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Hi there, thanks for the great theme! I’m a huge fan of the design and interface.

I’ve been trying to embed video from Vimeo and can’t seem to get them to not auto-resize to fullscreen once they’re embedded. I’ve been using Vimeo’s generated code for embedding, but that doesn’t seem to work:

<iframe src=”//” width=”924” height=”520” frameborder=”0” webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

After editing the code a bit, I got it to not auto-resize, but it cuts off the rest of the post afterwards, and I can’t seem to center align it:

<iframe src=”//” width=”924” height=”520” frameborder=”0” </iframe>

How do I embed something from Vimeo so that it’s similar to the Shave It page on the demo site? Where it is resized to a medium-sized format and center aligned?

Here’s an example for reference:

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated!



You shouldn’t add inline styling to your iframe it will just cause issues in regards to the FitVids javascript plugin. If you want to limit iframe size you should do so with custom CSS in conjunction with the !important rule to override the javascript.

Also, if you look at the CSS in the test drive of the fullscreen demo you will see we have used some CSS to limit the post width :)

It does go over this in the docs as well under demo settings. Maybe give that a go! Best Regards, Jesse


id it possible to set the layout in full width, but the portfolio pics should´t shown in full-size only in content width?

i hope you understand what i mean. my english is not ver well…

You mean like the fullscreen demo? As per the docs – – if you go to that demo and then click “test drive” > “CSS” you will see the custom css we used to have that happen. Best Regards, Jesse

Great Theme! Thanks :)

:D Thanks for the kind words!

Hello again,

I wanted to be sure I’m not possibly missing something.

I have set up a portfolio with all of my main content I want to show, but I also want to post my personal items, photos, graphics, and other fun projects, but I want that to be on a separate page, ‘Personal Projects’. On the ‘Personal Projects’ page I want it to display like the main portfolio page (box with hover-over w/ attachment page, etc.) I don’t think this is possible currently, is it? If not, you guys should pull some of your existing code, and put together a gallery-like plugin that matches this theme. Or add in some support for having this type of posting block that includes the attachment page.

Perhaps it could work by posting all of the content in the portfolio tab, like normal, but then simply have a dropdown that would point to the post page, Portfolio, Personal Projects, etc. Then those pages would all be cohesive.

Hi there and thanks for the purchase!

Firstly, the theme supports unlimited portfolios as the profile page says. If you check out the documentation you will see detailed instructions on setting up multiple portfolio pages :) – It’s very straight forward, just group your portfolio posts into categories. Select which category your portfolio page should show.

Best Regards, Jesse

Hello Jesse,

Especially as my first WP theme, I couldn’t have picked a better interface than Crush has, and it is beautifully designed. Thanks! The more I work with it the easier it gets. I have a couple of questions if you could please help me with:

1. I have added a @font face rule to the customizer but my font isn’t displaying. I added a folder titled ‘web fonts’ to the path: ‘wp-content, themes, crush, websonts’. And, the custom CSS reads:

/ will change all text throughout your site to your new web font / body { font-family: ‘PFDinTextPro-Regular’, Helvetica, sans-serif; } h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 { font-family: ‘PFDinTextPro-Regular’, Helvetica, sans-serif; } @font-face {font-family: ‘PFDinTextPro-Regular’;src: url(’/webfonts/1D9905_0_0.eot’);src: url(’/webfonts/1D9905_0_0.eot?#iefix’) format(‘embedded-opentype’),url(’/webfonts/1D9905_0_0.woff’) format(‘woff’),url(’/webfonts/1D9905_0_0.ttf’) format(‘truetype’);}

2. I positioned the sidebar on the top and left aligned my own custom logo image. In the desktop, the image is clickable back to the homepage, but in the desktop it is not. I would like it to clickable on every page.

3. Does this theme support GIFS in the Page Portfolio, can they be embedded from Vimeo like the videos on the Gallery page, and would they slow the load time on the homepage too much to be paying all the time. OR could they be triggered to play only on rollover? I can write the custom CSS if I know this is possible. ( I would write a media query to display: none on the mobile devices.)

