soon, for all themes, i’ll let everyone know when it’ll be ready.


Is there a way to put horizontal scroll inside the widget????? Tks. Adriano

Sure, you need to set a min-width: XXXpx; and overflow: auto; to the block. After this width table will be fluid, before = with scrolling

Im using a sTable with lots of collums. I m looking for a way to add horizontal scroll…

How do we increase the height of Footer Div? also, on the login page, we have added a few more options below the login box and now find that the footer copyright will overlap with the content above. please advice how we can fix this?

You need to increase bottom padding for the #rightSide to fit the footer height

Crown – Premium Responsive Admin Theme Kupil etu adminku… Oxuennaya vesch! :) Spasibo

Thanks! ;)


I a purchase this themle 4 month ago, who can download release 1.2 please ?



Simply download an updated package from your downloads page, it contains an updated version


How can I give statistics new values??. I’ve Looked at the various files, but can not figure out how.


All settings for charts you can find in /js/charts/ folder, each chart has its own .js file with settings. But please note that all those files have demo settings with sin/cos functions

Thanks for the quick response! :)

If I have to change Line chart (chart.js?) – Where in the file, can I enter the new cordinater in?

That’s not so easy as you think :)

Just to change the values isn’t enough, there is a function which displays a random graph based on sin/cos stuff. Please take a look at plugin documentation for more info – https://github.com/flot/flot/blob/master/API.md or this basic tutorial

Oki. I will check it out. Thanks for a great design :)

How do I move table from left to right ?
<!-- Left side content -->
<div id="leftSide">

I want to be

Right side content