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Hi Zerge,

Question, is there a way that I could resize the homepage slider for mobile devices?

Thank you!


Thank you Zerge!

Zerge, how can i make the gallery images open in a new window?

Which gallery you mean, show me this page.

I can recommend you to add a PrettyPhoto feature for posts images.

Try add this code to the file functions.php, it apply PrettyPhoto to all images in the post: http://tny.cz/43f3a6b6

PS: Updated

Can I add music at the front page? Thxs. Daniel.

Of course, it’s possible. Try to use some third-party plugins.

Any advice?

Unfortunately not faced with similar.

Good evening,

you can replace the contents of the slideshow with another plugin like this:


or place it above the slideshow?



For this you would need to modify the theme files, a task for a developer.

no thanks, others theme likes themeton, is possible to put it in above the slideshow or replace it in easy way

It’s your choice. Good luck! :)

Hi Zerge,

How can I add comments to a page that’s not a post?

Thank you!


Just replace in the file page.php:
//comments_template( '', true );
comments_template( '', true );


I had a client that mentioned that he cannot see the text for dropdowns in his iPad. I don’t own an iPad so I cannot test it. Would it be possible to confirm if you can see the text in the dropdowns? On desktop apps and a Samsung tab with firefox it does work so I am not sure if it is his iPad or a CSS issue on my side : http://www.techteledata.com/


Can you provide a screenshot from iPad?

I think I solved it. If there are a lot of top level menu items then it folds over to following line and that specifically messes with te iPad dropdown menus. I removed the extra menu items and the client says that it works perfectly now. So just keep it in mind if someone else mentions it.

Ok. Thanks :)

Hi Zerge, Can I add a photo gallery like this one in a page? http://www.fightersrep.com/2013/01/abcchampionship/ And how. Thxs!


I’m not sure I understand your question, could you please clarify?

As I can see, slideshow working fine.

The slide in http://escuelaartefloral.com.ar/?cat=5 is not in the right place, is the only slide gallerie that works bad :( Can you see it?


Hi Zerge,

Two questions:

1. The call for sprites.png keeps hanging up my site, sometimes for 4s or more. Have you heard of this before and what can I do about it?

2. How can I change search results from full posts to just small portions or even just titles and post info? The search result pages are very unwieldy.

Thanks as always!


Hi Mike,

1. I think it’s highly unlikely. Show me your site.

2. Just change output in the file search.php

Hey Zerge,

How can I remove the comment box from the posts?

Thank you!


Remov from the single.php:

Thank you Zerge, as always!

Hey Zerge, my comment replies aren’t nesting, even though that setting is checked in the Discussion preferences. Any idea?


Of course, because it such design.

Try add to the style.css (or light.css):
.margin-comments .children { margin-left: 30px;}

Hi Zerge, promise this is the last question ever! Lol.

How can I remove the slider from mobile view?? I want pc users to see the slider, but not mobile users…

This is very important, and I appreciate your help!

Thank you!


Hi Andy,

Try add this code to the file /css/layout.css:

.slider-block { display: none; }

There is one thing I would like to do and I would be so happy!

Is it possible to manipulate the homepage template so that it shows like the 5 most recent posts or something with short summary like a normal wordpress template?

Similiar to how it is displayed on category page here: http://theitbros.com/category/exchange/ just using the summary…

It’s great how you put together widgets and everything, but I don’t always have new content in all categories so it makes more sense to simply have normal blog style as homepage…

Is this possible?? Let me know if that doesn’t make sense. Thanks!


No, not without development work.

Hi, I’m having one small problem with the review. When I select 5 for the value, no stars display (as if it is rated 0). All other full/half values I’ve tried seem to work. I am using the light theme and changed the stars as was mentioned in an earlier discussion, which helped the general star display problem, but setting 5 still does not work. Any suggestions? Looking at the images, the .png seems to be ok (5 dark stars). Have another question but want to figure this one out first. Thanks.


I need to see this on live site.

Zerge I take it I need to send you my login info then? I will message you directly.

Got it. Check your email inbox.

Hi Zerge, in one of the previous discussion on comment rating for the issue ‘On the review pages, the star colors are backwards. I choose 4 stars and only the far right one is dark. And vice versa. Using light.css version of theme.’ You had suggested ‘replace all files from the \images\stars with new from \images\stars\light’

I am also facing the similar problem but I didn’t understand your suggestion. Can you please clarify?

Hi Podiz,

I need to see this on live site.

Hi Zerge,

I am trying to improve SEO etc. and used Website Grader to get a good initial baseline. For some odd reason it says I do not have a blog…Is this a setting issue? Any help would be appreciated!

It’s depends on your settings. Menu Settings – > Reading

Hi Zerge, I checked the settings and they are setup correctly. The blog doesn’t seem to be detecting still :(. Any help would be appreciated!

Do you have created a Blog page?

Is it possible to change the color on the header? The place where the logo goes.


Hi, the images gets squeezed out of proportion when seen in mobile resolutions, it does not seem to be getting proportionately resized. Could this issue be sorted?


Drop me a link to this page.

Dropped you a mail with screenshots as well as the sample post link.


Hi thanks for this nice theme,

Is there a way to add reviews to the featured slider, as there are no tagging options on the reviews?

Thanks :)

Unfortunately we do not provide customization service for our themes.

ok do you reccomend anyone who is familiar with this theme that could do it quickly? I didnt know reviews wouldnt feature on the slider before I paid for it.

Try to ask here or here

Hey Zerge,

1. Is there a page that shows all the reviews? So I could have a link to a page that just shows them all?

When I link to a review category the page is just blank?

2. When someone searches my site it displays the results but shows the full post, I just want it to display a list with links to the posts/reviews not the whole thing? ( I have checked the option for excerpts only)

3. How do I change the colour of the Menu links?

4. How do I move the date/author bar to below the image?

Great theme and thanks for your help.


1. Create a new Page and select on the Page Attributes template “Review page”

2. For this you need to change search.php

3. In the style.css:
.sf-menu a  { 
color: #777;
    -webkit-transition: all 0.2s linear;
        -moz-transition: all 0.2s linear;
            -o-transition: all 0.2s linear;
                -transition: all 0.2s linear;


4. Do you mean in the single post?

Thanks Zerge,

4. Yes I mean on the posts and review pages. The Date/Author/Comments bar.

also Zerge, is there a way to resize the image holder on the top of a post?

And to also stop the black/grey hover on the image, so its just a static image?