4. Can I add custom CSS transitions on the Portfolio Page?

Thanks again for your help!!

Kind regards, Susan

HI Susan,

Im a bit lost… what did you need help with / what was your question? I think your comment above and this one is a bit broken.

If you want to add code to your comment you can wrap the code in pre tags –

Best Regards, Jesse

Hello Jesse,

Here is the continuation of the comment above (it was cut-off).

2. I positioned the sidebar on the top and left aligned my own custom logo image. In the desktop, the image is clickable back to the homepage, but in the desktop it is not. I would like it to clickable on every page.

3. Does this theme support GIFS in the Page Portfolio, can they be embedded from Vimeo like the videos on the Gallery page, and would they slow the load time on the homepage too much to be paying all the time. OR could they be triggered to play only on rollover? I can write the custom CSS if I know this is possible. ( I would write a media query to display: none on the mobile devices.)

4. Can I add custom CSS transitions on the Portfolio Page in the customizer for CSS?

Thanks again for your help!!

Kind regards, Susan

Hi Susan, please see the reply in your comment previous. Cheers, Jesse

Hi there,

Great theme! I absolutely love how easy and simple everything is. I ran into a few problems however, and I’m hoping you can help me figure them out.

1. On my blog page, when the photos are placed into the gallery setting and I’m viewing the slide show before I click on the particular post, the vertical images overlap the content excerpt. Is there a way to fix this?

2. My footer seems to have a grey square around my social links even though my footer background color is set to white.

3. When I go to change my permalink settings to post name, my blog page will not link. Is there a way to correct this?

Thanks in advance for your help. This template truly is the most user friendly I have come across. I’m very glad I found it!

Hi again, i understand that it looks wrong, but I don’t / can’t see the line you are talking about (it looks 100% fine on my end). So you will need to send a screen shot to me of what you are seeing. I can’t help fix something that doesn’t appear broken. If you could also let me know your browser, browser version and operating system that will also help.

Best Regards, Jesse

Here is the screen shot. I am currently using Chrome version 34.0.1847.116 I also see the problem when using Safari My operating system is OS X version 10.9.2 Thanks

Go into the customiser and un-tick the ‘even highlight’ and ‘odd highlight’ in the footer tab. Let me know if that was it. Best Regards, Jesse

Jesse—A couple of really important questions, but first a thanks: your themes are incredibly easy to use once you get the hang. Thanks for all the hardwork. I’m using a couple of your themes.

Couple of pressing problems:

(1) When I have the menu on the sidebar, the logo gets cutoff on FireFox, IE, etc…looks fine on Chrome but gets hidden under the pictures in other browsers.

(2) Is there a way to make browsers stop displaying one huge picture and force them all to recognize the three horizontal portfolio pics in a row? Some browsers just blow on pic up and make the user scroll down to see more.

Please help – thanks.

I meant to say some just blow one pic up on the top row and instead of laying out the site horizontally, three to a row.

Hi and thanks for all the support!

1) Hmm, we did put out a patch in 1.3 that should have address this. Are you using the latest version? If you are just try forcing the image to be max-width 100% with some css. Play around with this and some !important rules.

a#logo img {
max-width: 100%;
width: 100%;

2) Hmmm, does it stay like that forever or is it only for a split second? Have you tried adding any expires caching – – or file compression to – – to your .htaccess file?

Best Regards, Jesse

Hi there,

I have question about the comments. I turned off the comments but it remains to be visible on the mobile version. You can have a look here: How can I make it disappear on the mobile version?



False alarm, already solved it ;)

Hi there,

I also want to create a Custom Menu to have the “Filters” on all my Portfolio pages besides the Homepage. I am only using one Portfolio. However, I can’t figure out how to get the right taxonomy for my filters/categories (they have the same names).

This is the website: And I was trying to create a link on my custom menu with this: But it takes me to a #404 page. Any help? I just need one link that works to figure out the others.

Thank you!

