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Hi… the HTML code is encoded… the script contain the auto html encoder? With the html obfuscated the script is very fast… without encode is very slow…


Live preview is encrypted, but the code in the package isn’t encrypted :) I did that against html rippers.

What the last update in your script?

Do you have a AutoHtml encode to offer?

What script? Latest theme update was on 21st of July, package doesn’t contain any encrypted files, only pure html/css/js/php

Hi. Congratulations for the Theme.

Can i have another dropdown menu, same as “Messages [8]”? I tried to duplicate the code, but when i click, both submenus appears at the same time.

Can i change the onclick event to a onmouseover?

Thank you.

Thanks. I got it!

I’ll try the onmouseover now.

Hey Hopyov,

I removed the CSS responsive code, but i’m still having problems with the topo menu and the ”.widget .body” div’s. Do you have a fixed CSS for this theme? Thanks.


Please be more specific, what exactly is wrong with those classes? Unfortunately no, this template has a liquid layout only, it will look messy with fixed layout because of the structure.

hi there, I just bought this great theme, congrats. Unfortunately, I’m having some trouble with the charts.

I need to make a line chart, like the first example, but I need the X axis to use strings instead of integers, is that possible? For example, I’d like to write month names, hours, days of the week.

Can you guys help me? thanks!

Hi there.

Unfortunately i am not an expert in flot charts, i’d suggest to search some tutorials. Sorry


Hi Kopyov,

It’s me again. Im working at: http://www.descontonaweb.com.br/

When i access my website from my iphone, he “changes” his layout. It’s like a fluid layout. How do i stop this? I want to keep same proportions always. It’s hard to change css width’s?


Nevermind, i’ve got it.

Hello Kopyov… how to enable column to sortable in date format dd/mm/yyyy …

I tried the code:

jQuery.extend( jQuery.fn.dataTableExt.oSort, { "date-uk-pre": function ( a ) { var ukDatea = a.split('/'); return (ukDatea[2] + ukDatea[1] + ukDatea[0]) * 1; }, "date-uk-asc": function ( a, b ) { return ((a b) ? 1 : 0)); }, "date-uk-desc": function ( a, b ) { return ((a b) ? -1 : 0)); } } );

and add:

oTable = $('.dTable_depoimentos').dataTable({ "bJQueryUI": true, "sPaginationType": "full_numbers", "sDom": '<""l>t<"F"fp>', "aoColumns": [ null, null, null, null, null, { "sType": "date-uk" } ] });

but not function….


Does this require any JQuery knowledge to work with? I am asking this because, I want to build an Admin panel for my project which is nothing but PHP and HTML and does not involve any JQuery and I have no knowledge of JQuery.

So, wondering, if i buy this and just wouldn’t be able to use it, if I am limited by my own capability with regard to JQuery.



Actually yes, you need at least basic knowledges to be able to follow documentation and make necessary changes.

Hi! Could you please advise the best way to update theme from the first relase to the current? Thanks!


I just uploaded an update, please redownload the package and open documentation, check the change log, i added instructions what exactly needs to be changed.


Hi there,

First off, fantastic admin template!

I’ve been looking at various graphics and features you have in “Amsterdam – Premium Responsive Admin Template”, is it relatively simple to drag coding items from this admin to the Crown or are there intentions to add some of the new widget designs on Amsterdam in to this one?

Many thanks,



Really, it’s hard to say. because these 2 templates have different structure. There could be conflicts between class names, but anyway you can try to combine them ;)

https://www.socialengine.com/customize/se4/mod-page?mod_id=1107 http://setweaks.com/socialengine-themes/transformer-theme/

Did you give them permission to use almost all of your ideas? If so, cool. Just don’t think it would be right for them to pass off this idea as their own when you released this months before they did. :)


Thanks for informing me. No, i didn’t, but they could bought an extended license, not sure about this, but will try to find out.

This theme is such amazing. Thanks for that. Here are some feedbacks:

on main.css opacity:0 should be opacity=0. I found some of them line 1190: remove . on the end of line.

I found out these error while minifying css files. All js files seem to be ok. BTW: This commit editor really sucks. Envato please use markdown.

Thank you for informing me, will fix it in the next update!


Hi friend, please tell me: Can I use this template to admin online a HTML5 (Kallyas template, from themeforest) website, just to change texts and images???

I need it for a customer, who need an admin panel to just edit text and images.

Many thanks in advance

Hi. How to disable class=”selector” in a dropdown? I want to insert a dropdown without css.


Hi. Find in custom.js file this code:

//===== Form elements styling =====//
$("select, input:checkbox, input:radio, input:file").uniform();
and remove “select” from there, dropdowns in this case will have general browser design.

hi, i just discovered these admin themes… it doesn’t appear to use DB so are we supposed to integrate this with other apps? thanks


Yes, this is a ushal html/css template with integrated jquery plugins. It will require additional development

I am repopulating a select after an ajax call. Everything works great except the span that displays the selected text does not update. Do you have a best practice way to update the span based on how you have coded the site?

var markup = GetNewOptionsMarkup();
$('#MySelect option').find(':first').attr('selected', 'selected');

After the above code is executed the select is repopulated with new option values and the first option is properly selected. But, the span just above the select does not get updated so the user thinks they still have a previous value selected and gets confused because that value doesn’t even exist in the drop down anymore.

Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.

You can ignore my previous post. I figured it out.

Here is my solution. Can you confirm this is the best way based on your overall style for this project?

var markup = GetNewOptionsMarkup();
$('#MySelect option:first').attr('selected', 'selected');
$('#uniform-MySelect span:first').text($('#MySelect option:selected').text());


If you want to update values dynamically, you can use
This is a standard uniform plugin parameter

Ha… that is much better:) Thanks.

Hi, I have two grids on a page. First one is 2/3 of the page (on the left side of the page) and the other is 1/3 (its on the right side of the page). When I open in iphone for example, I would prefer the 1/3 grid to show first, but because its second (on the right side), it will show under the 2/3 grid.

Can I set it so the 1/3 shows first when viewing on a mobile device?


I think no, because on small screens each grid block has 100% width, the first block in a row pushes down the second block. As far as i know it works only this way

Thanks. I know you can using bootstrap, was just hoping this too.

Hey there! Just curious – is it possible to put a table (full width of course) that looks snug inside of the tabs widget? Essentially, I’d like to change the table within it on every tab – possible? :D

Thanks! Kevin


Actually there is a default settings for tables inside tabs. Check them here – http://kopyov.com/demo/crown/table_static.html

If you didn’t grab an updated version with jquery ui tabs, download it again ;)

Oh my goodness.. how did I miss that? Thanks!

One quick question (didn’t feel like posting a new comment) – did the layout get changed into a fluid system or has it always been that way? I don’t remember seeing a div class called fluid before. Also, what are the difference in spans? Span4, span6, span8, etc?

EDIT: I figured it out for myself :)

Hi, when the next update? :)

i didn’t plan it. It was updated a month ago, everything works fine and main bugs were fixed.

Hey there – sorry for yet another post, but is it possible to remove the spinner images in the dynamic tables from being displayed? They’re making some of the columns unable to make smaller. Thanks!


Sure, remove right padding from
table.display thead th div.DataTables_sort_wrapper {}
and set display: none; to
table.display thead th div.DataTables_sort_wrapper span {}
in datatable.css file

Awesome, didn’t even think to do that. Would it be possible to make the left side “nav bar” fixed? I set the position of #leftSide to fixed, but clearly everything overlapped it. Is there an easy fix or will i have to edit margins, etc?

Sorry for delay.

It won’t be so easy to do because of layout structure and may require additional changes to html and css :)