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I just had a couple more questions about little tweaks to the theme I was hoping you might be able to help me with..

First, when embedding a youtube video, is there any way the theme can automatically adjust the size of the video so that it fits? If you’ll look here:


You’ll see that the youtube video spills across the entire screen, going into the sidebar. I know the size can be manually adjusted each time you post one, but I have quite a few older posts with youtube videos that I would have to go back through and adjust.

Also, is it possible to remove the display of the number of comments on each post on the home page?

Thank you so much!


Add to the light.css:
.post iframe { width:100%; }
Hi Serge! Great theme thanks! Just trying to fill the header container with a logo header image: http://www.omdoubleg.com/

I’ve read all the previous threads and done this below:

http://d.pr/i/hL53 #logo a { display: inline-block; } #logo { text-align: center; } However my header image although it is 1000×167 pixels – it still doesn’t stretch out to the sides like what i am trying to achieve – ie this: http://www.omdoubleg.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/example.jpg

Is there anything I can try?

Cheers and thanks! John I

No, you need add this code to the header.php , as shown here http://d.pr/i/BUvI

style="background: url('http://i.imgur.com/hLZrV.png') top left no-repeat;margin-left: 0px;margin-right: 0px;width: 1000px;"

So these styles applied only to header container.

Ok fantastic that works perfectly! Thanks so much!

Without being too much of a pain my last request would be to move the TITLE and date info to below the IMAGE like here: http://www.omdoubleg.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/omgg22.jpg

I’ve read all the comments and this person on page 9 below had a similar request but sadly i cant quite follow it! http://www.omdoubleg.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/im22.jpg


NB I’m using blog template 1

Try this http://d.pr/i/UT78

In the template-blog1.php

Hi, Your themes looks great.

1. I have couple of issues I added review category on the menu but the page showing 404 Error.

2. Once I create a new review I couldn’t able to see the review it is showing the same 404 Error.

Here is my website. http://www.bestfive.org

Let me know how to solve this. Thanks


In the file /functions/reviews/crumble_create_review.php
Just add the code flush_rewrite_rules(); , refresh the review page and then remove this code.


Okay. It worked. Thank you.

I’m having an issue with a 3rd party plugin and not sure why. I needed a more robust gallery so I installed Nextgen Gallery but the plugin check gives the following error, “Missing the call to wp_head() in your theme, contact the theme author”.

Online forums say the solution should be: 1. Add <?php wp_head(); ?> to your “header.php” right before </head>

2. Add <?php wp_footer(); ?> to your “footer.php” right before </body >

Crumble though seems to have those already and whether I add them or not, Nextgen won’t completely work. I can create galleries but if I try to embed an image link (from Nextgen) into the Crumble theme (i.e. for the Carousel) the images don’t appear and the link won’t stick.

Any ideas or others having this issue?


Do you want to embed Nextgen into the Carousel ?

Not really Nextgen but at least single images from the gallery. Let me try and clarify…I can view the Nextgen galleries correctly but if I create a post, with the Nextgen gallery used and then try to embed a Nextgen image as the featured image…it doesn’t appear in the Carousel or Featured Slider, even though I have set featured images. I get blank tiles. Nextgen has a feature that allows checking the plugin for compatibility issues vs the theme and that’s where I get the error message. I made the theme active even though it is using most of your demo content, notice the two embedded galleries on their posts and the blank tiles on the front page at perfectbodymagazine.com

Try to ask here

How do I tweak the color of a link inside a post/page? It’s currently a dark grey, which is very difficult for a visitor to see that it’s a link without hovering over it.

Which links? Show me on your site.



You need to place the carousel and slider code to the single.php file. But I think to do that you need some knowledge in PHP.

Had one more simple issue with the theme.. When using the blog style, I’d like to us the “more” tag (<!-more->) in order to only show a snippet of the post instead of the entire thing on the homepage/archive pages.

However, it doesn’t seem to work – in fact, anytime I’ve tried it it cuts off all of the text preceding the <!-more-> tag. Is there any way that this can be made to work?

Thank you!


I need access to your WP admin panel.

Crumble Magazine v 1.08 Available for Download

- Improved: Social Counter widget (added Youtube, fixed issue with Twitter)
- Fixed: Minor Bugs

quick question, when go to my posts in a cretin category the whole article shows up, id there a way to have just a snippet of the articles come up so the user doesnt have to scroll through the whole article to get to the next one.


if you look now the date says “friday the 14” , when it is “thursday the 13” also its not picking up my twitter followers in social counter

Just checked, date is correct for me, it’s not theme issue.

