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Hi Zerge I have another question I want my background uploaded picture not to be scrollrd along with the site body, so i changed the code in the styles.php , by chaning the “repeat” with ‘no-repeat’ but this didn’t fix the problem. This is where i chnaged to “n0-repeat”.

<?php } else if ( $bg_color == ‘Upload’ ) { ?> body, .body-class { background: url(<?php echo $bg_upload; ?>) left top repeat ; background-color: <?php echo $body_background; ?>

Any idea how to solve this?

As you want.

i tried both but it seems that still not working. I am doing something wrong i know, but what i am doing wrong i don’t know, sory to be a pain on the neck for you but i am not familiar with coding. Is there any other way to make this work? Please advise and many thanks for your support

I need access to WP admin panel, to see what the problem is. Send me a message through my profile

Hi Zerge. Couple of questions.

1) How i can change the star color in the reviews?, currently seems to be white color but i need to change it to green same as the background of the widget title.

2) how i can disable the comments number in carousel. It seems that is hiding letters from the title in some of the posts , or if there is a way to keep the number of comments but avoiding having hidden title letters by the comments box

1) in carousel it seems that when you put the cursor on the picture, the hover color covers as long as the length of the title. How i can make the hover box the same in all carousel pictures no matter how long the title is?

Many thanks for your support


Show me your site.

Hi Zerge this is my site http://www.onlinee-mall.com Please note that this is my TEST site where i am testing the theme and i will be moving this to my production site as soon as i will short out all matters Many thanks for your support

Try add to the style.css
.carousel-thumb h3 { width: 150px; }

Hi again, Zerge.

I have a question regarding blog post formats (image, audio, etc.).  When I post a blog entry and select Image from the post format types, then supply at least 3 image URLs....   what then?  The resulting post only shows the featured image and the image icon in the title bar.  Where are the 3 images?  Is there something I missed?  A shortcode, maybe?

It’s Image post format. You should to choose Gallery post format.

DOH! facepalm Thanks, Zerge. Sorry to waste your time. I feel silly for missing that.

oops. I don’t know how that got posted in code format. sorry.

Hi ZERGE, here is my two last questions before i move this theme to my production site.

1) Some of the Crumble widghet has specific text font and text transformation and are in bold , though if i enable other widgets then it is in different text font, so how i can make all widgets in the same character font?

2) in the magazine style i need all the titles of the widgets (1 column posts, 2 columns posts, 1 column reviews….etc) to be clickable and when are clicked to show all posts of the relevant category. There is a 3rd party plugin that can do this , but works for widgets with one column as for the widgets with 2 columns is not working properly (links both columns title to ne category) Many thanks for your support ….....my the way where i can rate your theme ..please sent me the URL


1. It because some Google fonts not support non-latin languages.

2. For this you would need to modify the theme files, a task for a developer.

I would appreciate if you rate our theme
(menu Download on ThemeForest)

Hello Sir.

My posts are taking too much time time to be on google. I have only three posts in my blog and when publish them they took around 2 to 3 days to get indexed. And,the third one is not even indexed yet the only thing i did different in this post is i have used both SEO;first which ALL in ONE Second provided by your theme. So,what can be the reason why is the post taking too much time around 3 days to get indexed.

Do i need to any changes or is this happening because there is only 3 post(and my blog is new). I am curious to know about this because on blogger it only takes half an hour to get indexed.



I think you need to consult an SEO expert on the issue.

@ yoginder : Have you tried this? http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-seo/

I use it and my blog posts show up in Google usually within a few hours. No issues running on Zerge’s Crumble Magazine theme.

Hi Zerge, how i can change the post title background color and font color in the slider on the magazine home page? The post title background and post title font color are not swowing ok in the dark theme as post title background is light grey post title font is white color Thanks for your support

PS: I managed to find how to rate your theme and indeed you have another 5 stars :-)


In the file /css/nivo-slider.css:

.nivo-caption h2 {
 margin-left: 10px; margin-top: 10px;
 margin-bottom: 0;
    background-color: #777672;
    color: #edeae2;
    padding: 0 3px;
.nivo-caption h2 a {
    color: #edeae2;
    font: 18px/24px 'Oswald', sans-serif;

Hi Zerge I have issues with my Reviews. I am getting a Page Not Found when i am trying to enter the post I have sse that there are few messages on this topic but i can’t see what the solution is as i am thinking that you are fixing this after you are getting access to the admin panel and to the ftp. I am ok to give you the admin panel access but re ftp i can’t simply because i don’t remember the password ( firefox have stored it and automatically is provided) Is there any chanse we fix this without FTP access (either to send me a message to panakosmos@gmail.com e-mail account with instructions on how to fix this?) Many thanks


Hi Sir,

I have issue related to Headings of Wordpress Post. Can you tell me any good wordpress plugin for the heading and formatting of the post.


thanks. it works :)

Hi ZERGE, first of all: Great theme! I love it, rated 5 stars of course.

