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I am having a problem getting the featured slider to work, I set a featured image and set a tag for slider, made sure that tag was selected in the slider options and it just stays blank? I also deactivated all plugins just to see if that was causing the issue and still no slider? Am I missing something?


You need to specify tags slug (not tags) in the Featured Slider settings.

How con i add my own follower counter? Like for http://frype.com/. For me it is VERY important. I fount social counter in style.css, but there got to edit information on where he pulls the count? Or can you add frype.com counter. I would pay for that extra.


If you are using the latest version of Social Counter widget, you can add a new counter in the file \functions\social-counter\social-counter-widget.php

I’m having problems with the background image/color. Can’t get it to work. Now it is just white. :(


May be you show me your site? ;)

I’ve have all posts appearing on page using the “Blog Style #2” but it does not display the excerpt of the post. I even tried the “Advanced Excerpt” plugin. Any thoughts?


Try to replace in the Blog Style #2 template file the_content with the_excerpt

Yes – editing the template file worked. Thank you so much!

Great product…

Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to take the opportunity to say “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!” to all my buyers (thanks for your comments and ) :)

Hi, I just wanted to know if there is anyway I can extend the image gallery to 20 pictures?? Thanks.


For this you need to make changes in the file \includes\post_views.php (add more “upload fields”). Also in the single.php you need to add additional code for gallery.

I just noticed there is not a login or create an account screen. I’m not a frequent user of WP, but it would appear that allowing people to post comments without logging in would create a lot of spam. Some feedback would be appreciated on this issue.

Also I will be using this as a video blog with the home page showing the blog. I would rather have the visitors click and go to the single post page to view the video instead of from the blog page. Is this possible?


1. Just change your Discussion Settings

2. For this you would need to modify the theme files, a task for a developer.

Thanks for the quick, within a few minutes, reply.

1. I know about the discussion settings, but I do not see any login or create account screens that match the theme unless I create one myself. I’ve only have a day to work with your theme so I will give it some more time as it might all fall into place. It’s possible that I do not even want my visitors to create an account.

2. I’m currently playing with the widgets and setting “Featured Image” on each post so I may find a solution.

When I go live with my site, I will share my link so you can see how your theme is being used.

You can use standard Meta widget (Log in/out, admin, feed and WordPress links) or any other third-party plugin.

Thanks :)


Just bought this and then realised that the PSD files were not included. Is it possible to get access to these as it makes life a lot easier when customizing the look of the theme?

Really looking forward to getting stuck into this theme…it looks very promising.


Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we truly appreciate it!

Unfortunately this theme has no PSD files.

Hi Zerge,

Just wanted to say thanks on what is proving to be a lovely theme to work with.

The possibilities are fantastic when you start creating new page templates with widget areas so you can create a really big and dynamic magazine website.

Top work! (still wish there were PSD’s though lol)

What is the optimal size for images used for a post’s featured image? When I uploaded a picture, it saved 8 different sizes.

Not less than 630×315 px.

Wow. That is large considering the only image that will appear is a small thumbnail in the widgets that I’m using.

Thanks again for the quick response.

When I embed a youtube video in a post, it appears in the “2 Columns Small Thumbs Magazine Widget (show recent post)” on the main page, but without an image. Currently I have to upload a feature image, but I know there are ways to ping youtube and get the saved thumb automatically from youtube, but do you know how to automatically use this as a featured image for the post without the hassle of having to go find an image and upload it to attach it to the post?

After searching for hours, I found a solution as soon as I posted a question here. I installed the plugin “Video Thumbnails” and it works great. I just had to make a small change to the PHP file that was mentioned in the support forum.

Awesome theme so far!

Unlike my previous question, I’m not going to find answers right after posting this. :)

1) When a visitor clicks on a category link in a menu, how can a featured image appear instead of being able to play a video from this page? I would rather visitors watch the video on the post page where they can share and comment.

2) I’m using ‘Blog Style #2’ which has a boxed look to it. Do you have a template for categories and post page that match this look? This would be nice so that all the pages flow well together. If you don’t have this, I can try and make the changes myself.


1. You need to change file category.php ( code for “video” must be like for “image” post format )

2. Unfortunately no.

Thank you!

Hello Zerge, can you check my website www.digitalregio.com I’m missing the featured slider, everything seems fine in my settings, but for some reason it doesn’t show in my page as if it was disable. Thanks!


Do you mean the Carousel? Because the Slider works fine.

yes de Carousel, sorry

I need access to WP admin panel, to see what the problem is. Send me a message through my profile

I can’t drag and drop/open and close drop down of widgets in the appearance – widgets. please help me.

Thank you very much.


Try deactivating all plugins. If that resolves the issue, reactivate each one individually until you find the cause.

Hi, I just purchased this gorgeous theme and can’t wait to get it the way I need it. But for some reason, the color picker won’t change the default color on the dark theme. Also, thumbnail creator is not applying standard sizing to images and none of my graphics have the border that comes up on the demo site.

My site is 10000birds.com


I think, it depends on your settings for this plugin. It’s not theme issue. Try to Clear Cache on W3 Total Cache.

I cleared the cache and even reset options and started over on the theme styling. No change. I really like this theme but cannot use it if I can’t change the stylesheet at all.

I need access to WP admin panel, to see what the problem is. Send me a message through my profile :)

For those that are interested in this theme, I give it a thumbs up. My site, which is a collection of videos that I like enough to share with others is now online at… http://whenvideosgoviral.com/

There is a small checklist of items that I need to work on over time, but I’m satisfied how it turned out.


I’m using crumble for my blog twobadtourists.com and I’m having a problem with the drop cap short code when implementing it in a post. It looks fine on a standard browser, but the short code itself is showing up on the mobile version. So instead of a drop cap letter, it shows “[dropcap_custom]T[dropcap_custom]his is a blog” Also, the blog post summaries using the drop cap short code are not including the drop capped letter at all. For example, if my post says, “This is a blog” and I drop cap the “T”, the summary shows up “his is a blog”. How can I resolve this? Thank you!


1. Show me this page. Never heard of it.

2. If in the blog template you are using the_content function (by default) it works fine, for example – http://wp.color-theme.com/crumble-dark/blog-style-1/

Else, if you are using the_excerpt function, then HTML tags and graphics are stripped from the excerpt’s content.


I’m wondering if you can provide some guidance on how I can add social media counters in the sidebar in addition to just facebook and twitter. I’d like to include counters and/or links to my Instagram and RSS feed as well. I’m not super savy with code but I can probably do it if you can provide some instruction. Even if the sites don’t allow the follower count, I’d still like to have matching icons for all my social media accounts.

I currently use the Crumble theme on www.twobadtourists.com



Unfortunately I can not help you with these. You can uncomment some code in the file \functions\social-counter\social-counter-widget.php to activate RSS, but it still will not work, because the Google Feedburner APIs are no longer available.

On the review pages, the star colors are backwards. I choose 4 stars and only the far right one is dark. And vice versa. Using light.css version of theme.

Here is example… http://theitbros.com/review/test/ I haven’t migrated of our current reviews into this post format yet because of this issue.


Try ro replace all files from the \images\stars with new from \images\stars\light

That did the trick, thanks!