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Hi Serge,

This is my site:


On the homepage text is white…..when I click to see whole post it it black text


Add to the style.css this code:
.post p { color:#FFF; }

Also, how do I remove the date from the post snippet on the homepage?



Remove from the template-blog3.php: <li class="date-icon"><?php the_time('F d, Y'); ?></li>

Hi Zerge,

I’ve added this code but the text on the single post page is still black….

.post p { color:#FFF; }

Any help appreciated. Thanks


It must work. Try to disable some plugins.

Hi Zerge,

Switched off all the plug-in…cleared history…..but still no change

Added code to style.css


You must remove color style in you post:
<span style="color: #000000;">Welcome to Crumbler Post. We aim to be topical, entertaining and at times controversial.</span>

Great…..it works;)

One other thing…how do you add the ad banner (468 wide?) into the header as in your demos…...?


Upload it through Theme Options panel.

Thanks Zerge

hi zerge there is possible to increase the sidebar width 300 pixel ? becoz u r sidebar width is 280 pixel now


No, it’s not possible.

just wanted to say thanks Zerge for a great theme and great support….......2 thumbs up from me;)

Theme created at HTML 5 ?

Theme has some HTML5 elements and support all HTML5 elements.

Hi Zerge,

I would like to add <?php echo get_the_excerpt(); ?> in widget crumble-1-column-magazine-widget-horizontal.php for posts in right column but when i add code, excerpt seems incorrect, incomplete and link “more” doesn’t work, but only for some posts…. Any idea ? Thanks !


get_the_excerpt function return only excerpt string

Ok, thanks. but i didn’t fill excerpt string, nevertheless there is something in widget (left column) under title and there are post’s first lines…. I don’t understand.

It’s ok i found soluces… css problem and html error code in my post…. Thanks you for help !

I’m having some trouble with the social counter widget. I’ve activated the FeedCount in Feedburner, and the second solution you offered in the FAQs about the error message, that I’m not getting. What happens when I activate the widget, in the top of the sidebar like it shows in the documentation, it breaks the whole theme and the sidebar completely disappears.

I’d also like the know the function of the Top Blog and Bottom Blog widget sections. There’s nothing in the documentation about it. I’ve tried adding some things in there but didn’t see any changes. Thanks.


1. I need access to your WP admin panel (or at least see it on your site).

2. For example Ads block befor blog -http://wp.color-theme.com/crumble-light/blog-style-1/

and the same widget area after (bottom) blog.

Here’s a link to it if you need more access let me know.



This image can’t help me :)

If you need direct access to my WP dashboard, how can I send you the login if that’s what your asking for? I’ve done everything correctly in the documentation. Let me know how to get the User and Pass to you if that’s what you need to check it. Thanks.

Send me a message through my profile http://themeforest.net/user/ZERGE

Hi Zerge, not sure what’s wrong with this theme, for some reason, it keeps breaking my website without me even touching anythng ~ take a look on the side bar, every single widget has an error ~ Warning: SimpleXMLElement::__construct() [simplexmlelement.—construct]: Entity: line 2: parser error : AttValue: ” or ’ expected in /home3/galiwang/public_html/wp-content/themes/wp-crumblemagazine/functions/social-counter/scw_stats.class.php on line 16


The quick fix, delete your FeedBurner feed name from the Social Counter widget. Until the problem is resolved.


both my twitter feed and flickrfeed is not showing and coming up with the error:

Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘tweet’

Probably as you are calling the file before the includes?


No one had any problems. Show me your site.

Can I message it to you rather than put it on here?

Yes, send me a message through my profile http://themeforest.net/user/ZERGE

I’ve just emailed you :)

Yep, I got it )

Hello I just bought this theme, but on the widget section at first it was showing where do I wanted to put all my widgets Exemple footer or magazine, now for some reason it does not appears just one side bar and when I try to move the widgets to the side bar nothing appear there. I also tried to uninstalled it ant installed it back and the same thing happen.

Can you help me.



What the widgets on sidebar?

Yes, Well on the side in the widgets area there were sections where you could place the widgets Like footer

Show me your site.

Well the isn’t much but here it is www.digitalregio.com

And? As I can see you place 2 widgets, and all works fine. What the problem is?

It would be better if you all your questions and problems send me to email (through my profile)