You can get the links to any taxonomy by going to the taxonomy in the dashboard and clicking on ‘view’. However, it’s important to understand, this is not a portfolio page template that gets returned – – this is an archive page because what you are looking at is an archive –

Because an archive is basically any non static page listing posts or all types it uses the blog layout and forces a post excerpt.

So if you want to use a portfolio page template for each portfolio category you will need to create multiple portfolio pages as per the docs and categories your posts accordingly. The documentation covers this and it’s actually quite simple – – (group your posts in portfolio categories, select which category your portfolio page should list).

Best Regards, Jesse

Hi Jesse

So I bought also the crush right now :). In both worlds clipboard and crush are really nice features. Some questions:

1. Is it possible to have the infinity scroll from clipboard on crush?

2. In Clipboard is the possibility to change the quote font. In Crush it is the same as the Post Title. How can i manage this.

3. And as people asked before: fixed sidebar would be really nice ;)

Thx for your help.

Hi Mike and thanks for the purchase!

1) No sorry, infinity scroll requires a number of HTML markup changes and a few php functions to go along with it. You would need to see a developer about having something like that put in. We might put something in… much later down the line though :)

2) Hmm, well both themes are pretty different from each other, although we do use the same base framework. You could place somthing like this in your CSS area of the customizer.

blockquote { font-family: times new roman !important;}

That’s just an example, please don’t use times new roman!

3) Ah, well its something we might do, although as you would have seen from other comments, it’s hard to tackle all the possible setups that people would have.

Best Regards, Jesse

Great Jesse. Thx.

Hallo there,

I don`t now how to realize it with my portfolio Page. I have different articles with about 5-6 Colors. On the Starting Page I want to show just 1 Picture for each article, not all portfolio images available just one.

For Example:

Car: 6 Colors / 6 Portfolio Pages for each color. But Just one Picture on the starting Page.

Regards Jacky

Do you have a link I could see? Cheers, Jesse

hallo is the link.

Oh sorry my bad, I thought you had already implemented what I said above. You’re right though, you would lose the animation as you would no longer be using the filters.

Best Regards, jesse

Hi friend, how to make the home page a photo?

Hi Michael,

Do you want that photo to take up the whole window? Crush doesn’t come with any pre-built page templates to do that. You most likely will need to install a ‘landing page’ plugin.

Or have a standard page with an image in the content window.

Best Regards, Jesse

hi jesse.

i recently installed crush and i absolutely like it.

there’s just a small modification i would like to add: is it possible to change the background color (and maybe also the position) of the loading message? if yes, could you please add the required code to your reply?



Hi Alex and thanks for the purchase!

Im confused, where in Crush is there a loading message? Are you sure what you are seeing isn’t some function of a 3rd party plugin you have installed? A link or screenshot will be handy :)

Best Regard, Jesse

hi jesse.

thanks for your fast reply. here is a screenshot that shows the loading message (bottom right corner):

it happens to be displayed after i click one of the the portfolio posts until it is opened.

best regards, alex

Oh right you mean the customiser loading message. That isn’t a part of the theme it’s apart of our framework and is only show in the customiser when you need to load a new page. Meaning, it’s not actually on your site. I’m not sure why you would need to move it? Regards, Jesse


Is there an option for share buttons for social media for posts? Because I haven’t found it. I tried it with a plugin but they are of course all less elegant.



No sorry the theme doesn’t not come with any share buttons.I know what you mean in regards to plugins generally not looking any good.

I do believe themezilla and themebeans both have a free share plugin though? Coming from teams like that they should look a bit nicer from any other plugins :)

Regards, Jesse


thanks for the beautiful theme.

I have a question regarding Filters.

I need to add several YEARS as filters to sort my work, so I mean like 2014, 2013 etc.

I'm able to do it but when published the filter bar underneath the main menu  shows these filters (apparently) in no particular order.

And I don’t find a way to move up and down each of them. So I would need for instance

ALL audio photo video 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 ...

Is it possible?

right now it looks like this

All 2014 Video 2013 Gallery 2012 Audio

thank you very much for your precious help

The order they are shown is in the order that the posts are in the loop (published date). If you change the published dates to be in chronological order the filters will be too. However the audio / photo / video will still be out. Perhaps you could just sort them via either year or category.

