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I think if you are updating this release, it would be good to implement a different wysiwig editor as the one in there currently doesn’t work on iPad, iphone and probably any other mobile device. Perhaps something like: http://redactorjs.com

Oh, thanks for pointed this, just realized i need to update plugin version.. I am not sure about the editor you suggested, but i checked all updates for cleditor, the latest version has those issues with ipad/iphone fixed

cleditor just displays a plain text box, no tools on iphone/ipad. My example, all tools actually work. You can add images, bold, italics etc. etc. that is the big difference.

In the latest cleditor update they fixed toolbar issue when on ipad and iphone toolbar was disabled. I will update all plugins to the latest versions in the next update very soon.


Hi, I’m wondering if its a simple matter to add a bottom to a static table the same way as you’ve got dynamic tables with a bottom. I’ve uploaded an example at the link below. You can see the difference. I can get the search box there, I’m just talking about the bottom of the table.


I think you can try to add it through tfoot to the static table, just add necessary styles for it and place search form

Hi, i need use tables but with a lot of Columns, can you create in a possible update a version of tables with a horizontal scroll? because if i have a small resolution screen if my table have example: 15 Columns it will not look good :(


same 3 questions during a few hours :)

1. Place table inside some div and set overflow: auto; to this div, or use a class instead

2. Set min-width property to the table.

When this min-width will be reached, horizontal scrolling will appear.

The file manager does not seem to be working on the live demo. I keep getting “Invalid backend response” error…


Actually it works fine, i just updated some files, didn’t set the correct path in php file. Will fix it asap


Hi, Can you correct the path? Sounds like a simple fix. I’d really like to see this work before purchasing. Thanks.


But please note this is the current elfinder version which is in the package, in the upcoming update i’ll update plugin version, but the design will be the same

shouldn’t you upgrade DataTables js to v1.9.4, its currently v1.8.2 which was released on 28/3/2008


note: my boss bought the template, i am only giving my 2 cents using my personal account.

All plugins will be updated to the current versions in the upcoming update, don’t worry

Hi, I am trying to update datatables to latest version but it seems it is not working. any future updates of this?

yes, for sure. There should be changed a few lines of code. I will post an update for all my themes very soon, overloaded right now, sorry.

My company purchased your template and I am trying to just build a simple form and not include all the other .js files. I have the form build but the select boxes are not styling correctly. Is there a particular file that I need to have included to style. If I include the form.wizrd js it styles correctly but causes another issue because of the lack of a wizard.

Please HELP if you could !! LOve the theme by the way

Really nice theme. I bought it to my new admin system. But i have a little problem. In the forms.html, there are no buttons to submit the forms. How can i place a button?

Cheers from Denmark

hey. Thanks!

You can place something like
<input type="submit" class="*your button class*" value="Submit form" />
inside of the form

what’s wrong with file manager in demo ?

it wasn’t updated properly after latest live preview changes, just forgot to set a correct path

Can you set the right path? I’m just wondering if the download link provides from file manager Can be download by any one who have the link Or just by admin username and password!


I would like to know is there any possibilities to buy this template in different color theme (such as orange instead of black-gray) ?


Unfortunately not at the moment, i will add more schemes in upcoming updates.


Looks quite an amazing theme that covers almost all possible UI elements! Just one question though, maybe I’ve missed, but does this theme has a support for tree widget?

P.S. Timepicker widget’s up-down block is misaligned. Changing .timeEntry_control margin to margin-top:0px fixes it :)

Unfortunately no, i didn’t add tree plugin to Crown, sorry.

Thanks for the tip, will check it asap ;)

How do you tell the installation is done

What installation?

If you are installing Crown admin theme I’m thinking of buying myself will build on the information about the installation or in the activity? and which systems can use

Oh, this is just html/css template, you don’t need to install anything. In theory you can use it for any cms or custom panel, but you will need a proper integration

Is there a way to set the tabbed tables (via cookies maybe) to stay selected once a page refreshes or a user leaves the page and comes back?

Unfortunately not at the moment. I will replace these custom tabs with jquery ui tabs in the upcoming update, they are more flexible.


joomla magento system or integrated into systems as you want, so if you Can?

Unfortunately i don’t do such work, sorry

ty 4 everthing and gl..

Hi, I’m having trouble with the responsive layout. When I shrink the browser the primary sidebar navigation vanishes, but the navigation doesn’t reappear at the top of the screen the same as the demo. Am I missing something? Cheers

Could you please email me a link to your page, i’ll check what’s wrong?


Please check the code inside resp class in html, seems like you removed it

Hi, How can I make regular select with flexible width? .selector class uses fixed width and it’s quite unusefull for me.

try to remove widths for .selector and .selector span, add

box-sizing: content-box;

and set a max-width to some value, it should work this way

Hi, the life preview seems to be broken? Can you fix this, then I can decide on buying this template or not ;)

I’ve tried it a couple time in the last hour. But still no luck. In about 2 hours I will be at home, then ill try again ;)

Any luck?

I forgot it yesterday, but I tried it now and its working! The template looks awesome!! however its overkill for my project.

But.. I also work as a webdeveloper and I’m going to need an admin template soon for a project im working on. So then I will look at it again.

Thanks for all your help and quick responses!!