Update Social counter widget from the latest version on TF. Just replace files listed in the file Changelog.txt

FACBOOK WIDGET SAYING Warning: http://iamthenews.com/?p=104 is unreachable.

Just visited your site and don’t see any problem.

clock has wrong date, what the best way to fix http://iamthenews.com/ , wrong day and date

What do you mean “wrong date” ? Don’t see any problem.

Hey Zerge

Great looking theme. Can you tell me how to set it up like http://wp.color-theme.com/crumble-dark/blog-style-2/ . Ive went through documents and not sure how to set up widgets how it is there.

Hi, Captstabbin. In Wordpress admin panel you can go to Pages -> Add New. Enter title for new pages and in menu “Page Attributes” select “Template” for new page – Blog Style 2.

Any problems with WP 3.5? Thanks.

No problem.

Hi, I am having issues with the rss feedburner in the social counter widget. I have put the feedburner URL in (http://feeds.feedburner.com/gregstierorg) and the wordpress default feed in (http://www.gregstier.org/feed/) but get the following error:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘String could not be parsed as XML’ in /home/dare2share/dev.gregstier.org/wp-content/themes/crumblemagazine/functions/social-counter/scw_stats.class.php:16 Stack trace: #0 /home/dare2share/dev.gregstier.org/wp-content/themes/crumblemagazine/functions/social-counter/scw_stats.class.php(16): SimpleXMLElement->construct(’’, 16384) #1 /home/dare2share/dev.gregstier.org/wp-content/themes/crumblemagazine/functions/social-counter/social-counter-widget.php(51): SubscriberStats->construct(Array) #2 /home/dare2share/dev.gregstier.org/wp-includes/widgets.php(182): SocialCounter_widget->widget(Array, Array) #3 /home/dare2share/dev.gregstier.org/wp-includes/widgets.php(893): WP_Widget->display_callback(Array, Array) #4 /home/dare2share/dev.gregstier.org/wp-content/themes/crumblemagazine/index.php(69): dynamic_sidebar() #5 /home/dare2share/dev.gregstier.org/wp-includes/template-loader.php(47): include(’/home/dare2shar…’) #6 /home/dare2share/dev.gregstier.org/wp-blog-header. in /home/dare2share/dev.gregstier.org/wp-content/themes/crumblemagazine/functions/social-counter/scw_stats.class.php on line 16

When I have the facebook and Twitter links in there, the social widget works fine, but when I add the feedburner link, the whole thing breaks.

What am I doing wrong or what can I tweak to make it work?

Thanks in advance!


The Google Feedburner APIs are no longer available.

What about the default wordpress feed URL?

hypothetically you could embed any feed in this field, not a feed specific to this blog per se, correct? So, if not embedding a google API, then why does the wordpress feed break it?



Feedburner API allows to display the count of subscribers.


I know what it is suppose to do, my question is WHY the default wordpress feed breaks the widget? And is there something I can do to fix it?

Is the wordpress URL not designed to work anyway, since it isn’t a feedburner URL technically? So, are you saying that that functionality isn’t going to work as it is coded now?


Just remove feedburner URL from the Social counter widget.

And please, do not start a new comment thread, just reply to exists comment.

Hi, today i bought the wp theme JPhotolio and following message appears while trying to activate the theme: Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in /www/htdocs/w00d3bd4/photo/wp-content/themes/jphotolio_v132/functions.php on line 16

What can I do? Thx for Your help!


It’s not my theme :)

But any case, you need to update your Wordpress, the latest version is 3.5

Ran into an issue on my site using this theme.. it appears that there’s something wrong with the page navigation along the bottom which lets users to navigate back further from the front page to older posts.. Have a look:


If you go down, you’ll see that clicking “Next” or any other page number just redirects to the homepage.. Any idea what could be causing this issue?

Thank you!


I need access to WP admin panel. Send me a message through my profile

Hi! How can i change navigation menu font familly? Like google fonts? I cant find it. Please help.

It does nothing.

Worked! Can’t use WP built in CSS editor. Thanks!

Hi, I created a review category but every time I go on the category or post a new review it says 404 error. I saw the other thread you replied to but I can’t seem to find the /functions/reviews/crumble_create_review.php file. Please help!


You can edit this file via FTP.

Hi. 4 months ago I left a comment asking if you’d be adding a Google+ counter/follow box.

ZERGE REPLIED Thanks demawo, Yep, it will be added in the next update. 4 MONTHS AGO FLAG

There’s been a few updates since then – are you planning to add this? I’ve been holding off giving a 5 star rating…


Unfortunately, not planned yet.