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Hi Jesse,

How did you add the fullscreen lightbox to the gallery posts on your demo page? (E.g., It appears to be based on Photoswipe; did you use a plugin or is this a custom implementation? I’m trying to replicate this functionality/appearance. Thanks!

Hi, after updating to the latest version you will be prompted to install the lightbox plugin. Once installed there will be some new options available in the customizer.


I updated my theme to the latest version, but was never prompted to install the lightbox plugin. It doesn’t currently appear the “Appearance”—> “Install Plugins” menu or the regular “Plugins” menu. However, the lightbox options are visible in the customizer, and a “jnc-lightbox-container” div containing commented-out numbers has been added to all my portfolio posts. I tried disabling my plugins, but couldn’t resolve the issue. Any suggestions?

Hi, would you be able to send me some login details to your website? You can use the form on my profile page to send securely. I will check it out for you.

Thanks, Jesse

Hi – Can you please advise as how to update from CRUSH 2.5 to 3.0.6 Thanks.

I’d recommend creating a backup, but the update is the same as any other, you can either use the Envato market theme plugin to update or download the latest version and simply override the theme files via your FTP application of choice.



I bougth your theme long ago, and it’s been working well all this time.

now I’d like to do many changes, but when I refresh them, my web doesn’t keep the changes.

can you help me?

the wordpress version is 4.8

my web

thank you


Hi, Nuriasorde. I’ve had trouble with this myself, it appears to be an issue with WordPress itself and long customizer sessions. I’ve notified WordPress core contributors but it may go un fixed for a long time. My recommendation would be to save out your settings regularly.

Sorry, that’s all I can really contribute to the solving the issue. Jesse

Hi Jesse, I purchased the Crush theme a few years ago when it first came out since I enjoyed your previous theme so much. I’m finally using it to build a new site. I really love the update! Thank you so much for all of the hard work that goes into building, updating, etc. your themes.

I am very grateful for the documentation you provided. I have read it over to try to resolve a particular issue. I know you get a lot of question about customizing, so I will try to keep it simple and precise.

I downloaded the demo content. After playing with both demos I stuck with the Standard demo. I have left all demo content as is as I am solely customizing the formatting at this point. I have set the menu to run at the bottom, played with padding, margins, transparency etc. The issue lies when you click on “Assorted Works”, the next submenu doesn’t run seamlessly parallel like in the gif examples of the demo content provided above. I can’t seem to get rid of the word “Filter”, the title of the submenu. This title seems to be keeping the main menu and the submenu staggered, instead of parallel/running in one single row as desired. Do you happen to have any thoughts on what step to take? Should it just not be doing this? I doubt that I would need to reinstall the demo content, at the same time I am willing to try anything you suggest to resolve the menu. If the answer is customizing the code myself, I will figure out how to resolve it this way. Before I did that I wanted to reach out if you had a simple suggestion. Thank you so kindly in advance for your thoughts and time. Again, congrats on and thank you for all of the work you put into the theme and the update!

The issue can be seen here on the menu present on this site:

Hi Claire, the Filter is a label that you set in the portfolio page section of the customizer. You can delete the filter text input there and it should all line up.

Thanks, Jesse


I’m using custom image and text widgets instead of a Main Menu – how can I get these to show up in Mobile and Tablet view?

HI, Widgets by default are hidden on mobile devices the only way around this is to add custom CSS to display the widgets regardless of screen width.


Hello! I would need a hand, I’m using two plugins to redesign my home and my portfolio but I can not put full-page content wide. If you look at this address and on the right side of the white space I can not remove with the css.

thank you so much

I solved! Do not give weight to my question

thank you Andrew


CMiller Purchased

I still haven’t upgraded my website. I want to make sure I can make it look the same exact way after I upgrade. Here is a link to my website can you check my website and make sure I can get it to look the same.