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Do you plan to add an invoice example page? Like you have in your Aquincum layout?

Thanks for purchase!

If you don’t mind, i will send it tomorrow morning, ok? :)

That’s ok :) Looking forward :p

Just sent ;)

Hey there, sorry for another post but my horizontal scrolling isn’t acting as I hoped it would. I’ve tried messing about with the CSS with no luck. When a browser with a large enough resolution loads the page THEN scales down, the scrolling works fine. The issue is when a lower resolution browser loads the page, it doesn’t scroll – it just smushes everything together to fit the smaller div. I’ve given the

heads a set width and everything. Any ideas?

Hi, How can I refresh a select option by javascript?

E.g. $(’#my_select’).val(‘my_option_value’);

It keeps selected in the list option, but the value in span continues to be the older option value.

You need to update your values dynamically. Use this function:



I have purchased this theme and I am very happy with it. Great work. I have started developing our administration console using it and I have encountered a JS error:

Uncaught TypeError: Object function (e,t){return new v.fn.init(e,t,n)} has no method ‘plot’ chart.js:8 (anonymous function) chart.js:8 l jquery.min.js:2 c.fireWith jquery.min.js:2 v.extend.ready jquery.min.js:2 A jquery.min.js:2

Not sure how to proceed at this point. Would appreciate your help.


Looking at the code … aren’t you kinda assuming that there is an element with a .chart class?

Or better … if am not using a chart the chart.js should not be included right?

One more possible issue could be if you include chart.js and don’t include flot.js to the page


Can you send the invoice example page to me also ?? Thanks a lot !!

Hi. Please give me your email


Thanks for your fast reply

Could I get the invoice page as well please? tim@stanton.ws Thanks, I love this template. Also, where would I change the outside backrgound color? I would like to tweak a bit.

Is there a way to set custom column widths in a dynamic table? Right now they seem to be evenly spaced and I don’t seem to be able to adjust that. Thanks much.


I have purchased this theme and working on an App that will have several lightboxes to offer forms and content to users.

So I am trying to have lightboxes using the theme. However, the only lightbox is the image one. For data I tried to tweak the HTML as the following:

<a href="test.html?ajax=true&width=325&height=185" title="" rel="lightbox[ajax]"><img src="images/img.png" alt="" /></a>

However, this is only sending a hard coded page to the lightbox. I need this to be dynamic and many a time the content will be generated by JS and possibly using hidden DIVs in the HTML. How is that possible?

Please let me know.

Thank you


I am earnestly looking for a response from you regarding the lightbox issue I mentioned above. Can you please let me know the solution at the earliest?

Thank you,

Hi. Sorry, missed your comment.

Please refer to this page for PrettyPhoto plugin documentation.

You can use custom markup for the content. And here is an example of loading custom content.


Thanks for your reply. We have seen that as we found that you have used that plugin in the theme. However, we cant seem to do the work I described which is pretty commonplace in a application i.e. to show data dynamically on a popup div. What I see is it only is capable of showing content of a file which can be an image or a HTML/PHP file. The parameter calls to it are also not dynamic as it is mentioned in the file only. We need all this to be done from a JS / jQuery function without involving any file as content normally comes from AJAX calls and the main HTML structure is already there in the page as several hidden DIVs and are called or shown as needed based on user choice and navigation. I hope I made myself clear. If not please let me know.

have you tried jquery ui modal boxes with ajax? is should work fine. this may help

Is there any documentation I could take a look at prior to buying? mostly intestest in the charting.

Thanks, John

Unfortunately there is no online documentation, sorry.

Also for flot charts i added only main options and included a link to official jquery flot website with full documentation.


Hi, what approach should we take to display a responsive dialog box in other devices? I’ve tried searching for solutions in jquery, but failed. Can you please let me know.

E.g. http://southerncrossdivers.com/newdiary/eventCalendar.asp Click on one of the entries and I have a popup dialog box. I’d like this to center with the page width so it’s view-able on mobile.


Hi, is there any included documentation that explain charts?


Detailed documentation is available on official jQuery Flot website, with examples and videos.


Hi, I don’t have paypal account. How can I purchase this theme?



This is the info from official Envato support center

“Purchases are available through credit/debit card (Buy Now only), PayPal, or Moneybookers.”

Hope that helps

I want to zoom using my fingers on iphone and ipad but I can’t. How can i set to allow zooming.

You need to remove media queries from css file and
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=0" />
from head in order to remove responsiveness. Thanks

I need a comments template, do you have one?

Unfortunately no, Crown doesn’t have such templates. Sorry

Ok, no worries, thanks for your quick reply :). One more question still. I would like to use this theme on my own website that will be based on subscriptions. The question is: Is it enough the regular licence?

I think you better need to check this page for clarification and choose a correct one according to your needs ;)


Hi I’m pretty new to building sites so I expect a lashing for stupid question.

I want to build some tables for my reports in php.

When I look at the code for table_static say it contains all the plugins, header and side bar code – all stuff i want on every page

BUT I dont want every page i build to contain ALL this code – if i make a change how can i possibly make a change on EVERY page I build.

So – do i have to somehow make a header, sidebar, footer etc page that i include each time when i build a new table page.

I’m sure everyone out there knows the answer but I’m a bit stuck

Anyone have an example of a simple php table being put into a template page?

thanks Simon

Hi, any idea as to why the theme isn’t showing the mobile version when accessing from a mobile device?

You missed this code in your head:
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=0" />
it prevents page scaling on mobile devices.

Great thanks fixed.

Do you plan to add an invoice example page? Like you have in your Aquincum layout?

May I also get an invoice example page for Crown?

Give me please your email

Hi, i have to use the 1.10.2 jquery lib, but some of your scripts daesn’t work with. What do I have to do to solve this problem? Thx for your answer… and for this welldone template!


All my templates will get updates before the end of December, including latest versions of plugins and libraries. In your case some of plugins need to be updated to the latest versions.


i don’t know if this is a bug or not , but when i open up the file_manager page i get an error: Error Invalid backend response. Data is not JSON.

It’s not a bug, i turned off file manager in live preview, it works fine with necessary settings