I expanded the logo in the header almost to full width (940px), bypassed the resizing ;) but now I’m stuck.

I want my logo to fill the whole height between navigation-bar and top-bar, but I got space left. The top-space is 30px, the bottom-space is 35px high. I haven’t found anything helpful in the css-files with these sizes, I want them both on 0px – no space left.

Any idea?


Well, that was the point, perfect. This worked for almost everything. :) Thanks!

The top-space is gone, there is (on full screen size) about 20px space bottom space left (as seen on the source)

It’s banner block, just remove it from the header.php

Removed the banner-block, fully working now, all spaces are gone. Perfect! :) Thank you for your quick support ZERGE.

Quick question. I wrote an article for one of my pages, and added some words in italics in the article. The output doesn’t show the italics? Why?

Drop me a link to your site.

How to make a slider ? It would be good if you tell in simple way or send any link as you did before.

And Thanks for the support you always do.

Yeah! I have sent .

Have you got the solution ?

I answered you yesterday, check your email.

Hi, is there a limit to how many images can be added to a gallery, and can the gallery be generated automatically from a folder, or is each image added manually?



Do you purchased Crumble theme from this account?

Please, ask all your questions from the account from which you purchased this theme.


No, I have not purchased yet. Thanks.

Is it possible to justify the menu navigation?

That way you don’t get a whole empty side in your navigation bar, but the items are equally spread

I’m not sure I understand your question, could you please clarify? Show me an example.

I’ll email you

Hi Zerge, i have a quick question. I want to use another slider that i have purchased , instead the one that is provided with the Crumble theme. I want to display the new slider beneeth the carousel but to get the whole space on the theme (i.e. not to be restricted bay the side bar) So i have already the php code that i need to enter in the theme template but i don’t know in which file to enter the code and in which position within the file, so could you please advise?

THe new slider is resizable and i can make it 1000px width to get the whole space Thanks for your support

Thanks Zerge, but before what….or after what? Sorry i don’t want to make a mess in my theme thus i am asking too many details Thanks for your support


get_template_part( 'includes/carousel' );

Many thanks Zerge , it works fine

Hi There,

I want to buy this theme but I have some questions..

1. Do you have any type of button shortcodes or could you implement them? 2. Is there a table that supports wp table reload or the TablePress plugin 3. Can we add a custom Play Now button in the review widget (would be great for game and casino affiliates) 4. Could you take a look into the source-code.. it’s been a bit wide and a lot of white spaces between the codes. 5. Could you move the H1 header as higher as possible and hide all the unnecessary Java etc etc

Let me know..



1. No shortcodes for Buttons.

2. I can’t see a reason why they wouldn’t be compatible.

3. I think yes, nothing impossible :)

4. You can customize/optimize code yourself, as you need.

5. Unfortunately we do not provide customization service, so you can customize this theme for your purpose.

BTW, H1 tag already higher as possible.

Why cant we add the Post Widgets in Pages but only in posts? I bought this theme cause I thought we could add the widgets also in on pages.. 2. Why is there no H1 on the front page when we disable the coursel widget on top.. we also can’t add a welcome text in text widget cause it’t than H4.. the site source-code is also a bit messy.. On the widgets the red color in not overlaying the widget name.. An error appears when I want to save files in your admmin panel



1. What the widgets do you mean? You always can add widgets to the sidebar.

2. H1 tag always on front page (Logo).

Good luck.

take a look at casinorelease.com you will see the widgets on the right do not have the red color overlay as in your demo.. how come??

Remove this code from the single.php: http://tny.cz/1ad52e0c

Thnx for your help.. I really appreciate it! I have tried to remove the picture on the single-review page but it doesnt work.. Which code do I have to remove here? I only want the picture in as thumbnail to work..

The same code as for single.php

Hi Zerge, any chance for post type updates for this theme? like status, aside etc? Thank you…

Hi tvanes,

Not planned.

Hi zerge, Please take a look at panathinaikoskosmos.com I would like to make the text fonts the same as you may notice that the Latin characters are different than the local language characters, and also the numbers are big (this yoy can pbserve if you enter an article that the title has letters and numbers as well)

All in all i want all the character fonts of the titles (no matter if it is widget titles or menu titles or post titles to be of the same character font….don’t really care of a specific font Please advise


Try to replace in the header.php:
<link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Oswald:400,700' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
<link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Oswald:400,700&subset=latin,latin-ext' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

Or use another Google font that supports the Greek letters.

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