Otherwise the only other solution is to alter the ‘portfolio’ filters query in the template-filters.php and have it output via a numeric sort. I would see a developer about that though, messing with PHP can get hairy.

Best Regards, Jesse

thank you

Hello Jesse,

I have a question again. Is there a way to add image thumbnails at the bottom of any page? I want to show my work on about and contact page too.

1) No, you will need to see a developer about having them add new template includes into all the page templates.

2) the only time short odes don’t work is where there is a file being blocked by the host. Did you install wordpress yourself or did you use the hosting script provided with most shared hosting plans. Or alternatively do you use a service like cloud flare.

Best regards, Jesse

Hello Jesse,

Crush is a very good theme. But your technical support is terrible. When somebody asks a question about something that is not possible via customize page, you always say “find a developer to do that”. But I solved my all problems without finding a developer and, problems were always possible to solve. They wasn’t about coding, they was about theme options and some tricks.

Well, Im glad you sorted it then! The problem is most people who purchase templates aren’t very tech savy, so authors need to cater for the lowest denominator.

Im not going to sit here and provide any more then 3-5 minutes of help to anyone as by purchasing my item you have already received 3-4 months of my time in the product itself, and for what $50?

I commend users like yourself who can help them selves, self help is generally always the answer. If some users can’t help them selves, sure Im here for them, but it’s for general setup and bug fixes. Nothing more, nothing less and no other author would tell you much different.

if someone asks me “how do I do this?” Telling them to see a developer is much easier and nicer then to say “google it”. People don’t know “some tricks.” and I’m not here to teach them.

Best Regards, Jesse

Hi Jesse,

congratulations on a great theme, I’m really satisfied with the purchase. Quick question: How are items on the homepage (portfolio) sorted? Is there a way to set specific order? Same question goes to the Filters in the sidebar section – any way to sort them in a particular order?

Thanks! Martin

All posts by default with WordPress are sorted by date published. You can change this by using a plugin like this one –

The filters are create by the order of the posts in the loop.

Best Regards, Jesse

Thank you, Jesse! Once again, your theme is great. One suggestion for future updates – make the filters in the sidebar sortable. Best regards, Martin

Thanks for the feedback Martin, might add that in :) Cheers, Jesse

Great theme! I had two questions:

How do I prevent the automatic rotation of images in my image gallery when my portfolio posts are set to ‘image gallery’? (i.e., just make them static so a viewer can move through them at their own pace). How do I prevent the images from scaling to 1200px wide?

Hi thanks for your response I missed it sorry I did not reply earlier. I didn’t want the stacked option (though that also looked nice) – I wanted the image gallery. The problem is if I’m showing my portfolio sometimes I want to spend more time on a specific image, and the image gallery portfolio options seems to automatically alternate between images every few seconds. Is there a way to stop that completely while still keeping the image gallery option (Not stacked)? Thanks!

Sorry if that was not clear – I want to keep the slider image gallery option, I just don’t want the images to change every few seconds unless the user is clicking through them.

The slideshow plugin we used is Cycle2. You can see the API here –

If you want to add your own settings to the slideshows you’ll need to add those options in via the code within the format-gallery.php file. The options we have added to the sliders start at line 47 so you can just add yours onto the list.

Best Regards, Jesse

Hi. Two questions: 1) How do I prevent body text in the content section from centering when the width gets narrow? 2) How do I change font size in the menu?

Thank you.

Hi and thanks for the purchase!

1) You can force text alignment by using custom CSS and an !important rule. This bit of code isn’t tested you might have to play around with it. (paste it into the CSS area of the customizer).

#content { text-align: left !important; }

2) Depends on your customization setup. Do you have buttons for menu items or is it a list? If it’s a list it runs off the P tag. Buttons run off the buttons settings. If you want it to be larger the then p tag, you will need to use custom css for that. You will need to get familiar with CSS and google chromes > right click > inspect element. Or see a developer who can make adjustments for you. As I would only ever provide 1 line css rules like that one above.

Best Regards, jese