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Hello Zerge!

First of all thank you very much for your great work and support! I am quite new to wordpress and have two problems.

1. Where can i translate the content of the searchbox? It is displayed in dutch, but it has to be german.

2. How do I feed the slider? I don’t find any option in the backend and start feeling stupid searching for it. :nerdy:

The site is in maintenance-mode, but if you need to see it, tell me.


I answered.

Hi Zerge, Thanks for your support in the previouw issue i raised. I know face another problem . Once i doenloaded the Crumble theme (in my production site and in my test site) it seems that i can’t search for photos from media to enter to my post What i mean that when i finish my post and before i publish it i need to load a fteaured photo, os i click o the media and then i have two options, either to insert a photo from my PC or to searc in the already loaded photo pool , by name in order to find a photo to isert in the post. The search media feature is not working, i.e. even i enter in the searcg box the full name of the photo i want to insert, it returns “no picture found”......does this ring a bell to you? Have you faced this problem and if yes is there anything you could advise? Many thanks in advance


Remove from the file functions.php:

You are a star…..it worked…..thanks a million…..superb suppport…....you should consider to put a widget for support rating as well, not only for theme rating only

Can you help me? im trying to add facebook comments below the post. How do i do that?


Just place the “FB Comments” widget into the “Single Post Widget” area (menu Appearance -> Widgets)

I figured it out moments after i wrote this. Thanks anyways for the quick response!

hi! how to add a description and also pictures to a category page ? thank you very much for the great template, I was looking for such a long time


Support for all our themes is conducted through the ColorTheme Support Forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there either myself or another member of the support team can take a look at your issue

Support Forums | Create an Account | Find your “Item Purchase Code”

My purchase code is not working? I’m not sure if I had already registered in your support forum but one thing I need you to know, I need support on this theme ASAP

Probably you doing something wrong :)

The problem is that when uploading background image, it can’t be saved, it say’s ERROR when saving but when refreshed the newly uploaded bg and its url stays in the theme panel. When the website is refreshed, the bg is not changed. Pls help.

Be sure your theme files are writable (especially /css/options.css)

Thanks for the quick support zerge!

Hi Zerge,

In my website, facebook counter fans doesn’t work…. I’ve 0 Fans…. You have an idea ?

Thank you

Yep, it’s Ok ! Thanks

Finally, link on count is not good. I’ve put facebook url instead of ID and it work…. I don’t understand….

No, you must specify the page ID. The counter is cached, and updated every hour.

hi! In my website sometimes drop down menu does not work on the main page while on other pages it works Carousel also suddenly stopped working. what is the problem? ? ?

Of course.

So how do i do it?

Please, start a new topic with your issue on our Support Forum.

I need help urgently! The template is not working. I can not register for the forum because I have no item purchase code. I would like a clear explanation of Russian language :stress:


Looks like you need to first purchase this theme ;)

Support is available only to users who have bought this theme.


great theme, I’m using it for some month now, never experienced any bug.

Just a quick question: The social user information (in a user-profile) is cool, but I’m really really missing Youtube. Any way to add this extra?



For this you would need to modify the theme files, a task for a developer.

Hi Zerge, when I login to the administration backend and then view my site from the frontend, is there anyway to keep the Wordpress administration grey bar at the top? It seems to be missing with your theme. The “Add Post” functionality is gone at the top of the theme when logged in as admin… Thanks for your help!


Replace in the file functions.php:

add_filter('show_admin_bar', '__return_false');


if (!current_user_can('manage_options')) {
    add_filter('show_admin_bar', '__return_false');

Thanks Zerge – worked great!

Hey Zerge, how do I get my avatar to display in the author widget? I have created a gravatar.com account and made sure my e-mail matches in my wordpress and at gravatar. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help.

UPDATE: Nevermind, got it to work. I just went into the Discussion settings and chose “Gravatar” as the default icon.

Hi Zerge, i guess its possible to center the background image and give it a no-repeat tag, right? Unfortunately i have no idea which line i need to add, delete or modify to get the result. I hope you can help me out with my problem. Thanks in advance. Keep up the good work. :)

First of all thank you for your support. Looks like it wont work with the new code, too.

You should make these changes in the file light.css (because you have use the light version), my fault, sorry :)

Awesome. I gave

background-repeat: no-repeat !important;

background-position:center !important;

another shot and with the “center top” attribute it looks like everything is fine. Thanks again for your support. Have a great day. :)

How do you get twitter count to work, I installed this theme 6 months ago and the social counter no longer works. I need the exact files to edit since I customized the theme I cant overwrite. I tried to create an account on your forum and it wont let me.


Yes, this is due to changes in the Twitter API. We will see what can be done and add a fix to the update soon.

Stay tuned!

hi, in the changelog, which files can I upload to reflect the updates?

Yes, the Changelog.txt file you can find inside “Main File” downloaded from TF.

Yes, it fixed in the latest version.

I have added Concsumer Key, and the Consumer secret but the token part is not exactly working, what’s the best way to get the token?

never mind, I figured it out. Thanks for your help

Hello Zerge, can you check why my website is not showing he carrousel and the featured slider webpage is www.wafz.com


Try deactivating all plugins. If that resolves the issue, reactivate each one individually until you find the cause.

I only had one plug in installed, I already deactivated and still the same

Probably you doing something wrong.

I need access to WP admin panel, to see what the problem is. Send me a message through my profile

Hello Zerge,

I would like to help me with an issue i have, the issue is, that i cant’t make my image logo (h1) seo friendly , can you help me;


I agree with that, by why then it tells me that there is no h1; check this out http://www.sugarnews.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/screen.png

Don’t know.

Hi, I was looking at the ad widgets and cannot find a way to paste my google adsense code in there. Is there a way to use google adsense with this theme? Thanks for the help.


Just use the standard text widget :)

It worked! Thanks Zerge!

Hey there great job! thank you so much!

i will ask you a dummy question, excuse me :)

how can i translate rewieve score into 10 not 5? is it possible to do that easily on files ?

edit: i ‘ve done it :P

Excellent ;)

I would appreciate if you rate our theme
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Thank you.

i’ve done it, but there is a problem i think :) where the css file for that ? :) last question and i will leave you alone :)

style.css or light.css

hi how do i use custom font with your theme


For example: menu CrumbleMagazine Options -> General Settings -> Google Fonts Link Stylesheet and Google Fonts Family

no, i mean custom theme that i purchased, not google font

You can use any font you want, try to google it.